Dylan O'Brien staring at the camera, trying not to laugh

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Teen Wolf After After Show Cast Dare.
Dylan is 'dared' not to laugh for a whole minute and he fails.

He is so gorgeous 😍😍
The little noises he makes when he's trying to hold his laugh in is just
Started well.... but then started to lose it 7 seconds in.
Shanya Bensetti
my baby
Martina De Conca
Ok it's really hard to stare Dylan and don't laugh!😂
Naiyanna Montes
best video ever
S Parker
Rox the Fox
he blushes so easily
Starbucks Lover From The Badlands
Gewoon iemand
first second I'm out XD
Dora the pussyexplorer
I cant just plz fuck me
Roocketz ツ
omg stop licking your lips youre actually killing me
JayBun •
God damn I tried to do the challenge with him but I snorted half way.
Frida Berglind
I laughed... DARN IT
Mayli Parker
Don't worry O'Brien Yo me reí por ti xD
Anastasia Vladasovich
I rather have the sheriff in the beginning 😍
Emma Harris
I feel like we're staring at each other before leaning in for that perfect kiss. 😂💗
Solène Jrda
I laugh 2 second before the end 😂😂
Alexandra Kek
Aw, that was so cute!
LPS Emily
0:44 That smol noise is so freakin cute😂♥️
hahaha, just listen to this with your eyes closed! It's weird but hilarious.

P.s. You windin.....
IloveShaneDawson #shane
He tried so hard 😂😂
8 seconds in and he's already holding it in, ah he's such a cutie
i love Dylan
he is too perfect
Lisalisa B
Why he so cuuuuuute 😍😍😍
My_names_ abbster_xox
while watching this i had to force my self not to laugh😂😍
Bruce Wayne
Haha, why do I even try...
strawberry Cake
TheVentrix GT
yes i won
great escape
i love him
Beauty P.
OMG! He is just soooo cute! Everytime I watch this video I have to laugh! Sooo good!
Zuza Comello
omg i can't XD
I love how he always sucks and licks his lips 😂💖
Alyson Sinclair

just a dash of sexy oops overload

A sprinkle of adorableness * oops my bad I just put the whole bag in*

And a handful of just pure perfection. wait I just wasted the whole bag

That's how Dylan was created because my heart is melting right now like why does Dylan have to be so cute and adorable 🤤🤤😩yeah I love him he's mine forever NOBODY TOUCH HIM HES MINE😈😂
Jihanita Pink
i think i had just saw the cutest thing ever
Dalaa O'Brien
omg!😂his lips in 0:36
This is seriously the cutest thing ever.
Mackenzie Mendes
His eyes his lips his smile his laugh are just so adorable 😍♥️😭
Shaughnessy Crutchfield
in case you're wondering what I do at 3am on a school night
Jenna Arendse
This is the best thing I've ever seen in my life!!
This made me feel like he was trying to not laugh at me but couldn't help it because I'm ugly af
with headphones it feels like some asmr xD
Fangirl Skittles
smashes the replay button
karina garcia
its so hard for him not too😂😂
Caitlin Trueman
I tried not to laugh while watching him, then my mouth spurted some sort of noise and my mum asked what was I doing... Oops 😂😂
Mi parabatai es mejor que el tuyo
I'm crying omg!
vnt a
I wanna watch this video so bad but it will make him love him even more and it's hurtful because I can't meet him and have you ever been so desperate to meet (and marry) someone but you just can't so yeah i won't eatch this video
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