Nintendo Switch Unboxing - Will You Switch?

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The Nintendo Switch is a whole new take on the gaming console. Check out my Nintendo Switch Unboxing and then decide... Will you Switch?

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Unbox Therapy
Nintendo Switch (USA Link) -
Nintendo Switch (International) -
Aly Lopez
i wanna lick tom
Ayden Hilsenteger
Hi cousin ayden
who has the switch i do!
im makeing a video about it
hahahaha great vid guys
Gaming with Stha
Hey lewis love your all videos and your voice is too good👌👌
Dean Botton
Best system Nintendo has ever created. I've had it for 3 weeks & I cannot get enough.
Blue Mon
720p? out
Aruva Roy
The end part is funny
Unboxing Magic
Hello, it's an tablet
Tepig DaFart
Dick Rock
until they turn this mother f*** into a smartphone......"CA$H Me outside how bout dayyyyyy....😜" now you think what else can this mother f*** do😎😚😚😚😂😂😂😭😭?????? can can we we we say say say DIRECT AND INDIRECT competition FOR Apple say that 3 times direct competition for Apple... lol!!! HELLLL YES yes YES!!!!!
lmmfao @ tom
BMW 2017
Just wondering... Does Nintendo only make products for YouTubers? I see all the YouTubers have the NES Classic and Switch, but I don't know of a single person, personally, that has either product...
Lyn Joseph
lol the best unboxing... 😂😂😂
DarkerSideMC \ Me
i cri every tim i hav to wait fur me preeowrder
Noel López
eventually PC will replace ps4 and Xbox, but it can never replace any Nintendo console
PLEASE do more videos with the brother. Why am I here tho? :/
When the brother came..... Whoa! Dude! Yeaaaaah. Meet me.
I'll keep my game boy
I don't like Tom. He gives me that "i'm too cool for this" kinda vibe. Just chill dude and have some fun!
Khaled Bousba
Psp- first portable console
Ds- first portable gaming laptop ( kind of)
Nintendo switch- first portable tv with sticky controllers
July Jaziel
Just to be honest, the Switch isn't the first to do the Console/Mobile Hybrid, it's just the most mainstream to pull it off.
Clifton W
garbage..i can't believe people want this gimmicky junk.
Mark Wallace
I am still new to this channel. So I am going to ask a question that I am pretty sure that has already been answered. What is up with dude's glasses? They look like they have a blue tint when the light hits them.
Fatima Baluyut
tom is really cute tbh
Ariel Basilio
Oh tom....... what was the video all about?!
abishek Km
This thing is amazing
nicolai forup
A little help to beat your brother. you need to hold your controller so the shooting button fits the finger and feel wrong in the hand. And This is when you have the left joycon :)!
Kristian Jay
OMG hilarious. there is no way I'm buying a switch
Katie Persons
I'm a big fan of docks. Docks in general. ^_~
Lasheka Perry
The ending lol
Austin Duff
My friend said u said u did not like it lol
Mr White
1,2, switch probably not the best game to show off lol
This Tom guy must be really fun at parties
Mario Troiano
That's the best ending of every youtube video
I would if Gamestop would stop selling out!!
Renan Luiz
Me da um iPhone 7 ???
Didn't you upload a "Does it suck video?" briefly for the Switch, @Unbox Therapy ?
Denis Krasulin
The ending!
brown begerson
im sitting here with 1000$ dollar nofriendo switch the one in the back one in the face
Nico Ivan Valenciano
never use the dock, ever again.
LMBo that ending priceless
Nico Alcatraz
Do you abuse your cameraman
Nico Alcatraz
Why does the other guy always look so depressed
Yep another pease of trash from nintendo rip
Tom at the end was looking at the box yo wtf is this thing called I need to practice
hamim basha
Unbox therapy U should try Microsoft HOLOLENS
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