Quality Laugh
Found Bill Gates at 11:36
the kinglion15
I want to try the Cuban Cigar Flavored Ice Cream.....sounds awesome.
I've been to serendipity and it's not even like it there, when you walk in it's like a convenience store but when you walk through it's so cool, and the best thing you can get there is the broadway!
$1000 Ice Cream for Poorer People

Ice Cream- Some classic vanilla from some Walgreens or something
Gold- N/A
Goblot- Take Mum's wine glass
Vanilla- Buy vanilla beans from Costco
Chocolate Sauce- Some of that Hershey's Chocolate sauce
Candied Fruit- See's Candies is good enough
Caviar- Catch fish. Extract eggs.
Flower- The backyard garden?
Josselynn8 2Smith
My sister tells me I say Vanilla Vanella. I've said vanilla to much.
But it's so good.
Clorox Bleach
1 dollar bleach vs 1000000000000 bleach
Teknoman Dagger
Mike Batbold
Va chocolate lol
Chocolate and Vanilla is Chilla
Manu Sahai
"is it weird to say that gold goes well with ice cream?". Yes, yes it is
Eva Andrulyte
When your mouth waters (i need it !)
If you pause at 6:57 Andrew looks evil. :'D
Qualified Asian
I live by a Foster Freeze and damn..... is it fine!
If the expensive component of the food does not enhance the flavor and is just there for the sake of being expensive, then of course it's not going to be worth it to the average person.
Sunday Sunday
My name is SUNDAY !!
This Is Me
I live in new york and go to Serendipity 3 every year for my birthday. One year I saw Taylor Swift there with Emma Stone!
Thatiana Oliveira
I love how Andrew looks cool and all but completely looses it when he sees a puppy lol such a warm hearted dude
Yona Chan
Did any of them ever chose the most expensive one? (just wondering)
Айдана Тулеусаринова
Please, let Adam get some more attention, let him have his own food!
I love Adam💕
3rd Reich
Their poop was gold after they went to the bathroom
Gwen Johnson
They are the Ryan and Shane of the BuzzFeed food world
I had a fosters freeze where i live but it closed in my town
Whenuarebored Comehere
The only thing in this that make me laugh is " it's like really fancy boba" Adam- 2017 and it's the only thing he said!
Season 3
Heather and Ellie
Adam is under-rated.
Casey Buckner
So, you guys up for a $ vs. $$$ coffee?
DeejayTV Adventures
I love Adam so much he's so cute 😊❤
Sue Lynn Cho
The fanc ice cream looks best
Mary Go
stays at home eating a halo top pint
Kevin Tran
I rather just eat normal ice cream instead of spending $1000 ice cream
Uhhhh, as long as its ice cream, I'm cool. 😎
chocolate+vanilla=swirl, Geniuses
Cecilia Tang
'economically wise sad person'
Erin K
I am an economically wise sad person
Naaz Iqbal
I am like Andrew !I don't know what's a brain freeze
Ruaa Kamal
Em I the only one who likes Adam
Ruaa Kamal
I don't get it anything that's expensive has to have gold Cavier and truffle
littleseal 50
0:43 Twist
Tresha A
Right next to Shane and Ryan, y'all are the best duo
Edit: Best solo cause of Adam
kevintopro forgame
Kasper Candy
All expensive dishes contains Gold and truffle
My favorite character in this anime is the generic white guy that's sitting in the front seat.
Raul Dzulkarnaen
andrew:i dont get brain freezes,my brain is too powerful
steven:that is not how it works.(brain freeze)says:i just have a weak brain
Daniel Gonzales
froster freeze yaaaass i dont care if i spellt that wrung bruuuuu
Dylan Here
Do ramen PLEASSE 🍜
Harmony 320
there was an icecream store that just opened by my house and it's called scoops and smiles
Harmony 320
when you mix it it's called twist aka the best
ShellyOcean Squishy
do italian ice
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