Alt-Right Youtube Drama Queen Attacks Innocent Feminist Just Because She Is A Strong Woman!

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April Beaudelaire
Laci green is ruining the image of feminism
Anything to discredit Laci Green. Everything about her is irritating.
Jaiya Papaya
She sounds like someone who can toss out criticism but not take it back.
The Bleachening
Apparently for SJWs, anyone they disagree with is now alt-right.
Lou Lenehan
Laci Green is the personification of perpetual victimhood.
William Nelson
Fuck Laci Green.
Lamiae Saidi
Why am I surprised that this video is anti-Laci! Hello Defranco is as hypocrite conservative as america gets!
Tony Farrish
Laci Green is looking like she has a chunky girls face these days. She must be eating while depressed a lot more.
Mr. Legend
she is a bitch
lisa ryder
she dosent use others as thumb nails, she is standing in front of them clearly in her thumbnails so this showes she is clearly the creator the other girls thumbnails just show a picture of someonelses work so it s not clear
Mr. Obvious The Fifth
DeFrance the alt-right knight. He is the savior of white supremacy. Long live superior whites. Fuck the nigger slaves like Obumer. #TrumpTheBest
Zarth Kade
ohhh laci. such an idiot.
Fyr3 St0rm
Y'know I had to look up what alt-right meant the other day because I keep hearing youtubers I like getting called it and I gotta say, I don't think even half of the people I've seen or heard called alt-right has even been republican.
Laci is profoundly ugly
beth98362 R
It got more of attention for all of you... didn't it?
PhillyD has to be the most rational person on YouTube. I love it when someone makes an outrageous claim against him and he just effortlessly shuts them down with his classy words. Lol!
Giana Francescon
Operator K
I don't know how people can take Green seriously when she cusses and can't even make a coherent tweet. nothing wrong with cussing but using it as a replacement for actual substance which could provide a footing seems weak and unintelligible.
slitherlyhawk4 444
lacigreen comes from the planet moron7563 where theres many other idiots and trans genders and she moved to planet earth and now shes trying to spread her idiot spree
Katie Greason
What happened to that bitch to make her hate men so much? Feminism now is just reversed; its man-hating. Fucking stupid and hypocritical.
But Philip.... she's a modern feminist.... criticism and pointing out facts ARE attacks to them!! It causes almost everything they say to utterly fall apart.
I mean at least she's hot right
David Hamilton
laci seems like a demented, butt stupid moron to me..
dAAm this lacy green is turning into an ugly hog pretty quickly. I always knew she would not be able to keep up her youthful good-looks for too long.
zain tahir
if you go to a laci green video, randomly pause it at any time 5 times and each time her face will be annoying as fuck
When civil war breaks out there will be no feminists, gays, trans, and other heterosexual male hating freaks. They will suddenly all remember that there's only 2 genders and that the Patriarchy is natural order of things. FACTS.
Syed Ali
Thumbs up if you have no idea who Lacigreen is
bru numzy
lol that's coming out of no were but ok ? lmfao i lost it lol
Templarkiller Gaming
Yeah people hate russia because of the government, but Russians are awesome people
Templarkiller Gaming
I agree that the cop should be punished, but it's dumb when the criminal is rewarded, because the criminal is still a criminal whether or not the cop is too
Just a smidgen of autism lol
Laci Green is NOT "Alt right"
Bree Vestal
Laci green is the one who brags about having HPV and genital warts. Awesome.
Cedar Lay
Feminism is cancer
John R
Defranco you talk WAY to much repeating yourself OVER and OVER. I had to stop watching at 4 minutes.
Green is trash. Show the Facts and move on. You responding as if the ALT - Right is bad when you ARE ALT - Right.
YOU give power to the TERM ALT-RIGHT being a Negative thing when YOU defied yourself as NOT ALT-RIGHT.
Alt-Right is ANYONE who stands against the Leftist Fascist. So you are ALT-RIGHT.
Brett Wright
At what point does too many moral objections become a moral objection?
Mandalorian Warrior
wow Laci attacked Philip??? oh laci you stupid bitch. XD
Rory Triscuit
Alt-right? LOL what!? That is one of the last terms I'd use to describe Phil. Oh my goodness. I've always liked Laci but I'm realizing it's been a long time since I've watched her show. Even this video is old. Jeez, I've got some catching up to do. (Which is why I'm here. Phil is so great for catching us up on all the drama.) Edit: sWooZie is also amazing.
Brouhaha Ma
Watch out, you've called out the police. I literally had to leave the country for doing that. They'll come for you, Phil, I hope you have private security.
Lacy Green is yet another snowflake who dishes shit out but can't take it. if Philip is Alt-Right she is needs to look up the definition but rules or definitions don't apply to the left, they base everything on FEELINGS and they FEEL ATTACKED thus can do anything they want in return including everything they claim is wrong for others to do.
Video What
I absolutely love he she says Phillip is "attacking" her. Are you joking? See that's why people don't like SJWs. They're sooo pompous that they feel they can ruin someone's life over one comment or word or whatever, yet when someone even hints at disagreeing, "omg you're attacking me." Bla bla. Ultimate hypocrisy.
tristan m
Getting so tired of the YouTube drama
Alex Everett-last
"I mind my own business"
You're a feminist, Laci. Your entire life is devoted to not minding your own business...
Loki Ro
Came back to watch older videos.... The defranco gets so much hate
Unicorn poop
It's mind boggling that a person like Laci Green has so many subs. I guess there are a lot of below average intelligence people in here to make it possible, but still 1.5 million people being schooled by a moronic,average-looking, no good for nothing whiner makes me shiver. Come on. Is this what we have devolved to?
I've been aware of you for years and watched some videos here or there, but just recently subbed. I've been checking out random videos and watched the "SJW Hawaiian Bobblehead" video before this and was a little worried that you dismissed all of feminism because of people like that (and this). Relieved to hear that isn't the case.
Just Some Guy
I'm late who won?
Can't seem to sleep so I'm just re watching PDS and eating cheesits. Don't even care about the news but love your personality bud. Keep on keeping on
Laci Green is a mutant. Ignore the paint licker.
CaramelQueen Gaming
I knew the first few 15 seconds I saw her on that science video I knew I didn't like her.
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