Jay2Jay Gaming
"I had it coming"
So now I know what I want on my tombstone.
Subcomandante Marcos
Also, quick comment on this idiot Colbert's mentioning of "michelle obama's" "healthy" lunches program. Besides it costing tax payers millions. IT FAILED!!! Fact, fact fact!! -
The latest reports show that 40 percent of U.S. women are obese, and American teenagers are also continuing to put on weight. Overall, 38 percent of U.S. adults are obese and 17 percent of teenagers are, the two reports find. Adult Obesity in the United States.According to the most recent data, adult obesity rates now exceed 35 percent in four states, 30 percent in 25 states and are above 20 percent in all states.
Saveea Paris
Saveea Paris
the Parmar
fucking,hypocritical Americans crying over Russian interference , do you know how many fucking elections you have tampered with , destroyed nations, bombed civilians you cowards?!
Lord DIO
interesting how the right wing fuck heads screech about the first amendment when they want to shout their racist shit, but the minute you criticize them, oh no, that's libel! who's the special snowflake now?
Stephen Colbert a weak minded radical snowflake liberal that has gotten over the last election. What's even worse he has half of America the nincompoops following him!
Miah Leissa
Mo Brooks, Get another job. You have no business in "public service". You do not have a clue.
Bri Swifty
Let's tell the 4 year olds that die of cancer that they aren't leading good healthy lives
Giraffe Gerald
boo the waste of tax payer money not cheer.
It is amusing that right-wing screwballs are running ads on Colbert's videos. Do they really think Colbert followers will buy their misguided crap?
It's all true..If your a truly holy and righteous God fearer..You wont get cancer! Ducks disease! Trypanosomiasis! The dreaded Nadger plague! False teeth! Toe rot, or any other Godless disease floating around!..The good senator just said so..Must be true!..How did all these stupid, ignorant people ever get elected?
Annie S.
trump is the type of person our Founding Fathers warned us about. We're destined to be the second Roman Empire with him in charge.
I wish Doctors, Nurses and all medical staff collectively protested this healthcare act. Just based on the fact that it's inhumane.
Lone Avohkii
Still kind of wondering how Donald trump hasn't been shot yet, especially now since a republican politician was already shot
arthur riley
Mr Brown, the concept of insurance is that we all pay and therefore the overwhelming
costs are spread amongst us. Separating people into different categories is to destroy the concept of insurance. Republicans are not for people, they serve rich dudes only.
Actually, Trump probably would like to quarter soldiers at his properties -- and charge tax payers twice the going rate to do so. He's already charging for Secret Service members' accommodations when he stays at Mar-a-Lago or his New Jersey club, which he does practically every weekend -- he even charges the golf cart rental fee. Not to mention charging us for that piece of chocolate cake.

Adrien Ragot
Can anyone explain what the pianist is here for?

It looks like he's a part of the show, but he never laughs at the right time, and when the crowd is cracked up rotfl, he's like "ha. ha. ha."

Does he do the pre-show warmup or something ?
Jude Davis
"got cancer???? should've given that homeless guy that 5$"
Maybe we should call their bluff and change a few libel laws. It could shut down a lot of rite wing hate babblers.
mike doyle
TRUMP collects a pension...wonder if that fund has any investment in Fox ?
Trump's diet would definitely put him the bad group but he never pay a full price
Tyler Schwindt
itd be like a jew in 1930 being like theyrecoming for my bagels... no theyre coming for so much more. this dream liner is hitting an iceburg
Tyler Schwindt
Can i take a sec to say how sad it is we're joking about this? i get it but that its even a thing is my point.
Mcgee Stevens
Romans 8:5-7
1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

5 For they that are after the flesh, savor the things of the flesh: but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.

6 For the wisdom of the flesh is death: but the wisdom of the Spirit is life and peace,

7 Because the wisdom of the flesh is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can be.
carlos lucero
So the really sick people pay for the good healthy people ?
Tha Alqarnayn
Politics is like wrestling, it's scripted by Hollywood liberals, republicans are the bigots, incest cross worshippers who love Jews
3:52 lol actually looks like Walter
Phil Robertson
Putin Colbert: "Donald, maybe you could cool with the tweets, it comes off as a little crazy..." LOL
fact: wilbur ross plays the melty-face guy in raiders of the lost ark.
Alex Landherr
"Commerce secretary and Jeff Dunham puppet gone rogue, Wilbur Ross", my favorite ventriloquist related Colbert joke.
Calling Wilbur Ross a "Jeff Dunham puppet gone rogue" is an insult to Dunham. He has higher quality standards.
seriously? when you find yourself on the side that's against healthy school lunches for kids, you really have to take a good hard look at the fucking mirror, and ask yourself, "am I the bad guy here?"
I'd love to hear this administration defend its statements on health care and pre-existing conditions. Please, Mr. Trump, tell me what my younger sister did to deserve being autistic. Tell me what I did to deserve having severe social anxiety. Tell me what my friend did to deserve her crippling depression. And then go fuck yourself. Hard. With a cactus.
Alfred Russel
You will understand Putin better after you study Vladimir Megre Ringing Cedars phenomenon.
The 'shirtless in the wild with bears' image anyway.
And the spiritual renaissance, apparent from his UN and other speeches.
Tristan Neal
You take our 1st Amendment and we're coming for your 2nd.
Bradley Venn
Do these late night propaganda clowns talk about anyone or anything else? I'm from Britain so maybe this kind of propaganda is obvious to me.
Billy Holmes
my dream for all you American haters is for someone to ram a 3in pvc pipe up your asses then thread bobwire wire up to PVC pipe then remove the PVC pipe and slowly yank out the bobwire. good thing democrats and leftist hate guns because we love them and practice with them and are just waiting for you asshole to push to far and kik of another civil war I don't think safe spaces nor your snowflake feelings will help you dick sucking whore
Caroline de Haas
Championship infection presidential abyce perspective various surprising present wish diet midnight.
James David
Colbert is Libtard propagandist shill for Democrat party, everything he says is biased.
mark lawson
so pretty much if your sick keep it to yourself
J Espinoza
Angie Poo
I swear this show is the only reason I can tolerate the news right now. I still mute when trump is talking.
Lilac Lizard
That constitutional amendment is so FAKE! As if Donald knows words as big as "abridging" or "quartered"!
It is uncanny how much Ross looks like that puppet.
Johnny Murgatroyd
When I think of the average Trump supporter, I think of someone in rude good health, who will do nothing but contribute to healthcare they never use.
"That's how performance reviews go"... funny!
Dwayne Reviews
If you back down now you're a coward.

More homophonic racist jokes please ::

Radiance Gaming
Can some one please fire Jon Baptiste?
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