Friendly Baby Fox!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets up close with an adorable baby Fox! 

While visiting Steve Kroschel’s Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska the Brave Wilderness team were privileged to meet many amazing rescued animals…one of their favorites was Lupin, an orphaned Red Fox. 

Lupin was as energized and as playful as they come, and she eagerly  entertained the crew for hours with all her pouncing and leaping while running in circles around the cameras!  

Get ready to get up close with one friendly baby Fox! 

HUGE THANKS to Steve Kroschel and his amazing team for hosting the Brave Wilderness crew and making this video possible. Please visit his website for information on booking a visit to his wildlife center today! -

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Tloves Wolfs
My dog always takes meh socks. One day I came home from school and took my socks off and put them next to me on the couch, then my dog came running and took the socks, I never saw the socks again 😅
Shiny Moon
got to love living up here in Alaska :3
Crystal Fox
I love foxes!!!?!!
Mohdnoor Ismail
i am a biggest fan of fox
What does the fox say?
Sara Ridley
do you get posin ivy
Doge Vlogs
This was so Cute!
I would of been screaming AWAPAPAPAPAPAPOW!
Wyatt Lyte
Alex Villasana
Awwwwww a cute fox
Priya Kez
Santa SB
Stop trolling foxes
carl tong
i always wanna pet one of those
Hey Vsauce! Michael here
aww it's so cute
Emerald cat gaming
That Fox is so cute :->
MagiK Solar
Is it just me or does he look like vsauce
Ray Nightshade
if i had a female fox i would name her Selkie
Stay alive
Da Sniper
1:32 Hmmm looks like a part from Jurassic Park
bobo plays
its so cute
cute fox
im gonnna put my boot back on...que shamless zoom in for product placment
Rhianna H
I thought you were in the wild
Come to Prince Edward Island Canada. Where you see 10 red fox a day and the odd silver
Lpspuglover 01 Mouse
I have seen a adult red fox walking through my Naborhood
Foot + Sock = ???

You suck xD
FlMc654 MCRF
"What does the fox say!!"

Fox: I'm not friendly, Im just doing it for views 😂😂😂 kidding
John Case
Coyote: Would you like to hangout with me?

Fox: Nope! runs away
ahmed shakir
that baby fox is so cute :)
Keithrelle Ferguson
Lucky Diamond
What dose the fox say? Kikikikikikikiki. Fox: no its Kekekekekekekek XD
Creepiest pasta
Anyone know the scientific name for a fox? I think it's vulpus something...
Crystal Khan
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Marie Marie
are foxes more dog or cat?
Me and my classmate found a baby fox smaller than that I think at our school OMG SOOO CUTE
Quick DAF
Meme Maker
so cute
Lucas Van Beelen
i m dutch
Renee Parish
I love Fox and red fox
Alexox346 | Gaming Channel
There are fox that live near my house, I use to see them all the time when I would go out walking at 2-4 am
cj gillispie
Dominic Mucci
i'm going to tame one
Louzekiel Henry
people drink that water stop please😭😭😨😨😠😠😭😱
I remember seeing a fox
Jennifer Nachtigall
Aicha Idrissi
that is ALL i have to say
Dishwasher Toenails
Watch out for that up smash tho
Melissa Clayburg
I love foxs
Rafał Wojda
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