The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs

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Everything will end. Even the universe. But in a future so far away that it defies description, there will still be light and therefore a chance for life. It will be around White Dwarfs, the corpses of stars. But even they will fade one day..

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The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs

black & white
the thumbnail Io the wisp
Mehmet Sucuka
1.26 illusion
Ragnazipard 500
Please make more videos about the immune system and bacterias and all that stuff, i love how the cells work and communicate
Skillrex Gaming
My dad said this video is useless true or false but i think that this video is super useful comment down below
The Mighty Doge
isn't it 'dwarves'?
Charles Barley
couldnt we just make our own heat with materials from idk anything
Is he the voice of the narrator in The Stanley Parable
Saschie Glod
Why can't the broken down atoms from planets and stars that scatter through the universe re-react and form new planets and galaxies like they did in the beginning of the universe?
Won't everything eventually get sucked into black holes, too?
fortress maxamis
is'nt the universe endles? and by then coud we have found itor diemnshionel travel?
Martin Rodriguez
Goku trains on White Dwarfs I bet
Francois Lacombe
The iron stars will eventually quantum tunnel into black holes on a time scale much larger than black dwarfs turning into iron. Those will then evaporate into photons by the process of Hawking radiation, ultimately leaving nothing in the universe but an ever thinning and cooling fog of electromagnetic radiation.
Timppa Boiii
that last speak was the best one I have heard this far
Samuel Hennessey
Lol in a billion years humans can be so intelligent that they can make their own stars I can already see matter being created today so lol
Trezha VB
Existential Crisis, Everytime I watch these videos, BUT HEY I'M STILL GONNA WATCH THE VIDEO
I wonder if one day artificial stars will happen one day.
I'm A Granola Bar!
You should do a collaboration with Life Noggin
Andrea Salvador
There will always be heat as long as y'all keep playn' my mixtape 🔥
Santa cruz
(ಥ _ ಥ)
I like what Vsauce said once on his channel, that either we are the first intelligent life form in the entire universe whom later civilisations will learn the history of the galaxy, or we are the last and will discover what happened to before us.
Darude Rocket
Could we reverse the fusion process by fission like if we were advanced enough to be able to put very low density elements through fission could we turn helium back into hydrogen and make our own stars
Connor Taylor
When all the stars die just get niko
Филип Янев
Why the universe will cool down in the future in case the energy can NOT be lost if all the stars lose part of their energy where the energy will be?
Dimensional travel might save us
Tully Probert
what program did you make these in??
Issac Liu
always so beautifully made.
Supercell Gamer
what is in the centre of our galaxy?
Guy Nitzan
1:45 Can someone please explain what is the outern layer that is being shed?
I assume that its a hydrogen layer, But didn't all the hydrogen got exhausted in the core? I'm a bit confused and it bugs me
Woolly Race car Yoshi Studios
1:45 someone at my school has that name and is a girl
Damian Hanson
Damian Hanson
Fuck yo for scaring m3
I just don't know how any of your videos can get a dislike. They are simply perfect.
So if the universe will die one day. Does that mean all that leftover matter will just drift in space until the cycle of the Big Bang starts over? Could it still happen?
Bunty Khan
Stupid video 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
2:03 what did he say?
It's WHITE before space dies!
ba-dum kshhhhh
As crazy as it sounds, what if black holes are just invisible black dwarf planets. With gravity so powerful that it can literally evaporate you, and the planet being so black it's considered invisible. What I mean is,

What if black holes are really just black dwarf planets?
Your videos are so educational but they're so depressing, depressing on an oddly satisfactory level actually
Cayden David
You have a fetish for making humans as birds.
Ion Mocan
05:59 ”and enough time to visit hem one day” - a few videos ago they talked about why we won't be able to travel outside our cluster of galaxies...
hakuna matata
maybe the humans that live at that time will make time machine and go back in time
Blake Fearday
I don't think this theory is accurate.
Dot and spiral
Kurzgesagt, Life nogging and Vsauce are my favorite channels -
Is there a way to find a new universe?
I think by the time a white dwarf turns into a black dwarf, humanity will have the technology to traverse galaxies
the thumbnail made me think it was an IO video =U
Animations & Creations
Everyone of Kurzgesagt's videos is like a mini christmas
TazWalvz \\\TW
I love how you chose birds as your charicters :3
The Lazy Kid
I bet by the time our sun ends, we could build an artificial planet and live there!?
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