Boyfriends See Their Girlfriends Without Makeup

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“To never wear makeup again!"

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Licensed via Audio Network
Licensed via Audio Network

Makeup brush and pink blush powder splatter
Anthony Lee/Getty Images

Made by BFMP
Madison Willow Kaiser
Peter Louis Shaw
Danielle Banks
William Jerry

Kimberly Steel
damn my crush would literally ignore me if he knew what's my real face with out make up 👌😂💔
Gurl, the blond guy is gay and probably a bottom, my gaydar is beeping to the moon and back
get the chicks that wear 10 pounds of makeup
Kio Kimberly
I think they see their gf without makeup in the shower together or after shower s*x
i that women put on make up!!
Lyrical World
When she's not comfortable with you yet
Abby Ibarra
Owen Wilson?
naomi cawley
they had barley no makeup on anyway so like there was no diffrence cause they barley had ntn on to take off
Bob Valentine
What ths Guys never seen ther Girlfriends without Makeup? that's BullSh3t
Play Me
This ds so offensive to people who look the same without makeup and thats me :( (this is a joke chill jeez)
luna müller
the dark haired man is so cute and nice
are they like 3 days together? When you`re in a realtionship you sleep at each others house or even live together? Can someone explain this to me? I find it really weird that they never see them without make up. It`s not even a big difference...
Lewis Heywood
@juliusdein yo that's madison
Laura Jimenez
Is this even a video
Mustafa Alotaibi
My brathers wife has acne scars she never show up in front of him without makeup. My brother told me that she get up an hour before him just to put makeup. even my brother don't now why she is taken it so serious they both love each other and he know she has scars so what?
Amanda Camargo
i'm really surprised that their boyfriends never saw them without makeup. are a lot of relationships like this? i leave the house every other day without makeup just because i'm lazy. however, if someone wants to wear it every day, i think that is completely fine...personal preference.
Omerta Chenkual
i thought this was a BuzzFeed video...
Coco Conteh
1:26 god bless her boyfriend 👏🏾
Coco Conteh
I'd expect boyfriends to see their girlfriends without makeup on numerous occasions🤔 how they just now seeing their girlfriends without makeup 😮
Latrice Hart
I'd like to see Nikki tutorials boyfriends reaction to her without makeup
Siva Jnana
My boyfriend loves my face without make-up. He won't kiss me if I have lipstick on! He thinks I look more beautiful without it but I don't feel I am beautiful without my eyebrows enhanced and eyelashes long!
Chloe Dickenson
my boyfriend hates my makeup... I DON'T CARE
Belle Maxwell
Go William 😍
Livid Monster
n today i saw that Madison gal dating Julius 😂
Tiffanie Boehler
Love the idea of this, as well as what the guys had to say. However, I must say the truth, these two women are very lucky and happen to be women who do not look much different at all without their makeup. How about redoing this video a bit more realistically with women who actually do look vastly different without their makeup. Show me some TRUTH.
first last
Okay but does the white girl have an Adams apple?
they be lookin gorgeous with and without makeup and i be lookin crap af
NeoN Atary
beautiful ladies and gentlemen ♥
bailey buddy
this is honestly so awful😂
Mandy McCullough
my boyfriend sees me without makeup everyday....
Philippa Levitt-Harwood
I mean like both guys are punching above their weight so like I don't think they had a choice in the matter but to find them beautiful (and they certainly are, I wanted more of a change)
squishy cosby
Danielle didn't look any different without makeup
AeYeon Park
William is soooo sweet😍❤️ u girl is so damn luckyyyyy 😍
Juliann Nicole O'Donnell
They both look the same and still beautiful
Juliann Nicole O'Donnell
5 months damn that's a while but good for you I guess lol
Juliann Nicole O'Donnell
2 months I guess is one thing....
Juliann Nicole O'Donnell
they're boyfriend/girlfriend but hadn't seen each other without makeup........?
Naomi Laxton
so why is buzzfeed called boldly now ?
sigh niyah
bro I don't even wear mascara
Bear And Friendz!
They look the same 😂 pretty
Chynna Rodriguez
i never saw my boyfriend with make up..what's wrong with him..
Jadyn Calhoun
So they met at a pool party in vegas but you've never seen her without makeup?? That doesn't add up...
Mya Johal
The worst examples u can find, I can show u some girls who wear makeup and if they had no make up they would look nasty.
Gesine Müller
wait... i thought this was a parody
I have really really bad under eye circles, tear troughs and freckles. I don't think I can ever do that. cries in the corner
angel an gel
"Can you feel my presence? where am I?"
"Right here." points to opposite direction
Hazim Hilme
I'm pretty sure that the white girl named madison is Julius Dein's Ex gf . What in the heck is this world is sooo smalll !
Grecia Rodriguez
They should of picked girls who wear a lot of makeup. These girls didn't even have much makeup on to begin with
The black guys speech👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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