Game Theory: Minecraft's Ending, DECODED!

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When Minecraft first came out, players were confused about one thing...THE ENDING. Minecraft's ending is a 10-minute scroll of philosophical text that everyone either wrote off completely or LOVES to HATE. And I'll be honest, when I first saw it, I thought they were right. This weird, philosophical conversation/poem/mumbo-jumbo confused everyone and seemed all wrong for Minecraft, a game that technically is ENDLESS! But looking at it more closely, the ending of Minecraft hides an amazing story about the game, the universe, and how awesome WE are as gamers. After doing this episode, I'm a fan, and I think you will be, too.

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Rosalyn Bortner
I'm just saying...but can u not be inappropriate?
The Fists
I will never look at minecraft the same way again.
its 2017
Day & Jay 1337
You wanna now who's awesome

Read the first word
Nate plays Roblox

what is life 0.o
Kabir Khan
god and allah are the same, just in two different languages
Symboles Playz
i played minecraft since 2014
ddziuba 1045
in minecraft wii u I made freddy fazbear's pizza
Kellan The Melon
If u look behind the scrambled up messages that u can't read, u can slightly see a word behind it. I bet someone can tell mat pat what it is
Sal Pace
You CANNOT create anything you want in minecraft. I tried so hard to make a pentagram on the floor with skulls on each corner but , no matter how hard I tried, I could not.
crazycreeper 255
I'm 10 and this ending gave me confidence to make my game
William Mathew
ps anybody watching in 2017 like
William Mathew
i want the opening song as my ringtone
Jack Damien
"It's 2016, so let's start off with a message of love and hope!"

Me: "they had no idea what was coming...hehheh ha haha Ha Ha Ha Heh HEH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"
Nymphs Rock
Great theory man. Like it.
Betty Cole
the only end is your imagination
Just A Cartoon Lover
i actually did read the ending poem. I always thought the message was that theres always something bigger than you know going on, and its up to you to choos to discover it or not. either choice you make, the universe will be by your side
we have created infrastructure , we have created technology , we have created everything we need in our life ! that means we are everything we need even if we won't exist our creations will be left in memory of us ! next generation will remember us because of our creation that means we got everything we need in our life ! our creation live for billions of years ! the words which are scrambled and you can't read can actually be replaced with your creations and remaining one and be filled by the creation that you create from your old creation because the green one was asking that what we actually created from what for what and why ?! the next line said "he haven't reached this level of dream yet" but I solved it so that means I reached the level.... I finally understood this video
Sami Noren
Like hero brine and notch
Metalfan Linda
Who made us? Well let me answer that God did You may tell me no no that is fake! but no it is real god lived in the universe but is invisible god made the sun earth moon galaxy and more Thats how we are made god made us and no god was not jesus.
Kaede B.
This made me cry
Seth R.
The dialogue format and philosophical content reminds me of the Bhagavad Gita or Gandhi's Hind Swaraj.
zargo mik
can somebody do a compareing video for the old intro and the new one
Morgan Buckmaster
its almost 2 am but i sit here watching minecraft theories😂😂😂
Ducky MoMo
Ok... so wtf is the green man, the creeper?
Bros n Legos
who is seeing in 2017?
Jamie Greenberg
poor matpat, he thought 2016 was gonna be a good one
They had no idea what was going to happen in 2016. 2017 ppl might not either.
Gael Flores
Deep, and i knew some things u said gt
Kitkat gamer
what if your dreams are clips of the real reality but their past life's and we're living this life to redeem ourselves learn fix our mistakes and eventually return also I'm 10
kamil grzegorz
From building giant penises made of blocks to making a philosophy, this game deserves a 11/10
Cheeseball 1529
God I love these videos
Freddy bros gaming
it's 2017
Allalternate TRM
the way it's written also reminds me of the way Plato used to write. Remember the Allegory of the cave?
TheEnderMiner 2
Aah! You broke my brain!
When he said it was just a theory all my independence went down the drain...
xXForgotten Chara DreemurrXx
"there is no reason for living."
Chara Dreemurr
I may be from undertale but...
I love the end of Minecraft
Ted21 gameing
what if when you die you wake up from your dream
DJ Lucidia
yeah ok just layer on the existential crises
this is my third one so far
Deadman Inc
We have the power to do good as the human race but we decide abusr that power and act selfish..ignoring common sense..such as with tecnology like the internet or televison..a way to trasmit information around the world..yet we use it to attack others and spred false news, and before you attack me..think about it
Adrian Hartanto
Lol "get a life Minecraft sucks"
Lucapitas Hexaton
this literaly brings a tear to my eye
Ashley Messing
2017 for me
Lies, society dictates our life. Society has placed restrictions everywhere so that there is no such idea as freedom. The first amendment states that we all have the right to the pursuit of freedom, happiness, and education. I only want the pursuit of freedom and happiness, yet they force people to follow the third right. It states that we have the right to chose what we want, but those are all lies. But, maybe this is all just my nightmare, my nightmare of life. The nightmare that I can never snap out of, no matter how hard I try. I quit on this nightmare society calls "Life." Therefore, I no longer care about the impact of every single decision I participate in(MWI). Have fun in this terrible nightmare...
All Murder
Sees elephants on top of turtles, that's some Terry Pratchett right there
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