7 Things Crafty People Dominate

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Ain't no party like an arts and crafts party!

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DeadInside/ ImACultClassic
my life in a video
Zen Carrolljorden
that was time in my life I'll never get back
Sam S
I'm actually VERY crafty XD
Koo Person
Don't cry, CRAFT!
Gillian Fagerberg
so basically domination
I would say I'm crafty because I can take it to the rack on a center and convert the and one
Don't cry, craft
Sadie Jones
I'm so crafty I don't cry I craft
AshbashB Sisters
I'm craft alright.😏
Daniel Khader
Ball hard like a mitherfucker
Whoever made this. Turn your location on. I just want talk
.. and having a craft project cost more than just buying a ready-made version or is it just me?
Pathana Pathana
Omg i can relate
Okami Haru
Shriya Yeravadekar
where mah crafty squad at?
Jenny Many
Well this was a useless 1:11 minutes of my life
Mia Gauci
McKay gurll I be so freakin crafty Ima craft a new way to fly with glitter mmm yup just said dat lol butt everybody getsss so confused when day see meh crafts day be like wtf how did you even manage to do dis? My secret is glitta
jonathan Robbins
0:22 is that ray from get crafty crafty?
i feel like this is a promo for crafty, also this totally could have been a pun thing #missedopportunity
Janelle C.
i thought he looked like FLOWSIK in the beginning 😚
Jamie Phan (JAMIE)
I love these types of videos
Rory Purdey
I'm so crafty....

Thnx to this vid XD
Jazz Fox
So true
Annie Chandler
don't cry, craft! 😂
The concept is pretty good but the editing...damn...did you use Windows Movie Maker ?
Alea Hendricks
How did I know they'd use this song again...
Onio Kyun
Ok then
News Direct
anyone notice how they never really have many white guys in their videos ? pretty racist seeing as they are the majority population not very representative !
Splendid DIY
that's me.
everything else..but not vegetables. No.
Pranks gone SEXUAL
song name?
Nicholas Sanjay
the intro makes me wanna kill myself
Nicholas Sanjay
what a great video jk jk
Nat -Cat
The dude pouring the glitter in the intro made me really angry because thats going to get everywhere
Tom Marvolo Riddle
Don't cry.

Peter Paul Javier
re using a trash EX?
Abbiqa the Cat Lover #CatzAreAwesome
whoever made this video is absolutely crafty
Back to school DIYS
Sophia June
what is this filter
Mooshu moo
the style of this video and the editing is hurting me
Crystal Barajas
Why did I read this as crazy people, I was so confused
can't relate
Jenna Adams
When he poured the glitter, I flipped out. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO CLEAN THAT UP?! ITS WITH YOU FOREVER NOW!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂
Rei Takashi
I just got the Spanish trailer for 50 Shades Darker before this video.
Hoogaooga Girl
When buzzfeed runs out of ideas
IIApples&PieII 101
I get really triggered by this video 😡
Adrianna Escobedo
my friends hate me for being so crafty. they keep telling me to buy stuff from the store for gifts cause then they can actually just get me something x'D
Charmed Life
is it just me or did the purposeful glitter spill in the intro make anyone else cringe?
NoteCrafter Videos
Cool 1 minute intro...
Where is the video?
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