Game Theory: Minecraft's Ending, DECODED!

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When Minecraft first came out, players were confused about one thing...THE ENDING. Minecraft's ending is a 10-minute scroll of philosophical text that everyone either wrote off completely or LOVES to HATE. And I'll be honest, when I first saw it, I thought they were right. This weird, philosophical conversation/poem/mumbo-jumbo confused everyone and seemed all wrong for Minecraft, a game that technically is ENDLESS! But looking at it more closely, the ending of Minecraft hides an amazing story about the game, the universe, and how awesome WE are as gamers. After doing this episode, I'm a fan, and I think you will be, too.

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Cooper Perkins
You just Ruined my life
James Del Ponte
deep man deep
Sohan Desai
stick and a hoop. i get it.
MissyJaye PlaysGames
I can't believe this was a year ago
Jayson Walls
I'm just here for a dose of positivity in 2017...
Tiffany Adcock
How are you so smart
Zaga Becker
I can se frisk at 1:27
Subree Keller
watched in 2017... lol MatPat just did not know what was coming. So young so pure. before he started playing banned!
Chuck Tessier
it the secret of life
Flor Rivera
It's not " S Sundee ". It's directly " Ssundee ". Just saying...
The Precomancer
do a game thery about roblox for no reason :3
i got this reading the poem the first time.
explosive cheeto77
lol I'm watching this in 2017
Cindy Serrano
Demonic Child
Maybe when you pass, is when you wake up to reality. I'm not saying to go kill yourself to wake up into reality it's just My theory.... don't hate me ;-;
Ryan Azorr
Pierce Walker
I didn't even now there was an end
gamer girl Z
slowly claps
Dood minecraft dus not END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!):(
Pepijn Arts
"its 2016! so lets start with a message of love amessage of hope"

most retarded thing i have ever heard
like saying hell is made out of icecream
Frost Blow
must be reality is place for thus weirdos
Freddie Armitage-Ward
little did he know that 2016 would be one of the worst years ever
WhiteWolfFang OfTheLeaf
I am seeing this 2017 anyone else
But... what are the voices?
Melanie Gaster
Who else is watching this in 2017 and laughing at how optimistic he was about 2016?
A Clark
yeah right a "Good Year"
ok then what is hero brine and notch for
Alec loane
This made me feel the same way I feel when my mother talks about quantum physics useless and shitty
Jason Frank
Markus makes games he isn't a theology professor or an astronomer what does he know about who the real world works when he's version of reality is what he made it to be, he is one of those people on a computer all day long making a program, no engaging in outdoors activities to say the players need to seems kinda ironic
Jason Frank
I'm sorry but minecraft is not equally important video games are a waste of time but to entertain us for a certain period off time the real world has problems that need solving , video games solve nothing but problems in them game not in reality, reality isn't a dream if it was we wouldn't die, death was cause by sin and Jesus loves those who reignite they have done wrong and want to repent for it , nobodie is perfect but spending more time on a video game than your family or a job or Faith in God is ridiculous
Jason Frank
ima Christian so I love minecraft because I'm creative and it reminds me how God created are universe more complex than this program called minecraft, human life and the Love of God is not the same as a computer program , it's not the universe talking the Universe in minecraft and real life are totally different and this ending is just breaking the 4th wall which is strange and not helpful at all
gherkin face
I don't know what I am anymore

I AM A GOOFY GOOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool cat
Who's watching this in 2017
Fincraft99 Gaming
who watched this in 2017? i did!
Mercedes Balicuatro
The poet is awsome
existensial crisis
Pikachu Scientist
Well this just make me see Minecraft in another way
Pikachu Scientist
Just ask notch oh wait you can't ;-;
Lukster Smith
Yeah Guys 2016 was great! Right?
Hamilton fan yass
omg I'm watching this in January of 2017
Melissa Menchaca
"It's going to be an incredible year" 😩
Dillon Renfro
that was deep
mario the fat italian
or cat god
William Nowell
My YouTube
Mat's the type of game to make a theory about Move Or Die.
Radek Jurczak
this is f!$^in deep!
Sakke Kivimaa
its 2017 not 2016
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