The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs

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Everything will end. Even the universe. But in a future so far away that it defies description, there will still be light and therefore a chance for life. It will be around White Dwarfs, the corpses of stars. But even they will fade one day..

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The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs

Keven Rodrigue
Dreadxs Mapper
0:31 that would be a good idea for a videogame
technically, a civilisation could carry on running until all the black dwarfs turn to iron stars, firstly gathering energy from hawking radiation in black holes (probably by having everyone in a simulation, running so slowly to conserve energy that one second in simulation would be millions off simulation), then using the energy from black dwarfs decaying into iron stars (through the same method) to survive for longer
Lucas Reis
the sun is lava, you have 1billion years to take cover
Alexandre Margery
what is it with kurgesagt and ducks and birds
2:04 awww
Make more videos about Space
MrSatnav 1
If black dwarfs have no energy left to give, why don't they collapse into black holes because nothing is resisting gravity?
Afroplasm Carter
How bout them new stars though? Ain't new stars born outta the dust of burnt out stars over billions of years? Wouldn't that mean the universe would live forever?
Shoutout to Marvel! using Thor's Hammer. xD
reiss roby
hey we got a few billion years until the universe ends let's have some fun
Shane Leone
ain't that something that we are actually watching it happen right now as we speak
Simply Toasted
hehe, "kind of dark"
Cosmic_ gamer
then once our universe gets destroyed i new universe appears
Pokesqueak Studios
sees iron sphere it is soft and warm like mashed potatoe
Hassan Selim
"I'm not running away from things. I'm running to them before they flare and fade forever." - 11th Doctor, Doctor Who S07E04
susan harrison
someone answer me
susan harrison
plus heat death not happen
susan harrison
is it possible we can make suns
Law 3rd
What if this has happened already?
What if the last black dwarf would create another big bang? :P
my dear God please dont let the universe die
Sammy Hanson
I'm so new
Think of our universe as a single plant in a potential planet's worth of other foliage. Our universe may decay and die like all things will, but that does not mean there is no hope for anything more, ever. Until we have determined there are no more universes (I doubt it) I can accept the crushing darkness that awaits this one.
I'm always curious about how in the hell they did come up with that. Would probably be interesting to see why they know that those things will happen
Gabriel sonstwer
what about big crunch, though?
i once heared that theretically all objects in the universelle could attract Dach other and reasemble to one single point oft matter and energy
Cieran Therrien
Their day will last as long as their year?
Valério Valério
eu nem vou chegar vivo ao seculo 22 então pouco importa o que vai acontecer daqui a bilhões de anos
Eilish M
these videos make me feel so small and unimportant
CrispSaltyBACON RetroMcSWAG
Being that technology advances and we learn more and more about our universe would it be possible to collect the required resources to create a sun/star?
But what about quantum fluctuation.
Saphal SINGH
Titan was our first planet/moon I WANT TO DIE.
thor CoolGuy
No, a teaspoon of ANYTHING weighs a teaspoon, not a car.
Paper Mario
I think I just died a little inside. the thought of the universe ending is scary, and knowing all that will be left are black holes and black dwarfs is even scarier... crawls under blanket
Aleksandar Stevanovic
Man... We will all die in a few bilion years... Sadly :-(
Fernando Le
hey guys if your reading this every star except super giants have a core and the core is a white dwarf!
Captain Fearless
Tsolemn Beach
But what if somehow, two black dwarfs that have partially turned into iron from quantum tunneling hit each other since they were close enough together after the heat death happened? They'd still be flying around the universe, and though it may be extremely unlikely, the speed at which they may hit each other would probably make lots of heat from our standards. If the photon had a lifespan, this one in a billion billion possibility happening would have the heat possibly cross over that barrier that restricts heat from emitting light unless it's hot enough. It'd be a sort of smack in the face of heat death, and then waiting for more billions of billions of years for it to possibly happen again.

Correct me if im wrong in anything, because i know i am in at least one thing, I have to be.
Павел Гузь
Mendax 300
Where is the TARDIS?
Rat King
this is beutiful
Planeta Saturno
Black dwarfs are so... Sad and dark...
Jozie Charles
I might be wrong, but isn't black holes actually the most shining objects in the night sky we know of today? Not the black holes themselves, but the burning disc around them? Or will they have exhausted all the matter to suck in by then, leaving them with no such disc, thus "truly black"? How long will it take to come to that point, compared to how long it will take for all white dwarves to become black dwarves? Thank you for the lovely video, it awoke the slumbering curious child within me.
Chaotic Potato
Poor black dwarfs
This Dude
What do we cook in dat pressure cooker?
Ricardossauro Rex animations
well maybe by the time all that exists is black dwarfs there will happen another Big Bang, before or trillions of years after, we'll possibly never know
What's up with the ducks???
so basically we're going to live on dead babies when the universe is going to die?
Gilbert Bernas
The sun is a deadly lazer
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