Brad Pitt Is Dating Again, Vanessa Hudgens On Coachella, Austin Butler & More | People NOW | People

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Brad Pitt is casually "double dating", 7 months after his split from Angelina Jolie. NBC's "Powerless" star Vanessa Hudges dishes on Coachella, reuniting with her "High School Musical" cast, boyfriend Austin Butler, and her new music. Oprah Winfrey on vacationing with the Obamas, Tom hanks, and Bruce Springsteen: "What happens on the boat, stays on the boat." PEOPLE's 2017 World's Most Beautiful revealed and much more. 
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Brad Pitt Is Dating Again, Vanessa Hudgens On Coachella, Austin Butler & More | People NOW | People

Tammy Gillespie
i don't find that Julia beautiful at all
people that went through the hell of war and million tons of bombs that dropped and destroyed everything including nature then almost lose their live and do everything to survivor and still live today have good health and happy. That prove to earth and heaven and hell that you are true most beautiful of all.
star shine
Well....People's magazine naming celebrities as "Worlds most beautiful people" is absolutely ridiculous. There are many people in the world way more beautiful INSIDE and out than ANY celebrity. All this award crap for celebrities is just pathetic....they Don't deserve awards....and the world doesn't revolve around them.
Almond Tuipulotu
so did I miss who brad is dating?
Carmona Ida
Julia Roberts is beautiful, not only on the outside, in the inside Too! She deserves her place on people magazine!!
Carmona Ida
it breaks my heart, that such a beautiful couple, and family have broken up! and Brad and Angelina were simple perfect for each other. Sad they could not work their problems out.🙁 how people can be so judgemental? and downright mean.
Alexandra Anita
She's beautiful inside and outside. She don't need makeup. She don't need surgery. She stay slim. Her face unique. She just get old. But most gorgeous old sexy lady.
Sonkorta Calaseey
Julia Robbers are most beautiful women in the world ❤️
BS for Julia roberts being the "most beautiful women" big BS
ford holden
No one even talks/thinks about Julia Roberts any what the? Oh, wait she has a movie coming out...that's it. And we see you People...making it look like Brad Pitt is dating Vanessa Hudges. I was about to say. Because she looks like she could be one of his kids for Pete's sake. Just to get us to click. Shame on you. Thumbs down for you. lol!
Aaron Bogatch
Who cares who Brad Pit is dating. You goyim are very stupid to have celebrities as gods.
denise mcc
don't think she's pretty. a giant mouth and long ugly nose! boney neck!
mano fiske
This monster called , "Oprah Winfrey" should be put away along with that usurper obama and his "wife"
Abolitionist and Architect of the 14th Amendment, John Bingham speaks : " Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States OF PARENTS NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY, is in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born Citizen "
Ana 21
Julia Roberts was pretty when she did pretty woman. At that time she was beautiful. But afterwards she never was exactly pretty again.
So, this magazine cover is just ridiculous? There are so many beautiful beautiful women nowadays, breath taking and you pick up...Julia Roberts???? She's not even cute for about the last 25/30 years. 😅😅😅😅😅 When you have women like Finola Hughes, Monica belluci, Eva mendes - that by the way is a shitty actress - I mean, how can you even consider Julia Roberts? She wouldn't even be top 200 and if she was there is some kind of honorary prize like they have at the oscars...Dear god....I look at Julia Roberts and I see a man dressed as a woman with clown features and a nose that just doesn't end. I mean, c'mon....😅
What does she do to be put on that magazine 5 times? I know people campaign for it , but I want to know for real WHAT SHE DOES to land that cover
Mamiss Keita
Julia can't believe it herself what about Catherine zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie let's stay in Hollywood
Janet Michel
Julia is the most beautiful woman as it's all in the inside, she's hilarious and know how to laugh at herself, she's just gorgeous.
Deborah Kane
I am here to see Brad NOT you 3 ugly faces..where is BRAD?
Deborah Kane
OPRAH Winfrey I cant get enough you say? well I HAVE HAD ENOUGH the black bitch i who is sucking up to the Obummers AGIN a hanger on...GET LOST UGLY Oprah many of us are SICK of seeing YOU and OBUMMERS who are spending Millions$$$$ Our money I am sure , on their world wide vacation WELL DESERVED MY ASS! they should be in Jail ..and YOU Oprah GET LOST FOREVER !
Deborah Kane
Most beautiful Julia JEEZ they are BLIND.. HUGE horses mouth Lousy nose job and NO TALENT UGH!! she is UGLY
please Brad leave that " Vanessa"" she is not even the shadow of your gorgeous and amazing wife Angelina. we want we need Bradanjolina together for ever and ever the perfect match ; )
Parwin Tabraz
so funny
Karin Hubbell
Vesna Flo
well done People's magazine, choosing Julia Roberts, a 50 years old woman, as most beautiful is courageous, inspiring, and uplifting particularly to us women seeing the beauty barrier is lifting from 40s to 50s now!! Finally beauty is not in the hands of headless 20 years olds anymore, with no life experiences or wisdom. Very happy with your choice, both my thumbs are up!! x
Keep up the good work!
Lien Lam
The Hollywood is pyramid millennium sexy Devil worship. They always have shows with Devil horn, butterfly.... Crew all globalist supporters. God bless America great again.
Kris Rob
Should read world's most beautiful white woman please!
Butch Nowak
Most beautiful............Really.
hahaha Now pitt character is too bad....
Keith Nicholas
note I was m
Keith Nicholas
note I was m
Keith Nicholas
note I was
Keith Nicholas
note I was
Keith Nicholas
Keith Nicholas
James Humbert
This woman is in no way the most beautiful woman in the world, are you serious
miss leonard
fake crap
K Life777
Kim was being petty. Kim could have donated the gift.
Stjepan Blagaj
good luck to another gold digger ,just Jolly was she made her self famous being married to Brat
what a load of shi tTt - you people are empty.
Ekara Librae
fuk off that fake 10 Ib of powder makeup is the most ugliest duck in the world.
Tricia Morrow
hahahaha! Julia! Really? hahahaha!
Tina Fisher
just nuke that state, please.
Amanda N.K
Bacon is definitely not good for you. Bacon is a carcinogen and causes cancer just as much as cigaretts do. The World health organisation (WHO) puts bacon (and all processed meat) on the same level as cigarettes, they are classified as #2 carcinogens. Why would you even eat that...
Erica Woods
I love Vanessa and all but I honestly think she should've taken some comedic acting classes before taking on the Powerless project.
Cassandra Long
Vanessa is THEE Coachella idol. She is the OG. How embarrassing for them. Do you're research people!
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