My Thoughts on Sports

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"Meh" James says.
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nathaniel hubbard
HA! you got hit by A_GIRL.

Bonus points if you get the reference :)
Aphmau Dairies Fan
for sports I was almost always the last I think I was 2nd to last time to be picked ONCE COME ONE ONCE
Rheanne Unicorn
This vid was inappropriate AF:-
The jersey number was 69
Oh and obv the last sentence
Cookie Nugget
I HAte Sports
Rhonda Willis
Sports put their heart into it
Lara Moretti
Kady Jazman 227
ew your a sexist!😣
IAmTheAlpha 1
Ha....haha......HAHAHA......physical education
The Untamed Devil
OMG i love that english accent. Best ive ever heard and im from England
3:42 you do have a captain sparkles shirt doe
(sunglasses and T-Shirt)
has your stuff arrived yet
just wondering
I'm also waitin for pt. 6 of end of the world to come out. WHERE IS IT JORDAN?!
I am watching all of your videos dude.
Jari Van Rooden
i have a friend that call micah but he hate soccer
SnowyDraws Snowy
When you get triggered by how un british that is but xD eh James can be forgiven
I can agree on sports can be boring but I love soccer and normally I do matches in the end I do next goal wins
The blue Pig
British that think American football is rugby and that think your good at rugby Ireland would have won the six nations just we had a bad year like we beat New Zealand a lot more than you and beat you this time in six nations
Elias Sjöbom
Ok James, i guess you went to sport complex with Tracer. That's weird.
Anormal Gamer
Don't like sports,don't play sports and never will play SPORTS!
Sinead Beel
is this your real accent? or is this an exaggerated accent you and I think also pwedie pie uses? I dunno...
Funkey Monkey
Ive played basketball, tennis and netball in my life so far and my favourite out of all of them is Netball. I played tennis for about 3 months, basketball for 2 and a half years and Netball for almost 5 years. But because of homework, I had to quit netball. If it wasnt for that, I would still be playing netball
TronCreeper PlayZ
kinda offended me when you said "when we left your lame country" but ok
catman 2002
was that tracer😂
Why so many Americans exaggerate how we speak sooo much?
My house teacher at my boarding school who is the 1st 15 coach, I was watching gaming videos and he walks in, says watching it is stupid and you should just play it. I ask him if I can bring my tv and Xbox and he says yea, next day he says no and sits down to watch soccer. I left that school
Thenerdyarts 102
I sometimes watch sports but yea but some are extremely boring..
Sparkly Purple
you actually are wearing two sunglasses right now
Aries thezodiac
dude, dude... are you a closet Stampycat fan? YOU AREN'T ALONE ANYMORE!!! hugs Stampyfan brethren
Blueberry Bob
1:23 got England wrong way round
izzy daze
Oh my God i had someone teach me about maths and now i have a Headache I wish you were my math teacher
Scott Smith
do you like the UK
Jesse Bliss-Rihardson
I'm in the UK
Nikis and Astra
David McIvor
Jesse Bliss-Rihardson
Full Dog
Oh blimey mate we have a chicky bugger here we do we do
Omg you called football soccer!?!?!@?!?!???????????????????????????????????????????? well im not england so it didnt apply to me :)
its not only England its the entire Europe. Its football all over Europe.
WW2 Soldier Gaming and other stuff
I can do a waaaaaayyyyyyy better British accent
Kale Vause
5:19 the shape oh his mouth tho
Jose Espinoza
Kingbob 195
I play football
Devin C.
When he was made the touch down and said "I made a home run." I was like "You mean you were play baseball then? Because is football you say touch down!".
Rosey Gold
Did anyone else just reputed the first @15 seconds of the video more then once?
I was the last picked and the first one to switch to the other team
Gamester 21
"I scored a home run! happy yell" Everybody who has watched some football facepalm
Drth Vrdr
2:57 I have totally seen that video before.. there's like spiders and an axe-zombie, right?
Carson CarCar
Wait I'm not sure thanksgiving is the celebration of leaving England...
Sammy cao
Unmmmmmmmm,do you not know how to kick the ball away?There is called a move in soccer call the head.You hit the ball with your head.You could've done that!
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