Scary Killer Clown On Our House Roof - Crazy Creepy Clown Attacks Family (SKIT)

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Hi friends:)
The freaky scary clown is back from Mexico:)But this time its on our house roof with surprise balloons lol,i hope you had a giggle watching the skit thumbs up for part 2??

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dear clowns

roses are red violets are blue i have 5 fingers
the middle on is for u
may-linn fjellstad
That clown was so funny i laught all the time😆
Mindy Cote
killer clonw feki
Dany Hernandez
Өмирзақ Назерке
Zakia Rahman
I also thought that jordan was the clown because the killer clown would only come in the midnight
Christian Johnson
that was Jordan did you see the socks at 04:08
Tanisha Miller
Lily Norton
Where was youre dad was he at work dose he go to work or did he go to a mitting ?????
I love you Tiana I love your videos 😍😘 I am you're BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST fan and the First because I have watched all you're videos I whach your videos every day and afternoon and evening and I always SUBCRAB every day and afternoon and evening 😘😍😄😃😅😁😀😊☺
Natalia Acosta
quien es el payaso😮
laura anderson
sophie villatoro
Throw food at the clown
Paula Gamer
They mom of Tiana is every momento
Margrace Gacutan
you may try 3D pen and that is my request
Naye Gomez
now eyes cards am house
Marluce Do Santos
Leo jurado John Cena man cool man yes
Killer clown vs mommy Tiana
Ian D
That was so funny 😂 when your dad came on
Scarlett the bunny
The clown was Jordan
jennifer rivera
Janene Baase
It is jordon
Ines Salim
ccs 121
Mateo Guerrero
The it evil
ItsRayven tillis
Lol when she yelled there was a clown she set the chip down then got another and ate it
Hay alguien que hable slespañol
Larissa Saunders
This is such a skit bc what clown wears expensive Nike socks?😂
Bailee Bennick
I was wrong and it was Jordan
Bailee Bennick
The clown is the dad
Victoria Ramnarine
Is that the damn it
Gocho Jerez
Jessica Weeks
Where is Jordan
vilte Juodzeviciute
Or its realy clown
Sweetykay Kay
Tiana how old a you?
Hows watching in 2017 leave a like
kasey henderson
Good your dad is home
vlogs with odra
I think the clown was jordan
Cristiano Cardentey
Is this real????😐
Andrei Lucian
Tatal e clovnul
Millie Jones
That is Jordan
Joshua lever
do part 2
45678 people say so
Aniece Gal
julia chavez
me gusta mucho
Trick shot Channel
Is it jorden
Trick shot Channel
Is it dad?
Rosabel Naites
Its jorden but when he throws the big ballon with water on them it was so funny xd
Giuseppe Guerra
Esiste police
Ima Yamna
Linda Toe
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