The World's Strictest Parents: Episode 4 - Port Lavaca, Texas USA

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Audi, BMW, and Porsche Fanatic 1999
Going to boot camp for swearing? Fuck that and fuck CHS!
Sabrina Lambie
I dont think that boys balls have dropped yet. Sounds like the hanson brothers back in 98 when they sung mmm bop
Zoey Soost
There boot camp reminds me of my p.e class!!!
Jared Lowey
These kids are fucking miserable! Those parents are raising them not to be successful but workaholics.

Rachell H.
Why is that necessary? My daughter is 16 her school and our laws are lax, Ive invested a lot of time raising her and being a good parent and she doesnt get in trouble and she is really involved in music, sports, and avtivities that help the community. Raise your kids to be confident and have good self esteem let them know they are loved and they will make good choices on their own without your county and school policing them with fear. So gross. Texas is the worst.
Jacob Reinhart
can no English fucking guys have normal damn ahi cuts look like a a gang of egos and q tips
trent infinity
i'd fuck her
2016.......tbh by the clothes I thought this was from 2006 0r 5
Derpy Ostrich
I almost barfed when it was the killing chicken part! Buuuurk 😤😧😤😧😷!!! BERK BLEEEH!!
Jeremy Faccio
rip chicken
Jeremy Faccio
rip chicken
Jeremy Faccio
rip chicken
bigwillyman 2
The reason they hated boot camp so much is because of what is signified, not because of the physical aspect.
Austin Mooner
When he said run in place and the music started and they started running it looked like they were gonna dance
If any of these parents would just hit them when there young then they wouldn't be doing this shit
Sophia Christopoulos
If I was them I wouldn’t do the boot camp. They can yell at you but they can’t touch you and even if you went to prison you would get out by the end of the week
Meaw Low
18:36 he said no sir to the lady omgosh :o
Lexie Leo
they said "this whole place looks like a hole" me: "boy about about to smack you upside the head"
Lucy Grace
It must be awkward for the parents kids. Having trouble makers moving in for a week
Pearl Bullen
This dad needs to realise that they arent soldiers theyre kids. Hahahaha.
Ren Win
Yell at me idc tf
Ren Win
Bro I would dare them to touch me and I would run I would have taken money with me and still gotten food
Gerard Iero
God that just sounds extreme. If your kids are saying "yes sir" they don't see you as a loving parent. They see you as a drill sergeant.
Ang Rodriguez
Wtf kind of school is this
audrey gara
The reason they don't have black families on the show because a black mama will beat your ass
XxxDarny_PlayzXxx 1
Behind the huge stuff and suitcases fell behind at 0:47
jessie productions
Hey I live in Texas
Colton Worley
Texas pt you in boot camp for cussing. Mean I knew Texas was weird because they want to be there own country but this is pushing it.
anyone see at 0:45 to 0:47 the bags behind them fell
the nuke
Fail at 0:45 in the background
Ismell Fnaftoast
HA who has a flip phone ok ok i HAD one
Smarty 2
I want to move to Texas now
Hannah Whitworth
those exercises are literally what we do in gym lmao.
TTheLemonSlice e
The kids are bad but they still have a phone take it away
Did anyone notice the luggage fall at 00:46
Slime Squad
At 00.46 it made me laugh 😂
dozzokal covers&games
I'd actually love to live like that.
olive oil rules 2017
you kids thought bootcamp was a joke guess what it isnt . that person took you in to help u and u thought acting like a badass was gonna help it doesnt.
nauris brandulis
0:45 lol
Hannah Hutchens
that army guy sounded like tom hanks
Bri ana
0:46 did anyone else notice the people behind them dropped their suit cases
These kids are weak asf lol
How can they not carry a fucking tire?? A few pounds of rubber is too heavy for you??
slay Queen 101
she got a Nokia blockia
Laurie Briggs
At 0:45 watch the thing tipping in the back 🤣
Sarah Moynihan
Barbados will fix them!
Darmae Camacho
Anyone else notice when they were running he gave her his jacket😂💗
April Jones
Dont mess with Texas.... Mind u Im Aussie and I live in Australia but after watching this... damn...
Trenton Tawney
Neither of the drill sergeants were actual D.I.s they were both officers😂
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