Regarding your dilemma about how you feel about the LDS church, perhaps the answer can be found in your own personal experience. Given that your relationships with Mormons are great, maybe those people are a reflection of what the organization really is like on a whole, despite a few political and social swing-and-a-misses by flawed human beings. In the big picture, there's more good going on.
Basically just a fan account Princess
Laci is like, "I'm a victim! Be sorry for me!" It's really annoying. You shouldn't always act like a victim because it down graded other people that are being attacked and the people in your group that are good people
i do not like lacie
Darrell Beam
saw you on Fine Brothers, I enjoyed your commentary so I checked you out here. Dude, Fox News has nothing on you when it comes to fair and balanced. Keep it up and I'll keep watching.
R.V. Massholes
Laci your content blows-victimhood neo feminist-GO AWAY!
Samantha Nicole
FINALLY! Someone who actually understands what a real feminist is!!!
Kevin D. Najera
The Mormons were right XD
Michael Kun
to be fair...i hate oklahoma cops...and mike denton isnt the only douchebag that hits suspects...
Dont Fuck With Me Youtube
I saw this video title and I was hoping to god it was sarcastic. I'm glad (and secretly knew) it was. Laci Green is a crazy butthurt bitch. Roaming Millennial and PhillyD certainly have the right to criticize her for her bullshit without being attacked. Let it be known that I am no Alt Right person, I am actually really liberal,,, I just don't like these sjw assholes either.
Why does anyone like Laci Green? I just don't get it. She's obnoxious.
galdranorn vikingsdottir
that feminist girl that shames everyone for being different than her lol.
she seriously needs to chill and stop being offended by literally everything on the internet. might be shocking to realize, but it's not always about you, miss green.
Samantha Womack
I was in Switzerland, and this clown thing was in one of their newspapers XD
S Blacksmith
Follow your instincts!!!
The-Wanted Pot
It's not just alt-rights, honey. Liberals hate Laci and think she's an idiotic, lying bullshitter. She is NOT a feminist, She is not liberal. She is so painfully hypocritical, it's infuriating to think people associate her behavior with liberals and feminism.
mason williams
I hate that some Mormons are protesting gay marriage I'm Mormon and I have no problems with gay folks and personally I think you can merry who even you want I don't believe in it but that doesn't mean we should protest it
Sam Island
Its actual police brutality. That was actually unreasonably done.
Willie Jenkins
Watching the video clip of laci green in here gives me that strong vibe she has a narcissistic personality disorder. HOWEVER, given light of her recent change of views and even her outward attitude it could be that this is where she was simply losing it and no able to compose herself leading to the eventual change in attitude.

Eventually one knows they can't go on doing what they are doing if those actions just seem to make things worse. You start to question yourself and that's a good thing.

I am not a fan of DeFranco but he doesn't come off as a narcissist at least. Keemstar? 100% NPD.
Jessica Cook
Cops are civil servants. We as civilians have a right to video and see what they do while they are on duty. Our taxes pay their wages.
Innocent and Feminist in the same sentence LOL! Feminazism is the worst.
Alex Bardon
Can we all just come together as 1, hold hands and in unison say "Fuck you Lacy Green."
FreeSpirit 99
0:59 that fucking hipocrite.
Splurge NL
Laci Green is a IDIOT. Look @ her stupid arrogant feminist face... Every one with a brain knows this; #SelfishLiberalLeftistLowIQb*t*h
'those idiots destroy your will to live these days' ;p
what ever
laci hippo crite lol
Gasdin Gaming
I like that you where realistic and fair about the whole thing, and that is a rare thing to see on youtube for me.
Ali Heath
If you live in Utah you understand how out of control the Mormons are. Believe me. We now have to post on our establishments whether it is licensed as a bar or a restaurant. You also have to ask the Mormon church for permission to have a liquor license. There is no separation of church and state here, we are in a theocracy as bad as the Middle East sometimes. Utah Mormons and Mormons everywhere else tho are completely different people.
Picket Pants
For the most part all top religious organizations have some crazy shit they believe and more often than not a metric shit ton of corruption. Or well... not just religious but political organizations too. Ah hell... the world is screwed. I'm gonna go watch cartoons.
Freaking Weirdo
Got to love the intro
Garry Busey
Really nigga, Napoleon Dynamite feel? That's like comparing a beautifully written, near-poetic orange to an over saturated, internally rotting YouTube fad for young snowflakes.
Thunder 55
And to think that "small youtuber" is now Roaming Millennial, who has over 100k subscribers.

