Urbex - human vertebrae found in basement! whole street abandoned! St. Louis

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We found part of a spinal column in the basement of this creepy abandoned house, this whole street is abanandoned! This neighborhood is a little scary and dangerous. It was a little spooky, urban exploration can have it's risks. Urban Decay! Please Subscribe!! Do you believe in haunted houses, ghosts, evp, paranormal phenemenon? We go in creepy abandoned buildings all the time.


Barbara Power
Tony I'm not a cop caller but that was absolutely a human vertebrae. I'd make an anonymous tip. great video
Cockney Xuan
Why Don't you guys wear gloves?
Lennise Fuller
Hey Tonyโ˜บ..ive been kinda binging on ur Videos this evening and i just want to say you sound like a really great guy and i really Appreciate how you tell the stories on some of these places...Those Buildings look like they once were very nice๐Ÿ˜ž..Its a Shame how White Beings with their Hatred and Jealousy of themselves can Destroy Whole Neighborhoods and a Race of People and Think Nothing of it๐Ÿ˜ž...To Use and Abuse The Economy just to Destroy a People Solely because of the Color of Their Skin is Beyond Disgraceful...How Truly Heartbreaking that these Follies of Prejudice, Paranoia and Hatred will Never End..And Thus be the Destruction of Mankind๐Ÿ˜ฅ...You're Great Tony Thanx for Sharing and Caring, Rock On Buddy!๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ’“
Annedy Torres
So you didnt even call police huh??
Kimberly McNelis
Did you call the police!!!
Trisha Lane
I would love to explore places like this, but I am to chicken shit!!! So thanks for having the balls to film these places!!!
Ruth Shelton
At. 9:25. If that were a dog or other animals wouldn't there be more bones near it?
I wonder if that had been part of a human. But again- where would the rest of it be- UNLESS- some sicko only wanted to keep a small 'troffey' ? A small reminder of a 'kill'. Who knows
Ruth Shelton
At. 6:30. It wouldn't be hard to fix up that cool lamp-take & clean it first- take out old wire-bring it to a hardware store & get new wiring put in.
Get some plaster of paris, mix it & smothe over the chips/cracks ect. let dry.
Then repaint the whole lamp & when dry put a cupple of coats of clear varnish & the lamp would look good as new.
You pick out or make a custom lamp shade, if wanted.
If you draw in charcoal - don't waste your $ on expenceive spray coatings- You can buy very cheap (cheaper the better) hair spray. It works great to keep pictures from smearing.
Sarah Noble
I love your videos. These ghetto places are so interesting to me.
Dale McNamee
I did a quick search for dog, human, and pig spines and the lumbar bone that you found appears to be from a pig and they can be huge...

If you look at the dog and human spines the lumbar bones look nothing what you found...

