Louis Vuitton - Masters, a collaboration with Jeff Koons

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A collaboration between Louis Vuitton and artist Jeff Koons, the ‘Masters’ Collection remixes the iconic artworks of the Old Masters and presents them in a way that encourages new interpretations.  Learn more now at http://vuitton.lv/2pm6JFJ.

As tacky as Koons' work.
Sam Casquejo
The Van Gogh is the least gaudy one of the collection...
Jimmy Leach
HAHA cool creative..what the heck go for it!
Bestgirlever 000
Why does everyone hate the bag? I love it
Gio Martin
what's the songggggg?
Julia Simon
Best. Commercial. Ever.
the song is called chocolate by Jesse Rose and Troze
What song is that? That's that jam
Shaima 'a
your ad is great, collection is hella ugly tho
huesitosdecocodrilo ysopitadecamaron
alguien me puede decir; de quien es el soundtrack?
Marine Martin
what is the song ? please
I LOVE them!
Steven R
0:03 is this a JoJo reference?
Annie Yang-Perez
Worst design ever. What a waste! And almost blasphemous
Tiny Magical Boy
I just came here because I liked the music
better than other bags is Van Gogh Backpack, enough
Sophie 索菲
Lol that looks like a souvenir you could buy at the Louvre for a tenner.
Sam H.
This sucks.
Fei Lung Huang
Just tell me 13 reasons why?
Xxx Xxx
looks like something from AliExpress
El mejor regalo para mí madre :,3
I feel so disturbed by the Mona Lisa at the start
worst of the worst
NaYeon Yang
I guess the song is the only winner on this ad.
tong gui
wow suck
오오 신이시여...
이 끔찍한 혼종을 누가 만들어냈단 말인가....
Does anyone think that both the bag and the add is cool
great ad, but that is the ugliest bag i've ever seen
hia sop
노래 존좋
Mutiny in Heaven
Not crazy about the bags - could not care less about that ... but the advertisement? I love!
Mayra ml
I loved the track and the video
Senhorita Bibi e Babys
não gostei do comercial horrivel
amine amini
toys with Ashby Ashby zoé
diana ramirez
The only good thing about this commercial is the music, because the bag is really ugly 🙄
houda 2016
الله يلعنكم -___-
Mandy Hui
those bags are not creative . just put mona lisa and van gough paintings on leather bags
this is disgusting and distasteful.
vivian chiang
watch the ad without the song again,
complete disaster lol
Lynn steward
Boah so teuer, dass kann sich ein durchschnittlicher Bürger nicht leisten. Meine Handtaschen sind vom Preis bezahlbar und sehen trotzdem geil aus. Wers braucht
Reza Zefanya Mulia
well i guess thats the point. if you follow jeff koons long enough, you will understand that IT IS his way in art making; to celebrate banality, to celebrate the everyday's aesthetic (now that the masters' paintings have been used in everything, from t-shirts to gift wraps). In some chapter in his book, he wrote that by this kind of approach, he challenges the society to do a self-mockery by using the very low kind of aesthetics, especially for the higher class people. Yes, the designs look distasteful, but if we are refering to what koons been doing in his whole career, i think he's doing a great job again.
Arte por toda parte.
Juste magnifique , ma copine la commandé avec vous par téléphone , toujours au top et rapide comme d'habitude .
Annabel Schofield
I know everyone is hating this but honestly I'm digging it , I'm glad Louis Vuitton is changing it up a bit and I'm really loving it.
Am i the only one who likes it...? (._.)
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