Boyfriends See Their Girlfriends Without Makeup

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β€œTo never wear makeup again!"

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Licensed via Audio Network

Makeup brush and pink blush powder splatter
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Madison Willow Kaiser
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Danielle Banks
William Jerry

Majesty Daniels
It would be different if they had skin problems. They have normal, perfect skin!
mckinzie benvenutti
I've been with my man for over 6 years, we even have a 10mo old! and he's never seen me without makeup. Even in the hospital, i had my mirror and makeup bag right by my side. I just like to put as much effort into myself as i can for my man ^.^
Craigs List
On a scale of 10-10, how gay is the blonde guy in the blue shirt?
Black girl look the same the white one looked so different
Christina Goetz
John Sanders
You can tell the white guy wasn't very excited when he saw her without makeup lmao
Eloise Awesomeballs
My title would be more like "Boyfriend finally see's girlfriend with make-up instead of bare faced in plain sweats and ketchup stained T shirt."
Thi Tran
I don't wear makeup because I don't have money and I look the same with or without makeup if u don't want to be judge find the right guy
Now let the blonde chick see her closet ''boyfriend'' without makeup.
Laura Fox
I love both these couples. How sweet!
Emilee Mullings
the black girl was BEAUTIFUL without makeup!!!
Nady U
This is fake...I can't believe did never ever saw them without any makeup! What kind of relationship is that???
Katarina Child in Time
First girl is the sameee, she is goals.😱😍
Farid Abou Rached Abou Rached
The white girl was the magic guy
0:18 Girl bye, that is a powerbottom.
Regina George
Black girl looks the same like what changed
The blonde guy reminds me of Ryan from The Office
little winchester amazingbatbabe
So this is boyfriends see girlfriends without mascara
Skyline Music
The black couple has amazing skin. They are literally going to look 30 when they are 60. Both women look beautiful without makeup.
Jessa Mae Tantuan
The black one i beautiful with or with out make up :)
Sara Kathryn
me: *removes his blindfold*
him: *screams and falls backwards out of chair*
Xanteriasab Gazer
Cute reaction from both guys
Double sisters
1:21 FAKE SMILE!! The man in SHOCK
Kelsey Norris
Don't think this is genuine relationships the white girl was in a different video with a different bloke on Snapchat with the video things and she was with a different dude lol
Ala Ali
I never wear makeup even lipstick and my husband isn't like
sue carrigan
omg what a shallow world we live in, i wear make up not through choice but through necessity
That1EmoBand81 :D HAII
I never wear makeup it's just weird for me last time I tried cat eye and let's just say it didn't turn out well .... πŸ˜… I'd say I don't need it but that's my opinion and if a boy doesn't like me for who I am he ain't worth it πŸ˜›
Nancy Welsh
Where's the "women see their boyfriends without a sock on"😈 their package.. You know since they put a sock there to appear like they're more bigger.
sunshine around the world
The black girl look like same with makeup or without makeup.......🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Ramona Luputan
Ellas apenas cambiaron en algo y apenas usan maquillaje, me esperaba otra cosa xd
just v
i swear i couldnt even tell that the black girl took makeup off so beautiful
Anand M
its horror
molly smith
That is Owen Wilson
Emma Rose
I never wear makeup unless its lipstick and people call me hot 'n' cute so be urself and people will love you for who you are ❀
loool if a guy sees me without makeup he’ll probz run awayπŸ˜‚πŸ‘‹πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
Meghan Larson
NannyEm& BabyLevi
I remember my daughter telling me a funny story how she would set her alarm an hour before getting up so she could run to the bathroom and put her eyebrows back on and get back into bed before her boyfriend saw her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think when you get older and have more confidence then you don't care about your partner not seeing you without make up, because as you get older you realise that MEN prefer us without all that crap on our face anyways.
Asfaque Khan
1:24 she looks same...
Pop Corn
Ok, they all look the same!
Liz Ramirez
at first it says BuzzFeed at the top but lf you look at the channel name it says boldy like what!?
Juliet Roar
So weird.... my boyfriend sees me without makeup all the time. Why would it be so shocking?? ahah, read some comments saying maybe they don't live together and haven't been together for long. Well this is supposed to happen at the very beginning otherwise don't be shocked if they wont recognize you without make up.
Bored Every Day
They looked exactly the same. They are BEAUTIFUL
Omg the first couple was so cuteβ™‘
Kay Ojeda
Why is this such a big deal? If he's serious about you he won't care what you look like without makeup. My boyfriend and I were best friends before we got together and I worried more when he was a friend than a boyfriend shouldn't matter.
Alexandria Hackler
William ur right
Adiba Al Homaizi
Their reactions were adorable!😭❀️
Ayushi Gandhi
Honestly I don't understand all these make up videos. Like over here in India make up is just for occasions and not so much for daily routine. It's more about just how you look naturally. Even though more and more women have started to put up make up here too... I hope that natural part of India doesn't go away
valentina salomon
this is all fake, the blonde girl was on another segment on a different video with some other guy she said was her boyfriend. yeah ok
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