Nintendo Switch Unboxing - Will You Switch?

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Nintendo Switch (International) -

The Nintendo Switch is a whole new take on the gaming console. Check out my Nintendo Switch Unboxing and then decide... Will you Switch?

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Unbox Therapy
Nintendo Switch (USA Link) -
Nintendo Switch (International) -
Leon Bennett
edwin paredes
Tom is cool
Labis Papaioannou
but were does he store all these stuff he unboxes?maybe giving them away
"Copy Dance" = Just Dance: Hood Edition
Everything with Lisa
I like TOM
I have respect for Jack
why is tom always so serious?
Best switch review 💯😂
Alexi Amaya
Jaime Baltazar
where did you get it. and how many does it cost. how did you get it.???
Big Smoke
6:05 kinda looks like you are faping!!!
Big Smoke
Pauly Walnuts
Mario Kart on the switch is fucking Lit
what is name of the last song?
Luis Felipe Lopez
Dude man is trying so hard to look cool 😂
first portable stationary device? yeah, nah, I don't think so. Microsoft, steam among with other 3rd party developers made the gaming laptop.
why is it that people who have millions of subs are complete asshats...seriously what a dumbass.
Noah Hedgemon
Tom is wierd
Rigo II
Hello my name is Nintendo Switch

We are the fast selling nintendo console in all nintendo console. We are not part of the war and yes we act like we are part of the console war!

Oh you already have one. That's good enjoy playing 2 games (Zelda and 1-2 switch) while we release games we don't care if you played it before in a better and faster console/PC we are still going to release it and make you buy it!

I suggest you buy a SD card for more memory! Good luck finding one the more the merrier!

And I hope you lose one of your joycon because I'm sure as hell going to let you buy another one :)

I'm different from gaystation and xbones as well in fact I'm easy to use and to setup but in order for me to function you have to charge me or else in about 3-6 hours I will go to sleep without you saving your shit game.

Hungry? Try licking my cartridge I put chemicals that will makw your taste buds sick without you even noticing

No I am not like my father the WiiU or my grandfather Wii I'm just a combination on both of them their genetics are passed on to me but I'm new and improve ofcourse

Ohh I'm fresh outside of the box try my left joycon it won't function properly instead it has a mind of its own...

And lastly I'm a fucking gaming tablet with a headphone jack with no camera but my cousin the nintendo 3DS has one and he supports amiibo's too so waste your money on that too.

And to end my story I'm far more better than PC,Playstation 4 and Xbox one because the three of them are so last year!
Adam Howard
Hahahaha, the last few seconds of the video...flawless!
Kh .S.A
The end 😂😂😂😂😂
Notice that during that shoot-off game, Tom is using less movement but better angles. He's going to be quicker every time because he is making efficient use of how he moves. #Science #Logic
DragonSlayor 1122
I want to switch but my mom won't let me
I can see myself 30 years from now saying, you guys like your playstation 284737281001? When I was growing up the nintendo switch was the best thing out there
What's up with your brother :D :D he's so funny yet so... dim :D :D is it what they call being shy? :D
Emanuel negrete
ha boi he said the one that "first goes with u " dude there is a ds and 3Ds
Cheshire Desire
Who the hell is Tom, where has he been, does he have an Insta?
Eyrique Sophillea
tom is sexy af
naw you can get a nintendo for three payments of 100 dollars on bestbuy and FOUR payments of 100 dollars on amazon
did Nintendo give you a switch JUST TO UNBOX IT!?!?!?
2:20 Haha I see I'm not the only one who didn't realize there were chests with clothing inside
Nur Hazbiy
Phew why all the fanboys are arguing here? I didn't even have a console but why the hll you guys bragging a console thats not even your own innovation?? Talk about embrasding dude
Preston Benally
These guys are like foil characters.
Justin Conn
last Nintendo console I ever owned was super nes. I really miss mario games and donkey Kong country. So I'm thinkin bout pick in one up at black Friday. haven't played mario since super nes.
Jacquel c
im supper excited i am getting mine tomorrow morning Im excited to play zelda botw
Roro Yo
No the switch is not the first hybrid console of its kind. That honor goes to the Neo Geo X Gold Gaming System. It had a hdmi docking station that allowed you to u docked play as a handheld. The switch is just A better done rip off of the Neo Geo X Gold Gaming System
Danielle Dozier
I freaking love your videos!! The switch is definetly something to look at!!
In Zelda why is Link's hair sideburns so long?
Ghost Fire42
The switch failed
Gman 8525
1 2 switch looks stupid i might not get it
Hacker Shuaib
This is the first time I am commenting in this channel and I got to say that Mr Tom is amazing gamer.
Try Out
haha the ending is EPIIICCC
QT munchkin
This is not what I expected when I read the channel name "unbox therapy". I was expecting this to be one of those weird asmr unboxing videos or just a very quiet and boring video. Instead I got a very energetic and entertaining video. It was not very therapeutic, as the name suggests, but that's not what I wanted anyways. I was not disappointed.
naked link is ahem sexy?
Eric Robertson
You legit just sold a Switch! I just ordered mine :)
Got the switch delivered today, but had to pay 32000 INR for it which is equivalent to 498 US$. Have i been stupid??🤔
What about the Nintendo 3DS oh also the PS Vita talking about the first thing that you would take with you everywhere you go
David Rodriguez
The Nintendo Switch looks dope but i don't know how i feel about the new Pokemon game coming out on this console. I came here to learn more about the Switch and this video did not disappoint. Loved the ending lol
Bor Pirs
Great, unique videos. All and all usefull and funny
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