Ed Sheeran Drops TWO New Songs - "Shape of You" & "Castle on the Hill" - LISTEN

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2017 is off to a great start and it’s all thanks in large part to Ed Sheeran, who decided to grace us with his presence in the form of not one, but TWO new singles. 
Well HEY THERE, Ed! Welcome back! We missed you! Stay awhile, will ya? 

After almost TWO whole years, Ed Sheeran has officially stepped back into the spotlight since releasing his last single, “Photograph” in May of 2015, and he comes bearing two new gifts in the form of music. Ed has been teasing lyrics and backtracks to his songs since last Sunday, and he’s also given fans not-so-subtle hints that his next album will be called Divide, following his last two, Plus and Multiply. 

BUT back to the music. The first track Ed released just last night, called “Shape of You”, is not your typical Ed Sheeran anthem. It features xylophone and synthesizer-like sounds, but it’s evident that Ed still stays true to his direct, up-front and sultry style of writing. Check it out:
And if you’re listening, thinking this track could also seem fit for artists like Sia or Rihanna, well, you’re not entirely wrong. Ed revealed during an interview with BB1 Radio that he originally had Rihanna in mind while writing the track…
On the complete other hand, his next single released, called “Castle on the Hill”, is one of those reminiscing-about-a-bittersweet-past-while-driving-down-a-never-ending-country-road type of tune, and judging by the fast-paced, but surprisingly soothing melody of this song, his forthcoming album is sure to keep us guessing… 
As the tracks were released on iTunes last night, Ed also took to Twitter to share the news, writing QUOTE, “Cause I’ve been away for a bit here’s two singles rather than one.” And it didn’t take long before millions, including his bestie Taylor Swift to instantly fan-girl over the track, as she took to Instagram to share a screenshot of “Shape of You”, writing in all caps, “OH MY GOD. OKAY ITS HAPPENING. EVERYBODY STAY CALM”, and that just about sums up how we feel.
As for even more good news, Ed also revealed during his BBC interview that the next time he decides to fall off the face of the earth and leave us all hanging, it will be much, MUCH shorter, like two weeks, instead of a whole year, in his words. 

But if a break is what he needed to come back with more music, then I’d say it was a well-deserved and much needed. Ed talked about everything he did during his year off, which included whitewater rafting, swimming with bull sharks without a cage, dipping his foot in a boiling hot spring, bungee jumping and taking a nose dive by being strapped to the front of director Peter Jackson’s war plane. 
And how he accomplished all of this without being recognized? He revealed his secret to staying undercover, saying, “I never really saw anything other than a hotel room, a venue and a bar while touring, so I wanted to go traveling properly. No one really cares about me in Japan. There are like two people that like me in Japan...I specifically picked places that I wasn't really liked.”

Well it’s safe to say Ed lived his BEST life last year, and we can’t really blame him because his new music is FIRE. But right now I’m curious to hear your thoughts on his two new singles, so get the conversation going right down here in the comments, and after that, don’t forget to click right here to check out a hilarious Parkour lesson on Beauty Trippin and as always don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and have a happy weekend friends. 

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Angeline Laval
by the way it's bbc 1 and not bb 1
Best Arianator
omg they played the song the day it was reliased in the supermarket how how how how??????
rianna g.c
shape of you is everything!
blah blah
yas Kingg 🔥👑👑🔥🔥
Lora Sheerio
Have you noticed that people who have been a fan for a while prefer MOSTLY Castle on the Hill, whereas people who aren't like Shape Of You better? They both are amazing it's just a conclusion I've come to after reading a few comments!
Neel Moradiya
when video Song coming of shape of you rather lyrical video please answer
Daniel Alejandro Martinez
"Shape Of You" mmm meh
Daniel Alejandro Martinez
"Castle On The Hill" is awesome :D
Meg Brannen
I love ed sheeran songs, they are awesome!
I love that the songs are so different from each other so everyone can choose which one is better... but I like both songs, even though they have different meanings..who else??
btw did a cover of castle on the hill 💚
valeria chirino
Omg! Those songs got me crazy!! This year and a half of hiatus definitely worth it #loveyoued
Lizzy Ajayi
ross kiernan
It's BBC
Joey wilson
If you put the single art beside each other it kind of looks like a penis. 🙃
Life of Ivie
I already love both songs😁
Jerry Novak
Ed Sheeran would be nothing without Taylor Swift. That's a fact. And he knows it.
سعد الهاجري
Stop putting "2017" in every single fucking video!
I'm like literally sick of this shit.
Emanuelle Faria
Are there places where people don't like him? Is that real? What is wrong with those places?
Gra Ce
BB1? 🙃
Yu Nakamura
i live in japan...i'm one of the two people...wonder who the other one is
Clay Brice
I'm sure Ed's fans are enjoying his new songs.
Crazy Goat_11
i like shape Of u...a lot
guy arianator
the thumbnail is interesting...
Lauren Avant
Alice Sampson
That Shape of You song got me on Snapchat 24/7
Sam Atkinson
copy paste ed sheran
Markie Winters
fleur boissevain
uhm photograph wasn't a single in 2015 it was just on multiply in 2014
King Mendes
Both are amazing 😍 My ears blessed...
Hana Belle
Now I just need Sam Smith to come back in the spotlight and share with us some new songs!
Frankie Cisneros
Just Some Pear
Nobody else noticing the shape of the thumbnail? 😂😂
Frankie Joe
the thumbnail is a penis i swear
Man Of Steel
Why did you turn Ed into a dick?
Lucy Tappenden
Castle on the hill is about his home town.
Thomas West-Naughton
Rebel _ Rocker _X
Hell yeah
Thank u Ed👍👌😎
abel van oirschot
Thumbnail looks like a dick
Eric Ventura
CAN I PLEASE MARRY ED SHEERAN 😭😭😭😭 on his next tour I WILL propose to him 💍💍
Wendi Contreras
I love Cheap Trills. 🔥
Ed SHEERAN was only 25 when he saved 2017
IRÈNE Michelle
I love this song 🎶🎵🎶🎸
Show Your Stripes
"Shape of You" has parts that sound like Justin Bieber's songs.
Bia G D
I love you Ed!!!!
We missed you dearly!!!!
And Emil, I'm happy that it was you making the video!!!!!!
Chason Wright
I seriously had no idea what happened to him. i thought he locked himself in rehab. Thank you!
Lauryn Olivia
Castle on the hill is WAY better as the acoustic version.
Jonah Morris
is no one gonna talk about the... Interesting shape of the thumbnail?
Cameron Dallas
I am buying his album because those songs are amazing.
Anna Flannery
I absolutely love these songs
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