Introducing Sylvester Stallone's daughters Golden Globes 2017

sylvester stallonegolden globes2017

Title says it all

Judith Friesen
Kick Ass Dress!
Finn Phillips
consensus gun terms isfhcff civil thanks cow its pocket
Angela Santos
Sorry,then she a spider!!!
Curtis Osborne
Don't compare them to the kardashians they are nothing like them for 1 they seem to be natural not surgery enhanced
lol this woman is crazy for sex, just look at her dress, it looks like she tried the most she could to appear naked
Don't Usually Comment
What was the point?
Andrew Semple
This is disgusting, if they want to be known, they better work for it like everyone else.
omg !! she is so goergous
Angela Santos
This idiot i wonder how she reads her lines in the show.Anal hahaahahah!!!!
Ilang Ilang
man..was Jimmy s mind quick workin those incoming jokes...
Just skip to 00:44
Pototo Rolon
It could be worst. They could be Kardashians.
kevin garner
shes got the best tits ever.
ladida smith
that's was stupid...anal anus, where's the class gone???
Dhm Free
Anal tradition lols 😂
love her earrings
Ha Ha....I thought it ment his daughter has golden globes
Left Anti PC
She can anal me anytime she wants.
Miki Vega Tendo
ass*** don't know a f*** about these girls and already started talking shit about them... you gotta be very miserable to be like that
Miki Vega Tendo
Geesh Sofia, no class !
Anal traditions.... lol
Javier Rico
jajajajajajaj una tradición anal
As the Church Lady (Dana Carvey) would say: "well, isn't that special. "
رقص ممنوع 2017 Forbidden Dance
I have to admit I would love to handle those two golden globes. Sofia is so dam hot. She is how a woman should look.
Steve C
awkward even for her.
Jason Lee
Hey look. 3 future gold diggers.
wall street
she guess she likes anal...
Aye yo Adrien.. Can I funk your daughters?
Robert Ontiveros
i love you alot my wife sofia pegusus
Such a weird fucking tradition, why do they keep it up
Adi Adrian
Well...that was awkward...i could fuck the middle one thou
Mark Andersen
Sophia's shtick is getting old.
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nepotism at it's best. these roles of lowly staff never even mentioned, but when it's someone's kids they get a 'thank you'? ffs
WTF??? Sorry but why is that? So we should invite all kids of all famous each year now?? I don't get it.
Johnny Bravo
So what is their talent exactly?
drb 2
eat some food
amanda davis
That was it? That's all we see of them?
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