My Thoughts on Sports

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"Meh" James says.
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A.J studios
Homerun? Basket? What's next goal?
Karen Marshall
Football is kicking a black and white ball soccer is not a game WHO FOUND YOUR COUNTRY AND GAVE YOU A LANGUAGE SO SAY IT RIGHT PLUS I am not angry at you james
RedBeryl 81
Because its the most Socially acceptable
Iver Grønningsæter Remme
2:54 thats exactly how my dad is
Tac Cat240
Mexico and almost all other countries call it football. Pretty much only America calls it Soccor.
Curtis Ngo
"smash your girlfriend" lol my favorite part
Marco Sanchez
1 58 a home run
Matea Garcia
I Love football🏈😁 but do not like soccer👺😈😒😒😒😒
Jpawesomeface Marando
0:57 the player on James team kicks it right to the defender 😂
Emily Wengertsman
I play soccer football basketball and baseball
Melody Shipp
Ha! I'm a eleven year old girl and I got three soccer balls to the face and one basketball to the head so there.
IcyTryhqrd is Life Beast
Pause at 4:03 its a meme.
IcyTryhqrd is Life Beast
But England is a city...
Cecil Mclean
Man I can rea late to James when I scored six baskets against a D2 basketball player . Then start thinking was he going easy
Creeper Craft
7:36 thx for adding tracer to the vid! :D
Its Jackie Perez
SOCCER!!!! (I'm not that good but I'll rate myself a 8 😑😑 )
Brendan Legault
I usually am last picked.
I'm sad now
Kamek the All star
your friend could just be excited
Danielle Essmong
1:41 wrong sport he said "Home Run!"
CraZy Taco
Eyyy i was the green team playing soccer when I was 7
M-mo-mom- MORMON!!!!11!!11!!!

oh brother James, don't foORgEt TO say GRACE!1!1!!1/

HGGMHMF... "grace"
The everything Channel
your soooooooooo right
Genevieve Smith
is he actually sexist because i wont watch another video if he is
natalie rose
Hey I'm from England
Shannon Law
And aren't you wearing a captinsparkles shirt
Shannon Law
Dude it's called a touchdown not a home run or basket
fangedcupid 02
You probably lost like 27173773 followers cuz of the English bit.... I DON'T SAY PIP PIP 😂😂
Gurkirtan Singh
I’m like you
Melon Muncha
I remember when i played soccer when i was 5 and all the other kids where like 8-10 and the problem with that is...8-10 YEAR OLDS HAVE LONGER LEGS! And i remember running as hard as my physical body could go and remember just chacing down anyone and think that once i caught up i would just tackle them to the ground and start narrling at there legs and then being like the all star of the team and go to Chuck E cheese..yeah that didnt happen i usually just kinda ran the wrong way half the time...
Or you have some other 3rd opinion
Some Random person
When I played soccer the first time I was goalkeeper I fractured my finger and the second time I was goalkeeper I bent the same little pinky finger backwards
Vitaliy Hrytsenko
tracer is there :)
Matthew Matson
I was about to order three or four but I think that’s for my shoot was a bit crapySeriously really got two calls that were sold for ternal my life so that was the worst time of my life I didn’t even like it at all
Manuel Reyes
England is my city
Matthew Matson
Are you still playing soccer at the Y am I hated it but Elyse I like to do and because you get all the snacks like someone get someone takes like you take turns to take a snack there and it was my turn to times the first time I brought some goldfish second time I brought like these little Spotify things that were homemade your nails that much
Why you be mean to us brits
lol over watch xD
I like soccer
Fuck you
Sophie Horse Rider
I don't watch CaptinSparklez (which I'm assuming is how it's spelled) I like to watch DanTDM, Albertsstuff, Flamingo and others!
Night Kitten
James feels what I feel about sports
Super rich rhino SRR
Super rich rhino SRR
Super rich rhino SRR
Im from England so dont call it stupid
Notice me senpai ;-;
Zachary Nolte
I have read all of loading artists comics and they are amazing
Pablo Lopez
Is ball wall a sport?
hey odd1sout im british
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