Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.

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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

Gaurav Mishra
Jimmy was literally Rick rolled
Phonze M.
Wow Rick ! Your an ass! I would kill this guy years later if I found this out 😔.you see jimmies face like his whole life with hot ass Nicole Kidman flashed before his eyes 😭and would could have been
Angthot Shangwor
I watch this back to back
French Montana
Jimmy fallon hold this capital L.
seriously when celebrities say they're red/blushing, I. see. NOTHING! when I blush I am literally a tomato! my whole face is red!
Phee Kasemphantai
you blow it...55555 gay boy
Edna Castro
guys just dont get it LOL hahahahaha
João Renato Gomes
stills the best video
1:15 it was at this moment Jimmy knew

He fucked up
André Carneiro L. Fernandes
Just EPIC.
Adam Hare
That honestly shocked me
Crystal Walker
Hannah Natalie Machado
there's a chemistry... hehehe
Mustapha Alharizi
the way he overreacts to everything is fake and disgusting
Watchinh this again. So funny. This hasnt gotten old
Alex Kingcole
James Latopolski
I think a good next step for this would either be a simulated or comedic fight between him and Keith Urban, his wife Nancy finally telling her off like a Jerry Springer skit, or all four of them in a soap opera style sketch.
The dude
Jimmy Fallon is not only UNFUNNY, he's also the BIGGEST DUMBASS IN SHOW BUSINESS, they bring Nicole Kidman to your house and you bring out the Guitar Hero ahahah
dixy pixy
fk shes so pretty
but why she have no wrinkles
Sameer Abdulhadi
Is she older than him?!
Eboné Smiley
This never gets old.
OG Datto Watto
He could still smash
Ian Speight
Rick-rolled... the both of them.
Daniel Lozano
Anyone else notice her very subtle booty grab at 3:32? Lol
popopoopoop popopiop
lip bite 4:35 4:36
Miss Kanu
She was really into Jimmy and he screwed it up every single time lol
Shelby Breitnauer
Yup... they have definitely fucked
Shelby Breitnauer
She smacks his ass at 3:33
Bnny Slpprs
Watching this until the end made this the Best. Interview. Ever. Adorable...both.
Chiq Butterfly
This is one of the most amusing things I've ever heard ! Lmao 🎮
It's obvious she was feeling Jimmy and he was oblivious because he never expected Gorgeous Kidman to really like him. She still looks smitten.
Barristan Selmy
1:18 jimmy realized he fucked up
Jimbo became craig for a moment.
End this madness, get a room!!
Kenneth Gilbert
them nipples tho
Wait, what?
Blue Jeans
Jimmy is the only tall man that Nicole likes
Sk kunnie96
Barry ! Barry ! Where u at ? We need you to fk this timeline up !
Ulviyya Latifova
I still watch it because It still makes me laugh! :D
The Blue Wolf
She's left handed
jimmy tho jr.
3:33 she had to touch his butt.
First you watch "Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Can't Stop Laughing" video & then you watch this one. And then you watch them again. And then you love this show.
Antwan Dodson
juicy.... eyeballs each other hahaha
Edna RoCa
Still came here on a bad day for laugh a for a while... 😂😂😂😂
Armando Cuesta Diaz
So much chemistry. They would've made a great couple.
Jen Hughes
They should make a movie showing a different universe where this actually worked out.
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