Alt-Right Youtube Drama Queen Attacks Innocent Feminist Just Because She Is A Strong Woman!

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You silly man... You don't get to decide whether you're alt-right or not, the SJWs do! Your own beliefs are irrelevant!
Craig Steffen
You look like Jeff Dunham
April Marie
I find Laci's claim ironic. Philip seems to be one of the most unbiased Youtubers.
beth98362 R
Mormons...scarry shit!
Maddy Moddy
I believe in equality not women should become the dominant gender smh
Shut the fuck up you dick
You sit in your bedroom and talk like a whole group of grade school girls . . you are weak
AnimeJT Shadow
how is she a YouTuber?
Lee Gou
Laci Green is in the wrong too.
Laci Green is an idiot.
Nathan Harvey
This is why i hate laci green😥
Sadpants McGee
10 months later.... Roaming Millennial has a thriving channel and is regularly featured on well-known channels such as The Daily Wire and Louder with Crowder.

And Laci has taken the Red Pill and has made a noticeable effort to be a reasonable human being who makes rational arguments and is tolerant of those who disagree.
Aumchanter Pi Let's Play
WHEN WHEN WHEN WILL PEOPLE REALISE JAMES CORDEN IS NOT FUNNY - He just isn't, maybe a good comedy WRITER andfunny when lines are written for him but otherwise why the fuck just why the fuck do people think he's so great.
Pickles Mcgee
stupid white bitches, stupid white bitches everywhere! especially at my workplace
PhilipdeFranco is just a stupid crackkka
Nik B
You remind me a lot of my dad
Karl The Fragr
My own personal rule about religion:

Believe in whatever deity that feels right to you but keep it to yourself.

If you don't believe in any deities or religions, then that's fine but keep that to yourself as well. Talk to others about it if you feel like it but always make sure that it's consensual. Above all, don't try to spread your religion or "convert" others into believing the same thing that you do. Don't organize your belief system into churches or followings. Don't shame people for not believing the same thing as you and don't put other beliefs down just because they differ from your own. Whatever it is that you believe, do it privately, because at the end of the day you can't prove that what you believe in is real. Nobody can.

And finally, don't treat your belief like it's the undeniable truth. Always keep in mind that you can't prove any of the things you believe in, just like nobody else can prove things that they do or do not believe in.

That's just my way of looking at it. I don't expect other people to follow it but i kinda feel like the world would be a better place if more people did.
John Paul Bautista
@lacy green is a bitch bottom feeder can't survive out of youtube milking zone
Agent Hanson
"I don't think this issue is really about, y'know, copyright and fair use"

-Laci Green on why she should be allowed to take down anyone with bogus copyright claims
We had a student teacher for a whole term of Biology once and she used Laci Green videos to explain things like mitosis and meiosis. Laci and science don't belong in the same sentence. Nobody liked her and she wasn't good at her job.
Cleo L
More feminist baiting Phillip really?
Johnny Dangerous
Philly-D is alt-right?...
Extra Number 52
I used to have a Mormon friend. She was highly manipulative, and would use me and others to get whatever she wanted. Not all of them are good
power mover
everyone hates lds menders for no resin
Jordan Belmonte
I like how she locked to comments and likes on her response video to you hmmm... wonder why. Fear of dislikes?
Defranco is a fucking moron.
Mr Awesome
Lol if that was a black guy there'd be all hell and it'd be in all the news
Mia Palios
I hate that feminists get this bad rap so much because of people like Laci. I wish the feminist community could be brought up with amazing people like Emma Watson and so many others but instead they try to get the nuts to bring us in such a bad light. That happens with so many communities like the youtube community and the lgbt community, hell even the republican party. There are republicans who do not stand by the stupidity of Trump and are far more open then you might think about certain policies. The same goes for liberals. It's so irritating but I really love when Phil goes out of his way to point this out and makes people aware that this person or these people do not represent the majority of a certain community.
PSN Chico_Dust-E
Can anybody who's also watching old content tell me who the fat obese girl with too much makeup on is?
k k
Tldr modern feminism is just a shitty meme by now
Keaton Stemler
Fast forward 9 months and we have seen alot of character development from Laci Green.
Damn, that cop is a piece of crap. And why do they always rehire/reward those who do things like this???
cj smith
YouTube is becoming more and more like high school
the things that people do🙄 Laci could just simply ask the smaller youtuber about it or too take the thumbnail down or change it
James Berlo
She attacked Roaming because Roaming is such an outstanding example of a real Woman , but what makes it worse is Roaming is so Gorgeous too.
Kye Talks
Mormonism is inherently racist tho. They had to change their tune when they were threatened with losing their tax cuts... but like. They believe black people are followers of Lucifer.
Laci Green is an extremely ugly woman, but more importantly, she's an even uglier person on the inside than she is on the outside.
09 06
Shots fired
Why is she always on the verge of tears?
Rebeka Woods
And because the guy hit by police wasn't black the liberals don't care smh
Christopher Hopkins
Interesting today on Dave Rubin Laci said she "...never called Phil alt right unless she was drunk tweeting and forgot about it..." it was a great interview even though my opinion of her was tainted because this video originally was my first introduction to her months before the Rubin interview when this vid first uploaded...
Emma Riordan
Watching this now makes me laugh. She now understands the truth
Ayyy lmao
Hasn't she mellowed out, now, though?
Red Big'un
Laci is really cute and astonishingly stupid.
Ron Rants
Just something I noticed about the thumbnails where Lacy uses other peoples images... all of them seem to also include her own image as well so you know it is from her. While Lacy does seem to have over reacted, I would contend she does not in fact "do the same thing" as the other Youtuber.
did phil win or not?
Reluctant Ronin
Roaming Millennial got a lot of subs due to this, but her content is recycled trash! All she does is parrot other content providers in the "Skeptic Community" here on YT and White Knights pay her bills to do it; which coincidentally is something Sargon or Dave Cullen would never be able to do as men! If you want to see a REAL independent minded and beautiful woman speaking truth, check out TheWhiteRose. She is not a Parrot and is actually actively fighting for the survival of the West while warning us about the dangers of progressivism courtesy of South Africa....
Razza Anonymous
Do you know what this means?! The police just set a precedent. Now if I were to elbow a police officer in the face three times, instead of going to jail for assault, I can just get fired from my job, wait it out, get rehired and get paid the amount of money that I missed out on when I was fired. Hell yeah. Thanks police..
Soldier South
Phil: I used your face in the thumbnail because you're mentioned in the video.
I'm a feminist and I'm face palming myself so hard on Laci right now.
Marcus Ing
9:27 i thought i heard "bring 'em young university" and few synapses failed for a moment
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