Scary Killer Clown On Our House Roof - Crazy Creepy Clown Attacks Family (SKIT)

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Hi friends:)
The freaky scary clown is back from Mexico:)But this time its on our house roof with surprise balloons lol,i hope you had a giggle watching the skit thumbs up for part 2??

2nd Channel Famtastic👇🏾

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Roberto Capitanelli
Richard Marshall
yeah when your about to be attacked
by a clown on your mums car just say oh he's sunbathing
Tia Marie
That flipin clown is definitely jordon
Camila Hdz
jey. toys. mercado. al. yum
Talijah Garland
it Jordan
Eric Owens
I don't like the Clown
danitzia burgos
donde tu vives tiana 😯😯😯
Herr Sofort
oh no a clown oh man
i love joe voedij ,o
Angela Taipe Tirado
Que vuena te felisito
Super AdaYt wars
is this real
Curtis Hortop
good thing that you scared away the Clown
Zane Ohoistin
check the description it a SKIT
Radouane Erradi
trop de bug
Ilianna Morales
videos just so cool
Lily Pops
Who is videoing
Tran Dong
S mK
làn KH
Pahaji Pahajiji
seram badut nya
Dianne Balbin
hi tiana
George Greeks
was this plan
Ty Chan
The beach, Scary. Clown. Chase.
Steffnetta Hamilton
Tana is was a baby girl
harvey thomson
what the f###k
Jesica Rangel
who was
Shelia Williams
call 911
Samantha Smith
was it Jordan you are the best
Saleh Yamin
Shamadi Velasquez
Omg 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Ubaldo Orozco
😚😻🤑🤑🤑 hi
what's the name of the entrance music they put in 3:27
LunarEclipse GamerGirl Andrea109
Wheres Gordan Ramsey at when you need him?
Jazell Gilmore
I love your videos can I come over
Kayla Bird
call the police
jordan darby
who is filming?
Brooke Miles
All the people who thinks jordan was the killer clown give me a thumbs up 👍
Mackenzie Cooke
Yes it is Jordan cuz Jordan has those socks
Aleyna Lammers
is hij dad
Guadalupe G
is jordan
Guadalupe G
I think the ciler clown was his xosin
Michelle Etienne
Laiyba Mahmood
That clown is Jordan. I see the back of his neck! IT'S JORDAN!!!!!!!!!
Riyana Romney
it's jorden
Jennifer Adams
love your videos
Moha Alrabai
هذا قنا مخف جدا
Cordell Knight
what 😮
Cordell Knight
I know that your dad 😧
Dana Reynolds
Who is killer clown
Michelle Hernandez
the killer clown is Jordan🤡😎
Fridagil12345 Gilbxhxjjjhj
si fue real
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