Holy shit, that's karma.

Notice me, Lacie! Call me an alt-right asshole, Lacie! False DMCA my videos (if I ever get off my lazy ass and make some), Lacie! I wanna be famous!
Arturo Amson
I just learned Phil is an alt-right asshole because the interwebs.
Raymond Licon
I hate her. lol
John Bowery
Diversity is our greatest strength.
Jetson George
"Would you rather your child had Feminism or Cancer?" - "What kind of Cancer?"
Misc. Glitch Podcast Excerpts
Wow and now Laci Green IS an Alt-Right Youtube Drama Queen. Amazing Prognosticating!
John Mitchem
Laci Green reminds me of Hilary Clinton with her fucking trying to misunderstand what it meant to wipe hard drives.
Zappod Mapping
I hope the title is sarcasm. Please Philip don't let me down.
Elana Vital
I hope everyone sees this now that Laci is claiming to be friendlier to skeptics.
Chris Rembert
Marie Solis of MIC is a pathetic waste of human life.
Wattap Yo
Petty stuff on youtube. Hahahaha xD omg. Legit all her videos are "Petty"
Bulwark AC
I wish people would quit saying feminism is about equality for both sexes. The definition of feminism by Oxford is feminism - the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Now people will say that is equality of the sexes. I disagree it is for the gaining more rights for women. It does not say anything about any equal rights for men in courts, or false rape claims, or spousal abuse towards men. I prefer striving to egalitarianism. egalitarian - believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities
Warchief Swan
Feminism is the testosterone-countering-pseudo-penis-vibrator-driven-non-female-knuckle-dragging-big sister of Woman's Equality. It's just as stupid as Androcentrism, (quick, wiki it, idiots!) but far more militant and not even cognizant of the negative impact is actually has on society. All a male driven society has given us is nearly every cultural concept in existence, and the majority of technological innovations. But we have been deathly wrong, and we need to throw off motherhood in favor of lesbian stagnation and narcissistic self images as the world crumbles around us and men become effeminized. In other words. A bad idea. And yes, I'm an asshole, man, bigot, who is only half right, as usual, and chivalry is absolutely dead, but loose big mouthed bitches killed it, not men.
Alexandre Cavalcante
I had never heard of Laci Green till today. On the other hand I have been watching Roaming Millennial's videos for some months...
Sooo...has this chick ever accomplished anything? Or contributed anything to society other than talk?
btw, ya'll's home decor is ON FUCKING POINT. Geek dream house right here
Shea Dastrup
Late! As usual. As someone who lives in Utah and the Mormon Church has a tight grasp on Utah everything the church does is concerning
She's no feminist she's a neofeminist who like you said are professionally victims and professionally offended for a living. It's additionally notable that because you are a man that's the reason why she played that card and why it "came out of the orbit"
Gregory Maurer
Watch you're f'n mouth talking about Joe Pa. what happened was through Sandusky's second mile charity which had the University's approval for facilities use. Joe Paterno took it to his higher ups when it was reported, and it was investigated by police. Unfortunately Joe Paterno doesn't have the authority to arrest people. After the investigation The took his keys and his office but was still allowed to run his charity by the UNIVERSITY, not Joe Pa. I sure wish people would quit slandering him, because of Sandusky's and the University's actions. Also, little known fact is that there were some very powerful people on the board of the Second Mile, Ed Rendell for one. Also, it was the District Attorney who declined to press charge because of a lack of evidence. Additionally, instead of running home and telling his Dad, Mike Mcquery should have gone directly to the police, from what I read in the fruh report it was his dad who called and informed Paterno, and Wikipedia sagas the next day he told Paterno about it, either way he fulfilled his legal obligations by reporting it to his superior, as did Joe Pa. The difference is McQuery was the only one of the two who caught him in the act and could have put a stop to it right then. In Summation, quit slandering Joe Pa, he is the greatest college coach of all time, and the truth is, if you talk to his players, is that his main priority wasn't winning, as the media reports would lead you to believe was the reason he let Sandusky slide(as if he was emperor of PSU), it was making better men out of his players. So glad they have Franklin now, he truly seems to be in the mold of a Joe Paterno.
Colin Principe
Commenters are all obsessing about a YouTuber while completely ignoring the dirty cop and crazy Mormons infiltrating government policy? Your priorities are fucked up.
anomalies d
Phil you are the most centred common sense person I've ever watched. I'm more to the right although I don't agree with everything you say I believe you're fair and logical...and funny
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