Alt-Right Youtube Drama Queen Attacks Innocent Feminist Just Because She Is A Strong Woman!

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Chili PumpTheFunk
Meanwhile roaming millennial channel has blown up!
She small YouTuber has a multi racial background, so is Laci a racist?
Roaming Millennial is better than Laci anyway.
Brendon Mize
Roaming Millenial is NOT AN ALT-RIGHT Drama Queen. She can't possibly be by definition. And fuck you if you do not agree with me.
Jack Hasten
Fast forward to today and she left the movement to bang chris ray gun with totalbiscuit joining the cult shortly after as if stricken with a sudden bout of leftist bullshit syndrome :3
interesting looking back on this after Laci came out of her echo chamber, she probably would no longer call Phil alt-right
Hays Talley
fuck off, laci
Rajiv Pariagsingh
Plot twist, got on a alt right Dick. And all feminist buddies lost thier shit and cast her hypocritical cunt out of the cult of feminism.
E McKinnon
Love rule #3
Euan Fred
I love roaming millennial
Alexander Bjerkvik
Tuesday? Its Sunday!
what me worry
if there is a definition of a centrist it would be phillip....
Empathy Lessons
Wow, looking at this in 2017....
Thanks Obama
Matthew Engel
I'd let Laci watch me pound that gorgeous roaming millennial
Pablo Martinez
Fast forward today, Laci has become more tolerant towards different viewpoints, and is friends with Roaming Mil.
Chris Reitmann
Lacie Green made me cringe in every video I've seen her in. She showed up on a science-related channel and somehow made an unrelated topic about patriarchy. She's not strong, she's irritating.
Lisa L
I can't stand Laci Green. She's a moron who makes every tiny thing into a huge issue. I would be too afraid to talk to her because she might be triggered by another woman who doesn't get offended very often and I laugh at sexist jokes.
Eder Rabanales
When Phil said this all non-chalant "You're own hypocrisy..." 😂I busted out laughing.
Erin Jean
She dates an alt-right asshole but okay.
KA Suverkrubbe
YOu are alt-right? Since when?
Hoehner Tim
Is Laci storing up nuts for winter?
Franky Daniel
Lacy green is a class act. Not
Franky Daniel
No talent skank
Mr. Brightside
Not sure why laci called you an alt right asshole? There are people who actually go after her who are apart of the alt right like armor skeptic
Look a laci NOW!!!

Gerald Garcia
She's a hypocrite
and then she choked on a ray gun, it fired into the back of her throat and hit the switch that turned her brain on.
Lisa Marie
Laci Green is unwatchable. She is so disrespectful and lacks common sense. If anyone wants to know what a snowflake is just listen to her. I'm alt right ... is that supposed to be an insult?
king reaper2211
I knew she would say his a sexist
Joe Dillman
like the bible...
TerminalMontage [Jeremey]
Surprising to see Laci green now, almost a year later.
Tom SelleckBeatz
phil is johnny cage laci is goro = DESTROYED!
Laci Green always annoyed every bodily fluid out of me, bitch, relax. No one is attacking you lol
im glad that they have bodycams, to show the good stuff the cops do, and the bad things they do.
Alex Frazier
As long as good cops keep defending bad cops, all cops are bad.
Seán O'Nilbud
Laci Green is the right wing asshole.
Cobra Saint
Lacey just gave that alt-right cunt Roaming Millennial a bigger audience.
Gavin Batterham
Feminism is worse than cancer......there is a video of a lady at a milo talk, saying she had survived 3 bouts of cancer, but said she would rather have cancer again than be a feminist.
Thomas Bryant
Laci said that it's people going in on feminists for trying to censor people but Laci reported the video for an image used of her. That's kind of low. Why would she stoop low because someone criticized her? Thin skinned? Wow.
Hating the country but liking the people; that's often how Canada feels about the USA.
Phillip, I normally agree with you, but in this case you are completely wrong, THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS. They are not these heroic people, doing great things. THEY ARE BEING PAID FOR THEIR WORK, and they are VERY HIGHLY PAID for that matter, this is not 1950. We need to stop putting these halo's over these assholes heads, they are PAID to do a JOB that they chose to do. They are not volunteering, they are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. So, why don't we all get that for waking up and going to our jobs? Instead, on our way to going to our jobs, school, shopping, we have a chance of encountering a paid bully who was picked on their whole life and who was the best liar throughout the police hiring process. The civilians are the ones who are the real heroes, not the paid revenue generators who do not play by the rules they "enforce". Police have taken way too much power in their hands and it needs to stop, we need to give the power back to the people, and police need to remember they are working for the taxpayers, We need to stop painting these assholes like these saints, remember that they are highly compensated for the "work" they do, and 100% of them lied to get the job they have now.
Main Drain Studios
I wonder if there will be any follow-up with this case, given Ethan and Hila's recent court victory...
Terri Long
Philly D currently has 5.6M subs. After watching this video, I'm reminded that he deserves MORE!!
well done to miranda and everything but shes so retarded
carole mcphee
WTF!! lacy green is alt-right!! she ranted on one of her videos about how cultural appropriation is not a real thing and that people who have issue with it are just cry babies!! i only watched that one video but that was all i could stand by her!!
Evan Pitkin
video title is hilarious.
I like how she calls Phil out for attacking her yet she basically attacked the smaller youtuber when the smaller youtuber was within fair use (if not then Laci would be pretty fucked since she does the almost the same thing plus many channels have done the same with no action taken against them)
1111 99900
Laci Green isn't a feminist, how many feminist authors has she read? Laci Green is a "safe" and marketable feminist
I'm not alt right, or a republican in any sense of the word. That being said, I hate Laci Green. PS get a real name, not a porn name.
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