Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes - UFC 207 Highlights

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Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes full fight Highlights UFC 207

Philip Messina
Washed up, go back to bartending.
Jackson Magriplis
Bye bye Ronda, you have the heart as big as a caroway seed
After seeing ronda's fights all I can say is damn she was trash
Chey000 0
Her skin color helped her get more famous, there is a lot of girls who deserve fame more than her but because they are minorities, they won't see that kind of spotlight
Aron Mahal
fucking american piece of shit
Mc Mcx
Arrogance is only good when you're good at something. Leave that shit to Jews, Ronda.

Nunes just ass raped this bitch all the way to the moon.
Lewis S
its highly amusing how y'all assholes keep banging on about how much of a shitty person you think Ronda is; when not a single person who knows her, on her team or any fighter who's fought against her, has a bad word to say about her. So Ronda got beat, twice. And respect to those who beat her. But, and I hope y'all ready for this: IT'S NOT HOW HARD YOU HIT, BUT HOW HARD YOU CAN GET HIT, AND CARRY ON!
Just back yourselves down for a bit, grow the fuck up, and stop putting her down. And as for all the not shaking hands and comments to her opponents, it's all for show. It's called bravado, and it's all for the TV screens. She's not a cunt in the slightest. I daresay it says far more about how y'all are by what you say about Ronda
Joey Zoota-Lucero
You know, now that I watch this again, I don't think the ref should have stopped it. He should have at least let Ronda fall to the floor first
عراقي وافتخر
by by Ronda .suck diks looool
Jesus Christ
nunes boxing skill is impressive
RIP Glendale Fight Club!!!
Rhonda was defeated in that star down. That's why she walked off
Juan Gerardo Villagran López
i was watching TUF 18 and i remembered i hated so much ronda im glad she got fucked again and i hope she get knock out again and again i pissed off amanda didn't take off the stupid mole on his face. It´s just wrong to idolize her stupid and disrespectful behavior
Ritchie Winters
why has the full fight been taken off ? in respect for ronda no doubt
tibor channel
Jorge Rodriguez
She's getting old people , She's going to loose again and again. She had her Moment at the Top but that Time is pass for good.
audrina pretty
there's actual highlights, so is it the entire fight then?! Lol the fight was so short hahaha
David Fitzgerald
Ronda rousey was over rated peroid. She dominated a small talent pool that was Pretty new to the sport lets be realistic. The first time she stepped up against a world class stricker she got her ass whooped second time and we see it again. He striking is worst I've seen at this level period. I wouldent even call Amateurish its like something you see in the street. I don't class her as a great fighter. To a be great mma fighter you need to have the total package and plus the way she lost twice now in her prime. She will never come back from this I guarantee it. I'm happy I don't like the bitch never have. She needed to be put in her place. Floyd mayeather? Lol! Ya right. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!
TheuF Gaming Channel
Evolution is scary.
SpAceX Fan
She should've took an easy fight first against Justin Bieber,
Hursanoy Botirova
Amanda super 💪💪
Yara Serrano diaz
me gusta ver como le dan con todo a esa wera engreida 😂😂😂 es todo #amandaNunes
muhammad Deme
Rounda Rousy has always been a stuck up bitch. see she always acted hard until she lost and talked about wanting to kill herself
RamsFan 559
seen the the fight on pay per a sore loser you can't win all the fights..ronda you win some you lose some.. hopefully you come back though you got fans out here.
Filip Babic
Blocking punches with her head...
The list of female fighters who can beat Floyd is sure getting long.
L. Cavalcante
Amanda have a great Kiai punch, but this is not karate xd wow
Alicia A
Nunes predicted the fight
Sei Lá
Aqui é Brasil carai o resto é moda!!!!🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁
Willy Lipps
Rousey is not a humble fighter. She has one most of her fights by submission while Nunes on the other hand knocks people the fuck out.
Sesom Age
Ronda "the punching bag" is done. Conor "diarrhea mouth" is next.
Meint Der
joe sgro
Kristal Chapman
you can't pretend to be undefeated when your an asshole.
any of the day Nunez didn't want anything to do with Ronda on the ground and Rousey didn't want anything to do with Nunez standing. where Doe's the fight start yep standing so who has the advantage?
The only thing she can do now to restore her former hype is to rematch Holm and Nunez taking on both of them on the same night and win both fights successively.
The end of Ronda Rousey, cua cua cua cuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. cua cua cua cuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I love Mozart.
2 :43 highlights on a 48 second fight.
Jfas Gamer
Amanda Nunes representando o Brasil
Mauricio Gonzalez Robles
Waste of time, you fucker
destroyyy ronda
Forza Juventus HD
Whats that song pls!
This highlight video is longer than the Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes fight
Phoenix Faure
White girl got her ass kicked good! Kudos to Nunes!
Ted Bates
Yay a-MAN-da. ewww.
Noe Batista
só 48 segundos
Taneka Bellamy
Dam nunes you beat her like she stole somethin!!!
Rikendy R.P.L
Ronda can't fight
Eye talian
Hey Ronda tell me again how you can beet up may weather when you can't even last a minute with a women
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