Nintendo Switch Unboxing - Will You Switch?

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Nintendo Switch (USA Link) -
Nintendo Switch (International) -

The Nintendo Switch is a whole new take on the gaming console. Check out my Nintendo Switch Unboxing and then decide... Will you Switch?

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Unbox Therapy
Nintendo Switch (USA Link) -
Nintendo Switch (International) -
Frenchi' J.
Awesome unboxing!!
Drunk Splinter
Vegans are you triggered?
Dark Maester
Tom acts like he is a cool dude but isn't.....
Deep Bhaisare
the only best video by unbox therapy!!
Khalid Brown
"The point is the point"
i cant fucking wait to buy it .
Victor Berto
Remember when you made that gamevice video? The gamevice sucked
Tahmid Ahnaf
I hate it -_-
llicac seaeol
Epic ending lmao!
Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz
This costs about 2 regular US Cars on our country and its like the Vita you unboxed but its properly made
JPB Animations
The kick stand sucks
What game was that?
Jarrell Tan
How the F**k it has 3K DISLIKES????? JESUS CHRIST!!!!!
I will switch
Moni Carda
I'm making the SWITHC!!!!!!!
Does this come with a screen protector?
Chess TownKing
This dude is a g
I love my Switch. Since I got it, my ps4 has been gathering dust and I’m actually considering selling it for the Xbox One X.
Legendary Gamer
Can you send me a one Nintendo switch?
Gamer Boy
switch is on my list now
Earth Titan211711
Any one come here from Smosh?
Not true PS4 has remote play
Kage Tsume
3.1 million people saw this
Miguel Lemos
Why...? Why not just release the Games you held Hostage for Decades already......Nintendo......?
Nintendo beats Microsoft butt.
JBM lifehouse
Hi I want a Nintendo switch plz
William Villagen
Title of the song? Haha
The Conquistador
He looks like a 99 cent store Connor Mcgregor
Humble Cosmas
Sometimes i wonder who gives this guy big bucks to buy all these gadgets
Killing Jokes
And then they fuck it up by making SD cards mandatory for YOU to buy instead of them putting a respectable amount of storage IN the unit... Teehee, I said unit :)
BrackAttack Anims
The USB ports... maybe you can plug in and use other controllers. :OOO
Patrick Shields
Lol..R.I.P Tom
Jon peele
I'm getting mines next month
Kevin Handal
this has to be one of the greatest endings to a video
Robert Jif
Tom is never happy lol
Funny Time
The End EPIC!!!!
Willem-Alexander der Nederlanden
Tom is so awkward
Daniel Arama
This is the most funniest ending I have ever seen in any of your videos.
Victor Huff
The ending killed me! 😂
Why does Tom always play the "cool" guy act?? Always acts like hes just "too cool" to be excited about anything...
Rodrigo hernandez
Can you drop sex tape already
Dany Atallah
Is he one of the depach mod band
Sandeep Mahendra
ps4 or this i need to buy one and i can choose only 1 please tell
Moses Bastian
tom is hilarious
Anime is TRASH
The hate from the sony ponys is dying down.
SAM sam
welcome to the next gen of gaming :
2D pic switching
ReEl OtaKu
That endind tho!
Say My Name Now!
His face and the song is so match
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