McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Pretend Play Food! Cash Register Hamburger Maker French Fries Shake

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McDonald's Happy Meal Magic Toy Pretend Play Food with Ryan ToysReview! Ryan's Family had a family fun time playing with Vintage Classic McDonald toys for kids! Great pretend play food for children because kids can pretending to prepare food for Mickey Mouse and Cookie Monster! Vintage Mcdonald's Hamburger Maker toy that turns peanut butter,cereal, and Nilla Wafers into DIY Mcdonald's yummy Hamburger food! Ryan also feed pet shark McDonald's Food Cheeseburger and Cookie Monster eat food too!It's a fun kids toys that let kids make "real" McDonald Food French Fry with households ingredients like bread, sugar, and cinnamon! Vintage McDonald's Shake Maker toy that turns Jello pudding and Milk into DIY McDonald's shake chocolate or vanilla! The happy meal comes with pretend food hamburger, French friends, and Disney Cars Surprise egg! Watch to see which Disney Pixar Cars was inside the chocolate egg surprise! Ryan made a special gross shake with Oreo and gold fish. 
This pretend play electronic cash register toy for Kids is so much fun! The Electronic Cash Register toy comes with realistic lights and sounds!  Great Kids Video for Children who loves pretend playing with food and make real food snack!

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