How To Grow Long Eyelashes FAST! (Guaranteed Longer Eyelashes)

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"How to grow long eyelashes FAST! (Guaranteed Longer Eyelashes)" get this to 20,000 likes for more DIY's! 
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Melany Magana
I dont have any of those things can u do another video with different things cuz i dont have those stuff and i want my eyelashes long
Kitty Cat O.
My baby brother has the perfect long and curled lashes, mine are tiny and curled at my lids
Alliyah Arandia
Video starts at 1:34 ur welcome
Crazy Marshmallow Gang
I have naturally long lashes, it's actually really annoying, they keep getting stuck in my eyes and don't fit in my goggles when I go swimming
Daneli & Emily
Is it just me or are her eyebrows extremely thinner (no hate luv u!!!)
amy vallejo
My teacher always tells me to

Read More
Elina. k
I already have naturally long eye lashes :P
Lady's wanna know why guys have longer eye lashes? Because they have never wore maskera. Now I know you tired when you get home and you fall asleep in your makeup don't do that the maskera can make your eye lashes fall off if you just keep it on for so long lol
Tamara Okyere
I don't have vitamin e oil is that ok?
Maya Benzarti
hey no vaseline finally thanks😂😂
Shirin Sultana
It works!!!!!!!
Thank you so much Rcl sis:)
Eva Carlos
can we use vitamin e oil?
Eva Carlos
can we use vitamin e oil?
Eva Carlos
can we use vitamin e oil?
Rose Diaz
I already have long eyelashes lol. But I want mine longer
Zainab Naeem
The beginning is savage. Whoops. Forgot to capitalize the s for mega savageness! *the beginning is Savage!*
I already have long eyelashes
She looks like Dua Lipa
sidratul muntaha
You apply vasline your lashes grow too long
Xavier Yazzie
She didn't even have long eyelashes maybe she needs to put some of that stuff on her eyelashes.
Harambe Duh
Too many oils to me 😂
Hanna Ruhomally
plz make a video to get beautiful nails n hands plz
Fayrouz Ghoneim #35
Guys does anyone agree that her eye colour is beautiful
Random Purple Dorito
The first half of the video is complete bullshit.
Bad Desicions
How are you bigger than Logan paul
Nami Yoo 유나미
lol in the beginning she's just like me
Me: "wow your eyelashes are SO long like wutttt?!!"
Im a boy and i think long eye lashes people are attractive so i want it! (btw i burned some of my eyebrows and eyelashes when im doing a science experiment)
Milly Smill
Years ago having big eyebrows was a shame.. Now everybody wants it 😹😹
isabella batista
Damn u over lining your lips alot 😂
Ghala 5
im blessed with long eyelacious and u wont believe the size of my cousins whole familys are like normall head hair if ur a girl that isnt bald i dont have anything against it
tiny space
I did it.... It works .....
I'm a boy with long eyelashes
Mark Jiyong
Any vitamin E can use? ?
//Elly// Plays Roblox & More!
When I was a baby and I was sleeping, my mom snipped of my lashes. Now I have super short lashes ;-;
Shantelle Caño
I always get compliments about my lashes, but I tell them that, be happy with what you have!! ( in a nice way) And Love Yourself!! (BTS)
TheUnicornGotPositiveVibes ThaUnicorn
People ask me if I am wearing mascara or foundation but no that's just me
Arvin Capati
I'm a guy and people keep complimenting me for my eyelashes:/
gerardo Camacho
Love your videos
Jun 박준희
Don't waste your time just use Vaseline.
Eunice Mulinge
can you use coconut oil only??
Born with long lashes squad where u att?
Jamie 1010
Is argan oil good?
Also how long does the product last
Angie Villenas
dude why does boys have longer lashes than some girls and there hair grown fast like 😕😕
My eyelashes are weird as hell , they just look like black lines going around my eyes. I dont even care about eye lashes but im curious.
What can we use instead of Vitamin E oil if we don't have any? :)
Emma Andrews
Instead of using your finger you could use an old mascara brush
Sanyah Walton
Sound Blaster
it started at 1:33
Monika Mejia
She has horse eyelashes
Wanita Bodhnarain
I already have long lashes I don't know the secret sorry ladies I don't know the secret
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