LA LAura in La La Land

comedyparodyjono and ben

Laura Daniel and Guy Williams recreate LA LA Land

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jairo jose serruto lopez
jajaja eso no me lo esperaba
Ross Reyes
Brilliant, BRILLIANT
Dean Solofa
Underrated show and well done video! Good stuff! 👍👍👍
Frank Diaz
Hilarious great job
I love that they're singing in Kiwi accents.
Scott Jackson
I told you I don't know how to play the piano!
w ye
Ha Ha Land
lol you can see the camera crew in the car windows reflection
Jono Thon
I found this video annoying, please remove thank you.
julian wilson
Lala this show sucks, lala go back to Friday, lala go back to 10:00
William Timoti
Oh fuck a singing whale
Grace and tyla
lala land is my favorite movie
Trevor Ashman
SO funny 😂
Leeshy DuckDJ
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