The iPhone 8 Model!

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The iPhone 8 dummy body - our best look at Apple's next flagship!

iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Say Nada by Shakka ft JME


Koi Norbert
Hello, i like your videos
Muhammed k 71
It's upsetting that apple has took away the headphone jack because not many people can afford to buy air pods etc
Jack Winter
I just can't see Apple doing that sensor bezel at the top like that... I don't know anything about the rumours so that might be set in stone but if they do go for that the S8 will still look a lot slicker in design. If they do the bezel I think it will be in black to match the display when it's off, even on the different colour options.
Naomi Alex
And to answer the Q: Hell nah.
Viktor Pasternak
I'm love in
Naomi Alex
That is NOT edge-to-edge......
Say nada, nada nada Na Na Na
Ali Raza
why does it look like my old motorola razr M?
Marques the type of nigga to apologize for fucking a girl too hard.
ImThe Acquarius
This is a fucking shit the iphone are famous for the button. Where is the fucking button?! I want the button!
LaLa LaLa
remember sony xperia
Zayla Larue
I'm sick and tired of isheeps saying omgggg iphone is the best sooo innovative man they can suck this big fat dick ol apple brainwashed niggas
Aaron Whyms
Marques Brownlee or EverythingApplePro?
Nigel Johnson
Maybe that frame on the screen will be clear? Idk, that looks pretty ugly lol
Alpha Legend
They bet not do that cartoon πŸ’©πŸ‘Ž
All the Apple vs Samsung talk... Show me the Samsung (or any Android) that gets official security updates for 4 years from the manufacturer. Samsung makes great hardware and shit software. Source: had Samsungs from 2012 until last year.
Bloomy Cookie
Joseph Stalin
Everyone's raging on about Samsung and Apple, meanwhile I'm quite happy here using my 2 year old Nexus 6p...
Yo great video !! . I was looking for your thoughts on the Essential Phone but couldn't find anything. Are you gonna be making a video on that, I would love to hear your input on it.
Ugliest thing I have ever seen.
Regarding fingerprints, they aren't really that secure anyway. Your phone is literally covered in them, they're easy to get and the sensors aren't that hard to fool. You're more likely to be secure with a good password than your fingerprint.
Please iPhone 8 is already obsolete before it comes out
Nurlan Omar
Global obsession on the bezelless displays...Yes, sure these phones look good but I appreciate software features more than doubtful design solutions.
Amico Bob
I work in apple store...this is not i phone 8, nobody can know the new i phone 8
Fatma Γ–zen
i will buy a samsung galaxy S8 plus 😜
yashaswini Hegde
If this is how iPhone 8 really gonna come out it would be crap and no body gonna buy. It looks such a crap. Some cheap plastic mobile Apple has gone nutts
Michael Mccloskey-Ooi
So many salty fan boys, both phones have their ups and downs and one will always be better than the other in some aspect. Some years Samsung will be ahead of apple and vice versa. Also other companies like LG may take the lead some day
Funderland TV
Anil Kumar
Yarr free me I phone 7
Dedo please haha
Joseph Midnight
Dude, i like your channel but please remove the snake man. I hate snakes. Many people do and this is a big deal. Enough to be a channel watch breaker.
Not a fanboy of either big brand but I swear to god when it comes to iPhone, you're paying for that fucking logo on the back and nothing more, overpriced shit. They are good phones, but still overpriced, and this is being typed from an iPhone 7 Plus before someone calls me broke.
It's ugly
Nice video, but I got autism fr0m th@t f1dg3t sp1nn3r
Adhiraaj Yo
In India we buy the iPhone for double price like iPhone 7 plus for 2400$$$
Dinkle Bot
anyone else notice the spinning fidget spinner?
Where can u find the clock in this phone?
I'm sorry but it's sooooooooo ugly
The iPhone 4 with the glass back is still my favorite design.
Wan Shah
Iphone is a fucking product.
Regret buying this fucking expensive shit.
Arthur Vincent Simon
LOL at the spinner
Thats gonna be a problem with people with full/hardcore make up on
Tom Tylaer
this snake is a life
Theres a fucking snake.
It's ugly
I have one question: when you looking a YouTube video on this panel in landscape, how it will look like with the iSight-Bar with auricle and co? You will always have a cut on one side. Maybe we are on the wrong way.
Pretty much an uglier version of "The Essential Phone"...
hamza m
the ugliest design ever
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