CalAMitY thE poPtARt
THIS VIDEO MAKES ME SO MAD. I always thought they were hand done...;-;
Manar of Alexandria
Sad sad sad,why don't you just kill me and replace me with a machine.
Mlg Hamster
Soon machines will replace artists
Ineffable Harmonies
When a machine has better handwriting than you
Just wait till the "perfectly" frosting on the cupcake sticks to the surface of the container.
Nicole Beth
not as satisfying as i thought it was going to be
Lottie Mae
there's only 5 "cake machines"
Minato 35711
It's so tiring to bake and decorate and these machines...
Malica Hamilton
I thought the people in the bakery done these by hand ... I'm such an idiot
Fakhira Babar
Those are cool
Ayman 3005
Huh- I always thought they were hand done. AND WHATS WITH THE JUMPY REMIX EFFECTS???πŸ˜‚
Jiu Won
Wait, This is True?
My life is a lie
salt bae
like, who this machine even think she is
Maha Choudhry
I am so sad that some people lie about them doing it!!! 😱😭😰
Clint summers
nice cake
Robby Carbullido
is it just me or was that satisfying 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Pink Glitter
I knew the story bought cupcakes where by machines but the cakes;-; why do this to me I always thought they were done my a chief ;-; my life is a lie
Fairose Aurna
Yagami White
When it reversed I had a seizure
Am I the only one who finds this unsatisfying?
this was oddly satisfying to watch

I'm weird
It's the middle of the night and now I'm hungry ;-;
Sufy starz
0:39 thumbnail
Solphia Zhou
Oh woooow this is awesome!
Mouldy Applesauce Dessert
I found this so unsatisfying
I want all the cakes
MrCatsAlot v
This machine can do better than I do
Chhavi Dayal
This video just made my day.
The flickering effect ruined it :(
Helga Koshy
Anyone thought of it so satisfying???
Shahera Ahmed
and i thought i had neat handwriting
Just Us 2
Hello random person scrolling through the comments! If you are reading this have a nice day! ;P
Ine Danger
I didn't want it to stop
Tonia Young
my life is a lie
Phanic! at the disco
When I'm older i want to be able to do this bye hand 😊
Gina Davis
The editing gave me a seizure.
Diana Michelle Soto
the layzinies these days
kynaamin IAAU
even machines are not perfect...see those edges, quite messy...
TheBeast GamePlayYT
What's the name of the song xoxo
OkayAva o3o
The song it creepy and sad ._. and i got hungry after this video
Skit Squad 101
So basically the bakers in the shops just stand there while all these machines do the work?
These machines take way jobs from people. They deserve to be exterminated!!!
Say Cheese
Somehow I danced through the songπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
There must be one more rose. Please even it out. help
This is so aesthetically pleasing
Emma Stallings
My life is a lie....
not very satisfying when you're constantly zooming up on the footage and editing it to shake
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