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This video was brought to you by volvo

Carson Scott
10/10 gameplay
Mario Boii
(Plays first time) *wins*“fuck this shit I’m uninstalling never playing this again” (plays more than 5 times)
Will Redd
Keep playing this
Max Bass
5.56 is for m4 and the 7.62 is ak
Axel Amilon
Jag gillar din channel mycke mer när du spelar
Nico di Angelo
its fucking DACIA and its a car from my country, Romania, and its a romanian brand, not made by fucking VOLVO and we used DACIA 1300 about 50 years ago so
zihad Hossain
AK47 is my fav too <3
max sun
before the Niber
Black Cat
Late to the video is my city.
Pewds the assassin uber
Darck Tayren
Fuck you for you cheting my car
Flash YT
What if Pewds met Wadu..

Waaaaadu hek!
RalfNeis Gaming
Jed Marvan
18:19 seriously pewds hahahaha u didnt see him?
it triggers me that you never pick up helmets haha
Abd Alrhman
Play with banana man
Carl Corbita
what is the name of that game can anyone tell me
j ml
streaming tonight come have a looksy https://www.twitch.tv/beefandcow
Thien Long
This guy better than Shroud
Muazam Zainal
Paul Anoling
Try dota m8
Trapper Base
What the title of the game?
Muhammad Baqir
What’s the name of this game??!
ianm7570 ianm7570
your a bitch but i love you
juuzou suzuya
love this game!
Georgia Moss
Love these😂😂
Bilinmeyen Kişi
yalnız o araba volvo degil renoult
Wait did he shave😢
Why he was so luckey with the VOLVOOOOOO
Sr Kingz ツ
Cadê a legenda
*alupigus *
lol dacia is a romanian car =)))) why did they add this car romania isn't very popular (I'm romanian)
Ramiro Sanchez
It's a Renault r12 in my third world country they're common
Fûcken beast
shang hai
a fart could kill me hahahahahaha 😂
Alex Mercer
What is the name of the game
GamerTech Iftekhar
What's the name of the game?
Hi how are ya
7.62 is what your need for the ak
The King
The scar is a amazing gun
Atishek singh
Good man loved it
Mursun Paska
3:30 you sound like italian boe!
Captain Caiden
where the 60fps @
rish hariharan
Wud is dis game?
GamesTank AT
4:54 I was the one who you killed by that car you shit!!!😑
What game is this.?
Roland Tamás
CHill TACtics
Sorin Daniel
The first Dacia ! :))
axetoaxe ata
who wants pewdiepie to play fortnite that be awesome
Amar Siddiq
Best racing game ever
thomas arterbury
this game looks very fun to play and you cant win every time on a mountain
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