Boyfriends See Their Girlfriends Without Makeup

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“To never wear makeup again!"

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Licensed via Audio Network
Licensed via Audio Network

Makeup brush and pink blush powder splatter
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Made by BFMP
Madison Willow Kaiser
Peter Louis Shaw
Danielle Banks
William Jerry

Isabella Quijano
The thought of you being single rn😭😭
Harvey Hewitt
What happened to her eyes though she looked like she'd been awake 60 hours or something
민은화 ; HOPE
literally the first few weeks i was dating my boyfriend he saw me without makeup 64926482 times lol and nowadays he insists that i go out without makeup or at least v light make up bc i look so "unbelievably gorgeous" without it (which is adorable tbh), so i was really surprised when I saw this video like do westerners not show their bare face to their partners for a long time??
Natalee Denlinger
The blonde guy is gay. 😂
Freaking Lola
How do

Grand Theft Auto Expert
Omg Every woman would be a troll without makeup
mjalla balls
Whats the difference?
Taina Joseph
😑<--- THAT. is my facial expression for this whole video
Gabriel Fransson
That brother is smart and Educated, probs to you ma man!
Sam Vad
The white couples relationship is so sad
"Over there"
Rufaida Zaman
they didn't break-up..... mature BFs... Gr8
Jerome BMG
If you haven't seen her without makeup that's not your girlfriend
Your Snape
This is so sad and cringy at the same time....
Carnage Viper503
*Returns engagement ring
Naomi R.
My boyfriend thinks I look cuter and hotter without makeup which doesn't make any sense.
These are MEN
Nagito Komaeda
(Before you read this, I want to explain that I didn't write this because of the people in the vid, I just felt this video would be a good place to post this and get to have some discussions with people who read this and are on the same page) God, so many relationships are so superficial it's actually sickening. When me and my boyfriend met, we met through a friend and we honestly weren't even interested in eachother, but we exchanged numbers so we could all set up another time to hang out since we all had fun together and after about a week I decided to talk to him and know more about him since we had become friends. It wasn't until we started talking and really got to know eachother's personality that we fell in love. We've been dating for a year now and everything's been so amazing since we met. But I sometimes have to remind myself not everyone is like us and I get so pissed when someone breaks up with my amazing best friend just because their ex found what he thought was a hotter woman. You could literally put me in a room full of what most people would call the most attractive men and women, and I'd ignore them all. The same goes for my man. I just wish the majority of people in the world prioritized personality over looks like we do.
Yasser Salem
If only women can be as supporting as the men in this video.
Patricia Sasmita
They're fake couples. First of all, the blonde one is gay. He has to be. Second of all, the blonde girl is Madison Willow. There's no chemistry whatsoever between the couples. This is Buzzfeed. They're unreliable.
Emilie Canale
What the fck is this? Why does this matter?!
Cassidy The Cat
Peter looks a little like Keith Urban
F. Joel Price
Oh wow, I actually know the guy at 0:18! Worked on a thesis film project with him, which I directed. Didn't expect to see him here lol.
Ronnie's Box XD
William is a real blessing!❤
Next video: "Boyfriends see their girlfriends revealing their penises for the first time"
I hate it cause every days that you shouldn't be insecure about anything (for me it's acne) but at my school every one is VERY judgmental and that drove me to wear makeup. I mean I also wear it FOR ME but I was bullied for having bad skin so I guess I just have to wait till I have clear skin again to be free. (and please don't say "I bet you're beautiful without makeup" or stuff like that cause I hear it all the time and then when I don't have it on people talk bad about me)
Aw they're so cute 😂😭💕
0:10 a poo party? Dirty bastard!
mae I-/
what's their skin care routine
PrincessNikki Freeman
I literally met my bf without make on
Chad Alan Fan Page
I don't like wearing makeup I look pretty without it too and also you..... exept if your a boy😐
Celine Duskpaw
The blond girl isn't pretty bro...
Diwas Rai
Hey it's Madison from that magic guy video, she's got a great laugh...
Kathy Tham
Don't show girls who are already pretty without makeup. Show girls who are very very different without makeup
Musher Lyrics
emily k
Make up is deceptive & most men don't want to touch your face and get paint from your face on them.Make up is made from disgusting animal fat & chemicals.
Sanchiitaa Tiiwaarii
Everyone needs to understand women don't do makeup to please men. Personally, I believe I am more confident when I put the makeup on but I can survive the day just as confidently without one. And I surely hope it's the same with most women out there.
eitan or-shahar
The blonde couple is so awkward
nisrine #morroco
i think they sleep with make up
Some chicks wear A Lot of makeup..... and it is surprising to see for the first time. That would have been a better video.
Carlee Bell
i think the blonde guy was gay,
The blond pair look and speak like a couple of Criminal Minds unsubs.
Lucy heartfilia
they never saw their girlfriends without makeup!?My boyfriend always sees me without makeup
Grace Kouvali
Can't believe they have never seen their girlfriends without make??!
Mary Tith
I hardly wear makeup and when I do my boyfriend shock. All women are beautiful with or without makeup.
Ann Kular
The comments on here are actually making me lmao. 😂😂😂😂
Harold Edward Styles
People complaining about why they didn't see their girlfriends without makeup before, well it isn' easy for some people.
I wear make up every single day,even when I go to the beach. It is because I'm so insicure about my congenital eye bags that I don't even let my girl friends see me without make up. It's Always a struggle for me.
The funny thing is that I feel extremly pretty everytime I put my make up on, that it boosts my confidence but at the same time it makes me feel super insicure when I don't have it on
If I had a boyfriend, he would probably have to wait untill we get married to see my bare face
Jimin 4life
So they haven't shown their bf their raw face? makes you think about their honesty 😑
Eva Renée
Course that the couples were two different races
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