Kalle Andersson
I'm on a fools-destroys-invaluable-art-binge and stumbled over your channel. I love it! And I love your hair which reminds me of my favorite animal, the alpaca.
Thatcowz ISDAT
im an artist
Barnaby Jones
wouldn't put it in my house if u paid me 10 grand
Jose Solomon Santiago
if its ugly towards you
than it is worth it to destory it
kobone shteam
I was hoping you might replace painting for a cheap print & then completely destroy it...l
make me 100,000$
He taped a paper towel on it
jim nohj
10000 for that wow a bullet to the head would be cheaper
Spino Gaming
I just watched a vid of a kid destroying a 1.5 mill painting because the thing was fucking protected by rope next to peoples feet like srsly no glass or cage protection
nabil alsalahi
do a killer clown magic trix
i am KiRA
he looks like Mark Hamill Trickster
1234 Destroyer
Awesome one
So u almost got yourself into a TEARABLE situation
Dragon Gaming
rip painting
Qasim Momin
Excuse Me.... HOW!?
Adam Swartchzky
hahaha i love this guy
Yousuf Azmain
great video and awesome job
Ryan The Ryno
it was paper he didn't actually make a hole .....look closely
Taylor Sesta
Pls check out my Chanel and subscribe!!??
jay fontaine
I was in Disney World on the boardwalk and there's a store with paintings for $250,000. it was of the Death Star
Man I love your content!! Keep doing it, its absoluty great!!
S2zerEXo b
So fucking obvious how he did it when he took it off 🤣
Derpy - MTG
it is easy to do that
Ahmad Salame
hand was still closed when walked away from the painting
Ahmad Salame
u sticked a piece of paper painted brown to it and slid ur hand over the paper to take it off :)
Gabe Mtz
Magic Murray looks exactly like Harrison Wells from The Flash
i kniw how to do this!
Triple Skull
That was a piece of paper
here's the magic trick: he finds one of his paintings cuts the painting to the hole that looks like he nuged it so when he gos to get the other guy he peels the piece from his painting off so it looks like he fixed it. again cracked the magic trick
Emanuil Ivanov
You uesd the same technique as you did with the apple
Haha that was pissed he was just well composed
it was a piece of paper on it
Shadoku Kellos
Charlie Mitchell
the paper is there even before he turns around. all the people he does "tricks" on are always in on it. its always camera play and editing. This one is camera play, notice how the camera man specifically doesn't show the painting until the stage is set.
what he did was prior to that clip he ripped a piece of white paper and folded it and put tape or some sort off sticky substance and put it on the painting. all he had to do next was remove it
Meena Agarwal
Cut the hair.............
You need to make your videos longer. Just a suggestion
starchy abyss
hahahaha epic.
Brandon Fox
I know what you did to make it look like its ripped I saw someone do it before
Im Dronn
i know how he did it, if u wanna know, just reply with a question
omer imran
hey Murray Shawchuck can you please teach us a trick so that we can pick up a trick like you did???
Mike Brown
I live in Vegas what hotel do u perform at?? Love it
Like, can you tell us how.
K Diddle
I only watched a couple vids and I loved them thanks
Brisk The Husky
I know how he did this trick
ZomBiePlays 1
aight that trick was easy paper tapped to the painting
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