On the lighter side... St.Louis is known for barbecue... ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜†
missy sparkles
when do black americans become known as american and not african american ? Neglect is the enemy of these buildings its a huge mistake for places to be just torn down when they could have been rehabbed
Cody Robbins
welcome to st. louis hahahaha ive wanted to explore those buildings haha
Sweet Angel
Be careful!
Cindy M.
1949 was TRULY a SAD year for mostly everyone...If you were born and raised in Baltimore, you would KNOW what I am saying.
kekistan Faggo
where is this DM me
my father is a surgeon, so I asked him if it is a human vertebrae. he looked at it for 2 seconds and said "Yep"
Great content and your name involves tattoos. absolutely subscribed! I love that you go in depth of the history of places..the history is one of the things that make these abandoned places beautiful
Hannah Perry
im more bothered by a little kids schoolbag with his papers etc in their than the bone. ..where's that poor kid
Visit Gary, Indiana. There are tons of abandoned buildings there to explore. Would be interesting content, I'm sure.
Sherrone Boudreau
cow bone
12 Volts
most amazing anyone I know found in a basement was a sculpture. old wealthy Jewish quarter in Berlin. they took it. It's still being verified if missing 3rd part to one in a museum by a tchรจque sculpter. that said I've told them they MUST now track the family that was ousted by the nazis because they own it. moral. ... contact a museum to be custodian because you'll get in all sorts of shit. it could be worth a fortune but not to the pair that took it.
Timothy Xed
where the hell is this? dirty ass Baltimore ?
Ben Cancio
Do you guys ever do EVPs in these abandoned homes?
Lauren Lucas
sileNt solEmNitY -Dove Maci-
I saw a comment you wanna search the basement bags? Are you going back? Man it's hella creepy there.. Bring gloves are be prepared to call the cops if you find anything ..... Human leftover..
sileNt solEmNitY -Dove Maci-
Definitely was a vertebrae.. Pretty creepy to wonder why just one is there.. Very ominous.
Paul Melville
How sad, that area looked like it was nice at one time.
Linda Brown
So sad no one commented on the childs school papers dated 8-26-15 Cayden . Why would that be in a basement of a empty building. This will keep me up at night. Do you have any idea when this apt. was last lived in?
Whitney Rhodes
double-take vertebrae: it is part of a dog spine right above where the haunches are connected. the elongated 'wing' like extensions on posterior/lateral side [lumbar part before pelvis/haunches] of the vertebrae with size respect to the flashlight would be from a medium-large sized dog. ๐Ÿ• whew, sure made me look twice tho! ;)
Tony Saracen
Timestamp the arse licking vertebrae!
Island Mike
JoeGrow 2016
looks like somebody dropped some of their oxtail
merrilee read
Great video. You could bring the vertebrae to an anthropology professor, they may be able to fill you in.
Man them shootings and murdings you say?
najib bey
where are the people that use to be in those houses?
Yasmeen Hashmi
Subbed! You seem to be very knowledgeable and sympathetic to the area you are exploring. What you're doing is important. People need to see this and understand these mistakes so we can fix how we are living. By seeing these modern ruins, we can see where our society is headed if we don't change for the better.
Bridget Cordray
most likely a dog bone bought from the store...as there was absolutely no other proof that a body had been around, there most likely would of been other reminates of rest of Skelton.
though you never know if a dog brought it to that location or not.
sad how we have become a throw away society, nothing a value seems to be being produced these days...
card board houses going up everywhere...
given half the time to disintegrate into the ground where as the old school buildings made with craft are nothing more than an inconvenience to the city because they have to tear them down eventually as the cardboard houses just kind of melt to the ground
What do you do when you find human remains? I'd think you would be required to report it.
GW Hunter
If it was from a dog; it was one hell of a big dog!! Looked pretty human to me. I've watched several of your videos now and I like them a lot; especially the way you narrate. I subbed. Thanks for the tour and stay safe!!!
Holly Webster
they need to turn it into homeless shelters
Irish Bastard
not human animal with out a doubt
Perfectly solid brick buildings gone to waste ? Ruined by neglect, presumably rented out? America is really f'ed up in places
Wynona Bieneman
NOPE I would Not be exploring this area!! But thank you for the Interesting video! Shame there left with soo many homeless :'(
Max Zomboni
6:30 My family had a pair of lamps almost exactly like that when I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s. One figure was male just like that one, and the other was female, and they were holding the Chinese instruments just like that. They were really chipped up like that one too. I think my Mother still had them in her closet until the early 90s when she finally threw them away. I think those type of lamps were probably pretty popular back in the 1950s. They were pretty nice looking lamps.
John Narayan
Shame some of those old places look quite well built.
You shoulda taken that library book back to the library ๐Ÿ˜‚.. spooky video for sure with that bone!
A Heimdahl
I do appreciate these URBEX vids you do for real but having said that, the City or whoever needs desperately to tear all of that stuff down.
Those places are sooo dilapidated they look like they would just fall over/into itself if touched by a gentle breeze, lol.
That Newspaper dated 2009....it isn't that long ago but it seems that the older a Building is, the faster it deteriorates once abandoned.
That Vertebrae...yikes O.O
It does look Human...there is another possibility.
In a lot of locations Houses were built over old Burial grounds and somehow it got dug up by a Critter and deposited there....?
Dustin gotham
also the bone seems too large to be human
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