Conor McGregor Disses Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian

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Conor McGregor calls Blac Chyna a stripper and disses Rob Kardashian before his fight with Floyd Mayweather. 


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Cody Sray
fuck rob, his stripper bitch, floyds stripper bitches and FUCK the whole Mayweather "squad" such fucking lame asses. Mcgregor is a fucking legend and all these motherfuckers are mad because they aren't him and/or cant beat him
Chaplin Co
Lmmfao yo this kid is the exact definition of being a faggit without it having anything to do with being homo. Rob is a faggit lol. He probably bows down to the pussy
pita filise
black China s a hoe n ugly as fuk
Brandon Murphy
robs hat looks ridiculous
Brandon Murphy
That birch chyna is disgusting
she is a stripper
ROB is the fat Kardashian :( His sisters need to put him on a diet. He is embarrassing to them.
Davina Collins
you can't expect a person with such low moral standards to turn around and appreciate change and become a housewife rob your too kind.
Brandon Wright
McGregor is gay all man relate with him
NBA NBA Rich Moneyboy
conor has way more fans than these bums
Roxy Palma
definition of a piece of shitt. = black china.
Vincent Rosario
this niggers are always gold diggers.
hahaha, Rob has one that's gonna ruin his lifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ali Kombi
the prostitution cartel kardashians
Angry Wwe Fan
He dissed her I saw Conors shot as defense for Rob not a diss
icuhater numberone
As much as everyone wants to blame China, Rob has to take responsibility for his decisions. I'm sure he also wasn't the easiest person to be with. Both are responsible for the drama that is going on.
Ali Cina
why the fuck everyone is paying so much attention to a whore and a depressed fat cunt ?
Chaves Junior
damn rob cant get cant get rob πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚every nigga the slut got woops her lol
henry cruz
fuck the mayweather and fuck the kardashians!
Terra Incognita
Why do people give a f* about these celebrities lives? Who they sleep with, what jewelry or clothes they wear? Can they even do basic math or solve any real world problems? Very sad mainstream society we have.
Norris Jinglewilly
The Slut belongs in jail. It's theft, I've heard of people getting locked up for less than $100
fucking whore some get Rob a descent girl, not just whore evil, selfish, cunt, narcissistic, Men move out of America?
xavier wilson
Rob has more money than Connor. Nuff said
Nicholas Castillo
Get rid of her simple while you hahaha nah u don't get that part u idiots what u think
God fucking dam, that is one ugly woman. Blac Chyna, what a fooking mess.
Sal Alfda
Wtf did I watch ??
Hoes , thugs and niggzzz ohh fuck my life
Reyes Ebana
this boy is content with the coin he Wil get after losing by Mayweather πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„!!!!!!😚😚
What's the name of the reporter? She is so sexy
Muamet Seitoski
chyna a hoe she not done yet lol
Random Dude
rob needs to kill himself
pause exactly at 1:51 lmao
that bitch look nasty
This bitch reporting this bullshit needs to get a life.
Haahhaaa look at all the pussy Mctapout fan boys follow like bitches to whatever mcquitter says what a pussy talking shht to a female .cant wait till mayweather beats his ass (rude awakening)
Sonny Patel
Haha! Caption said Floyd bunny mayweather. So true!
sassy lovee
he probably hit her for being a hoe. I don't think anyone's interested or cares about this family making another stupid reality show go away we all know how this family became famous and chyna is a pole whore nothing new or exciting
By'tl Solomon
if mcgregor a rapper .. he be Eminem ... if Eminem a fighter he be mcgregor
Yaqub Tareen
Haha bitches always they give them house key.....never lol
Fuckin Small Head Bitches And Weasel's........ 49-1 O.K......... Fuck Those Black Kardashains Weasel's..............
Fresno Madera Line
conor what to say mayweather can't read!! nigga speak english you flook lol
49-1. The baddest man on the planet is an Irishman.
Marvid Eladiv
That's what Rob Khardashian whole whorish clan deserves another dirty skanky whore Blac Chyna. Sleep with whores you get a venereal disease and she took his money. Damn fool for the love of stank punani.
Miner Roby
Chyna is a Nicky Minaj wannabe
the mutherfucker
blac chyna is a fuckin reptile it sounds like all sorts of guys have been hanging out her
McGregor is too classy for kardashians. shouldn't have brought them up
Tdot 416
most necessary story of the day my ass bitch. there are kids diying of thurst. And hunger...
jill joe m
Rob screwed up bad having a baby with a whore... stuck with black chyna in his life what a curse
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