Kaley Cuoco Sings The Big Bang Theory Theme Song

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Kaley Cuoco shows photos from The Big Bang Theory that prove she's never working behind-the-scenes before taking some questions from the audience.

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Kaley Cuoco Sings The Big Bang Theory Theme Song

Piper Woodard
But - ? But - ? But - that's not the whole song! Now I'm sad..... :(
Yuphonwatt Kimsunthorn
She's so adorable.
That was cute
She looks like young Madonna in this Interview
allie paterson
why doesn't jimmy have the supernatural guys on :(
Lauren A
I wasn't aloud to watch the show until high school, but I remember in fourth grade all the boys would go around singing the theme song! XD I memorised it so quickly and my mom thought I was watching the show behind her back. I wasn't. And there were worse things my ten year old self could have been watching...
she is so cool
Mary DeeRose Stone Working for God
love this show
Grégoire Cuisine
WTF @ 4:28 to 4:30 ?!
Angela MN
Barry Gibb outranks her
Italo Rafael Machado Santos
funny fact, Cuoco in Portuguese means "empty asshole"
The Eleventh Doctor
Knock knock knock Penny Knock Knock Knock Penny Knock Knock Knock Penny
Grandpa Joe
Id love to suck a cherry tomatoe out her ear canal
I hate u sorry i love you
omg i hate her so much
this fucking ugly blonde bitch
Jens K
so ein Müll verhindert in Hollywood den Durchbruch von anderen viel besseren Schauspielierinnen wie Emma Roberts oder Jane Levy
Vesa Girsen
Ok... The first picture ? I's sue the personal trainer for that boxed arm...
Jomelle Dionisio
Well, she sings very much like Penny, and I love her for it. Hurrah for Big Bang!
Big B
Kaley! Talented, purdy, smart and a good sport! Oh and a good singer apparently! haha. Great Spot Jimmy! <3 yr work! <3
ageek didit
Those are really bad photoshopped pictures of Kaley LMAO
Andrea Gerard
Bubble gradually park entry expect dozen regional
Adnan Serifi
Every Cast should Sing this Theme Song on Jimmy Fallon Show 😁
Danieł Høwełł
BBT is my favourite show
Jay sondhi
She can't sing 😂😂
hailey carter
peeps, code does anyone watch one's better than this vjdho?
What is the song Jimmy and Kaley start singing @ 2:10
Osny David
this interview made my daaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Carol Houle
How brave is she? Good for you Kaley! They asked for it! BTW I worked with a guy, Ken, a great drummer, who use to hang and sometimes played with Bare Naked Ladies in Montreal way back in the late 90's.
Jack Taylor
Eva V.
Jimmy ! you're the best xx
User not found
i think she is annoying in the show.!!!!! i hate her
He was only black guy on that spot, and Jimmy Fallon says "guy with blue shirt"
Pierre Morin
holy fuck what shes wearing is ugly af
V Sen
so it was last season.. nobody talking about that..
Yasmine S
The Big Bang Theory is ass imo.
paul mclaugh
Next time ya see Sheldon ask him what's the Craic for me please lol.
Thanks i finally Understand the lyrics :-) :-) :-)
Midway through I started to believe I'm watching the Late Late Show
Ann Nonato
Was I the only one slightly distracted by the lipstick on her teeth?
Daniel Wells
You and other channels like this are killing the original creators which create decent content.
Cele Brity
its nice
Hayden Gill
museum reference substantial major newspaper dump visit successfully tail
Lacey W
When you get near the proper key then sing it !!
Parson Yo
Miss her short hair
Kaley, how's Briana
The pictures look photoshopped....
I like this show because it's very natural and not scripted.
Thi D.
I love her personality! For me, TBBT could live on forever!
she looks just like priya rai
Patri Portillo
And al started with the Big Bang, hey! That was awesome. Hundreds hurrah for Kaley.🤗👏👏👏👏
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