$1 Ice Cream Vs. $1,000 Ice Cream

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"Saudi princes have come to indulge in the golden opulence sundae."

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Joe Calderone
Jonathan Kim
Tai Kim
Isabel Huerta

Yacov Paley
0:03 when random people who arent involved in any way butt in to your business
Eevee Drop
I haaaaaattttteeee vanilla
Anas Salehudin
6:15 look at Andrew's face when he eats the ice cream!!!!!!!
Hitler Did Nothing Wrong
i actually bought that 1000 dollar ice cream with 5 of my friends. it was delicious, but not 1000 dollar delicious
DeafGuy OnBlast
who spends $1,000 on ice cream ... not buzzfeed
Italians do it better
Lucy Heffernan
Yo I just want to say LA has such hot ether like 40 degrees is cold for them TRY LIVE IN IRELAND 24 IS THE HOTTEST I HAVE BEEN IN
Norway isn't that could * wrappes up in a blanket * 🙄
Shainil Amin
they just ate my life savings from one meal..:(
cool stuff with amulya
Scoops is also there in India
White Winter
I wonder how much gold they have eaten in this series?
Panda K.
You guys need to go to Poly Anne's. They have the best ice cream. They have flavored Like Star Wars, ET, and the vanilla is the best vanilla very had. And the green tea is rally good too.
Shakhlo Giyasova
"I can't take you anywhere..." lol
It's called a twist...
Do hamburgers worth it!!!
its not an episode of worth it without gold and truffles
Smol Alien
All I would want is a tub of Cookies and Cream and Chocolate chip cookie dough Z
8:451 This is why the earth is running out of resources. For a 1,000 dollar ice cream that barley gets eaten.
5:00 Wait so are they eating the stuff that makes a cigar, or are they eating ice cream that tastes like a cigar?
Eileen Chen
Yeh ending do
Odalys Del Rosario
Foster freeze was at my hometown but then they left it was good
Gansta Potato
Me want that last ice CREAM 🍨 nvm it’s too expensive ;c
Like an economically wise sad person
Laura Savage
“Like an economically wise sad person” AHAHAH MEEE
Fractured Legends
Luanda Lima
Adam is so cute
Kristen Maile
Adam is so cuuuteee!!
Rick Slimey
12:14 YES A BONUS SCENE they went to a chinese restaurant
Randi D.C
i understand adam,vanilla is amazingly good,its a pure flavor thats just great,its not my favorite icecream,but its still in my likes,im a chocolate person who will eat anything with chocolate on it within reason,as long as i like it,its why my fav keeps changing,i keep finding stuff with more chocolate,and peanut butter,and caramel,
Hibah Alqublani
I also don’t get brain freezes
Magma Punch
i have eaten 5 magums thorughout the duration of the video, geting diabetes by 21
Glenn Quagmire
I thought i was the only one that didn't get brain freezes.
I wonder how it feels like.
French Skater Girl
omg!!!! this was uploaded the day before my birthday!!!!!
Unicorn vlogs and animations
They should try dairy Queen
Joe McBlane?
nida adnan
23 carrat gold oh no
Deanna Waters
I sooo want to work with you guys! I just wanna work at buzzfeed end of story 😂
Zuhair Khalaf
So you have nothing to do with your money😐😐

comments “sometimes I have to worry about if I’m gonna eat tonight”

Also person:

commenting with phone
Ell B
How do we make something expensive? Let's cover it in sheets of gold!!! That Serendipity ice-cream looks like such a scam. They haven't actually done anything innovative with the ice-cream, they've just chucked a butt load of expensive crap on top! I know I'd have that feeling that you get, when you're talked into going somewhere really expensive, or buying something really expensive because everyone's raving about it even though your instincts are telling you not to, and maybe in the moment for five minutes you feel good and then you walk out of the store or restaurant and you get that sinking feeling in your soul and you realise you're a consumer patsy just like all the rest. I bet my homemade ice-cream with homemade fudge sauce would taste better than that sparkling tower of vile chicanery.
Chocolate+vanilla=chocovilla lmao
Butter Golem
7:22 why is Adam’s face so red
Verenice Ceja
MADELA EFFECT:“No Hong Kong is in Tokyo, King Kong is in New York City.”He actually said, “ No Godzilla is in Tokyo, King Kong is in New York City.”WHAT
clorox flavoured
Love me nowowowoowowowo~
Toush me nowowoowowowowo~

Jennifa Uddin
in canada we call chocolate and vanilla TWIST
Why didn't you take lactase tablets? They're like 50 cents a dose. No milk belly rumbles.
Dusk trips
3:55 what. México does have cold weather! >:0
Kenzie Moon
I love fosters freeze, it's in the town Atwater which right by mine Merced
It's Aimy
how do you go from 3.95 to 1,000......
jonathan edelman
I hate buzzfeed...but god I love these videos😂
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