Amazon Alexa Gone Wild! (ORIGINAL)


Why!?!? We just got our new echo dot and this happened!?!?

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and why was the wife moaning sexually in the background? Explain this please
I'm dying
A. Madar
Was Alexa just reciting the Dad's search history or something?
hahaha holy sht
Jazil Naeem
aisia whitt
i think alexa thought that the boy was saying dick her dick her
Ryan Sellars
What's digger digger😂😂
It'sapapeplate Lmao
this was uploaded on my birthday
Nya Echols
suket domokos
what is he saying play "little nigger"That kid is fucked up.
Noobkiller Pro
This video is fake the pre typed it in
ryancoley29 Turkey04
Sean McLoren
Youtube before: "Charlie bit me ugh..."

YouTube now: ...

Elizabeth Jasmine Nino
I laugh every time the kid is just like "Okay" omg I feel so bad, he's not ready to know that yet. I'm dead 😂
Probably the reason why my mom wants the Amazon Echo
Marley Richards
This is fake
What's Digger Digger?
peepo weepo
"play nigger nigger"
The King Of Gotham
Marieke Janse
This is hilarious!
Bailey Brennan
To everyone who sees this o think the kid was tryna say play digger digger but Alex's heard dick her dick her
Vlog Adventurer
when he said "play digger digger" I thought alexia was going to say "do want want to play nigger nigger"
Ben Belen
he said jigger jigga
All Niggers Must Die
play nigger nigger?
Ryan Stanley
Maybe have someone talk who has developed speech skills. This wasn't meant for kids.
your_bae _mariam
Kid : Alexa play ticker ticker
"Pussy anal dildo" im dead 😂
Amazing Tanuki
Wtf was he trying to say? Some whinney the pooh shit or digger digger??
Markus Myers
Jay Hogan
the kids eyes when they all say stop gets me every time
Don Johnson
Alexa, play Tickle Tickle


I'm Blue da ba dee dabba da-ee dabba dee-a
Jay Clark
Now you know that the dad had been using Alexa.
Steven Lornie
Hmm what is the point of this device? My stereo doesn't have these issues, will very likely sound better and will live longer.
Reagan “OnlyBeGamer” Crisp
Elexa, play Digher Digher
Ha! Letting a child that can't say words speak to anything is hilarious.
Juston Johnson
0:11 - Alexa: "You want to hear a station for porn detected. Porno ringtone..." 0:13 - Kid: "OK."
Porno Ringtone Hot Chick Amateur Girl Calling Sexy Fuck Cunt Shit Sex Cock Pussy Anal Dildo
kayla BoucherGranados
tickle tickle, or tiger tiger?
LeGrim Reaper
"cock pussy anal dildo"
fr1sk gg
whats song name that he requested?
K- Boogie
i bet the kid is tramatized
I would have liked to see the product suggestions they get next time the log on to :)
aan boloy
who's the fuck alexa?
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