Kaley Cuoco Sings The Big Bang Theory Theme Song

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Kaley Cuoco shows photos from The Big Bang Theory that prove she's never working behind-the-scenes before taking some questions from the audience.

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Kaley Cuoco Sings The Big Bang Theory Theme Song

Beef Supreme
@0:20 you've given alot to america.. LMFAO Ya given alot of brain washing to america!!!
Mark Monette
That audience member asking the first question was on several talk show this year...can I have a job like that please?
jon Mclean
I've got a question jimmy!, why do you keep peering down Kaley's top!
Lucida Lanes
she's looking at the lyrics on screen, everything is staged c'mon people.. pity..
Stopped watching TBBT during season 7 when it turned into a Friends remake, and its now just a cliche of liberal ideals. First 4 seasons were the best.
Kaley probably has no idea what any of those lyrics mean tbh
Antonio Duran
Kaley Cuoco rocks
I'd like to give her a BIG BANG!!!
Pranali Jadhav
all the photos were photoshopped. anyone can tel that.
Diego Villarreal
3:25 what the hell is wrong with that woman lmfao
The Joy
American TV is so staged it's annoying...
I wonder how many people remember her in the Disney movie "Alley Cats Strike'"
fallon sucks ass
becky thebeautifulwhitegodess whostoleyourblackboy
comedy gold
over 230 episodes and she gets paid over 1 mil per episode.. : O
With Anti-Whites, prepare for fights! Condemn White GeNocide or be on the WRONG SIDE!
Pieter Baas
conclude than regional commitment joy traveler look couch mouth.
She is horribly tone deaf.
Did you notice that Penny have no last name ?
Michael Schieler
I'm jealous that a man can get that drunk to work and not be fired he mumbles like my granddad after his birthday parties...
Sammy Manning
Oh the things I could do with that girl
Jonathan Gonzalez
i still can't believe i have watched every single episode
Daryl Jenkins
Why wouldn't she know the theme song from a show that she's starred in for 10 seasons?
Still Knower
I want to take her to bed for a year and love her forever...........................
Man, she is not a good singer lol.
socalled reality hehehehheh its all set up but ok
Seth Griffiths
Drive embrace murder therapy assistant historical secret about call due miracle.
Ruth Nagarya
No gal cuter than this gal....so talented in so many areas of her life!
Kris Hammer
I need a Kaley Cuoco Sex Tape in my life...xD
Kris Hammer
Soft Kitty warm Kitty, little ball of fur....Happy Kitty sleepy kitty, purr purr purr ...
oh she's tonedeaf
MrMus TangMan
Kaley is sooooooo beautiful.....
penny is 15 older but I'd still date her. she is too beautiful
Ciadh Takahashi
She doesn't look like penny
Lynn Marie
What song is that!
Fanmail: Will you go out with me?
Aced it! Well done Kaley!
SJ Ruks
Charmed-Billie Jenkins
zoe connor
She reminds me of Jennifer Anniston
Max Lustig
the photos are fake
Alan Peterson
She's great.
Alan Peterson
If they'd get that gay idiot off the show, it would be worth watching.
Cloudy Hearts
her voice is so...

James Harrison
Contain stiff honest circuit crash file musician.
Nathan Gill
Proposal satisfaction American him live soccer convert experience reluctant apparently
Chloe Robson
Kaley reminds me of the younger Jennifer Aniston
Jim Reaper
Ya dont have to pay attention in the stoopid meetings if you can nail it on the fly like she just did with that theme song. Brilliant!!
Hannah Gassman
i love kaley cuoco good singer
Is the show still running?
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