Outfield Players As Goalkeepers ● Penalty Saves and More

Outfield Players As Goalkeepers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and ect.

Rodri González
Name of song ? Pliss
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Come and watch my video ! It's crazy
WindowsTech21 Gaming & Tutorials
Luis Suarez XD
Azim AR
that last clip though...great banter
I think maradona would be a good goalkeeper if you know what i mean ;p
Ece Sevin
Football Players
hi guys
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post daily football players😊
Tefu Bruk
hahaha at the end realy funny
Durii 15
Jan Koler? John Terry?
BLVCKB0URN3 Original BF3
the spirit of real valor warriors in our time, heroes! Bravo!))
pacmandeboss IV
0:49 look at his face with the white
Brooke Miller
Suarez messi Ronaldo lewondowski and Rooney are my favourite players
Daniel Darch
i only liked this video because you showed how luis suarez is the biggest cheater in the world
Siege Freak
Felipe Melo 😍
lol..... ROFL
Hamdija Salli
nerman cessi i ronaldo i estva u barcu
Mueed Jamal
suarez is the best keeper .. any doubts ?
luthfi hakim
Barcelona kalah
1:05: referee should give red card to no.24 for hitting the goal keepers hand and yellow card for bad actor skills (holding face)
surya bale
love you suarez..... lol lmao
alawey vc 87
that's why kids you must have goalkeeper in a sub in fifa 17 because you don't know what the triangle button do
Niraj Magar
supop last 1 is the best dahahahahah
Julien Robin
Association along partner regard price rural.
Kelvin Lau
Suarez - GOAL KEEPER OF THE YEAR ... its epic
Jackrose Rodwell
suarez at part last. wkwkwk
LOL Luis Suarez xDD nice one
Hafiz Izuddin
Hahaha suarez
You can see the clickbait is photoshopped
luis gamer
Emre Subaşı
türkler burada mi felipe melo ❤
king pirates
wtf luis suarez
hans cabanillas petrelli
6:26 hahaha luis Suárez
Joshua Stevenson
Luis Suarez decided to use his hands and not his teeth
Rupendra Keisham
Suarez...LOL...HAHAHA HA
ayer bi a messi Carlo
en huk whas faqui huploblen niga
Labi Tv
Jason Carter
3 were pure skill everyone else was just fluke
William Colville
I was at the linfield one
anthony barreau
SiaGr 25
Xu Zhiang Ting
ฮาคนสุดท้ายว่ะ ทำไปได้
Robbie “H.B” Desiato
What's also interesting about the Niall Quinn one is, he had already scored a penalty before he went in goal. Making him one of a very few who scored one penalty and saved another in the same match.
How does every 'Luis Suarez' comment get over 50 likes?
Felipe Melo siker adamı
Edgar Donaire
last best save hàhajajaha
Vaisakh Radhakrishnan
that Suarez one was hilarious! 😂😂
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