Gaming Addict54
I'm the only one that think this would be fun to do lol idk why
glob was here!
I've cursed at my teacher and got suspended for a day and then I cursed in front of my other teacher and told him I didn't give a fuck what he said and I didn't get in trouble for it so yea I'm slick πŸ‘…
glob was here!
Would they force her to do that if she was a vegetarian
Clorox Bleach
is anyone gonna talk about how mean they are to the animals?
Dorky Pastels
The farmer's daughter looked like she wanted to kill herself and the son looked like he was ready to murder the parents in their sleep.
Reem Mesfin
if i had to do this i would curse them out
Reem Mesfin
you guys should lock the doors
Those boot camp people should get a reward πŸ‘
I watched this as my workout tape
Gabby Breary
Why the hell would would you take cloths because if they don't have any they would probly be walking around naked so what the heelll
Comic Mysterious
These people deserve exile
Sweet Kitten
bitch got a flip phone, and disrespects her mom, cough cough what a mature child ! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
El KoolKat 9000
16:17 that song is in Asphalt 8 airborne
Rohan Dhanju
corrie:and that kids is how i met ur go mother frs
Obito Uchiha
This is fake and America sucks
Artsy Artist
This is how it works:

You need to break them while they're young. No, not like in half, I mean like a horse. (For all of you who are still confused: when you break a horse, you straighten them out; get them from being wild and crazy to tame and bend to your will.)

If you don't break them by the time they're about 5 or 7 ((at the very most)), it gets harder to break them. The older they get, the harder they are to "tame".

It doesn't necessarily take a mean parent to break their child, just one who knows when enough is enough (you know when they throw fits and stuff) and not let them get away with stuff.

Giving them chores here and there and then a little more and harder ones as they get older will toughen them up a bit. Even if it takes blood, sweat, and tears.

I dunno,, there are a lot of layers to parenting and this is just a tip of the iceberg but this info could be useful to you sometime in the future but what would I know I'm only a kid :v
I love these episodes
martis martiis
22 kg ain't even that heavy
Like I get it "I'm not your friend I'm your parent" but the thing is that you are or else they start to get a hatred towards them
Nika Pipecic
these moms are fealing to much pity for themselfs some even get depressed when my mom and other moms across the world dont have time to be depressed. I get that its hard taking care of somebody alone me and my mom had to be alone since i was a baby becouse my dad had to work on norway becouse we didnt have enaugh money for bread, but you have to pull yourself together and be there for your kid!
Octavia Arrows
they are way to mean tho
expspeacaily in boot camp
Cyber Crate
0-0....your not teaching discipline...YALL ARE FUCKING TEACHING THEM TO ABUSE
Hashtag !
0.51 Chinese people dropping luggage
MLG Thunder
lol what if you just sat there and said no quit riding my balls like acorns you squirrel
Nash Johns
WTF is Texas???
Anah Eichman
They forced her to kill an animal? That is awful.
morgan rajean
He forced her to kill a chicken!! What the fuck!!!!
morgan rajean
Jesus you don't go to prison for skipping school. Texas is on some dumb shit and idk how that girl who lives with that man as her father isn't emotionally unstable af. It's been proven losing privacy can cause emotional distress and mental issues.
μ •μ œμ›
Welcome to Texas indeed lmao
Takeoff HD
Julian Ono
0:46 look at the pepole in the backroundπŸ˜‚
Blaze Fire
Evermore Pasely
Most of the parents of the kids in my class don't really control their kids like my mom does. I feel like I'm lucky to have a mom like mine, she has made me into the person i am today. I feel like the other kids will be getting drunk at parties and failing classes, while I'll be doing the opposite.
Logan DeFreitas
I'd wouldn't mind a seven day hunger strike
Joseph designs
At the start of every episode, I just ask myself, is their hair on purpose?
Lol XD
It's a shit school if they allow them to just walk out during lessons
Lidia Le Roux
I hate the parents and thier kids
Random crap
Dang! 1% drop out rate!?!?!
Ayesha Amjad
Really want Danielle Bregoli to be on one of these episodes!
okay but this is very close abuse.
Person Mc person person
The fullest definition of "I'm not one of your little friends".
Pierce The Jenn
"you wanted kids you got em" I say that to my mom all the time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Not trying to be racist but why is it British people who have the most problems
Kookie Kookie
Tbh I know that I'd get so much hate but It absolutely disgusts me when people say

"I'm not you friend, I'm your parent"

I feel like you should be very open and emotional with your parents
Not be a soldier to them
I know this will get a lot of hate but..
Alexander the gray fox
i like the teens acsents
neverland naptimes
this is like one of those videos meant to stop you from eating meat... the whole ring a chicken and burning into a cows skin really just hurt down to heart ;(
Leslie N.
You guys need to chill. These parents aren't that bad. Yes, they are strict but not all children are the same; some children need structure and these troubled children definitely need structure in their life.
Also, I'm 100% sure that the parents aren't ALWAYS strict with their own children. I'm sure they have down time and I'm sure that the parents are very loving... You can genuinely see the love that there parents have for their children and they seem like they are great at giving them advice. You must remember that we are only seeing the strict side of the parents hence the title: "world's STRICTEST parents.
Edit: ohhh! And I'm 100% sure that the dad wasn't going to stave the girl. He was trying to scare her not kill her.
If they were that bad the Australian children wouldn't have kept in touch with the family after they left.
Chill people!!!!
Leslie N.
19:07 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that run tough
Phoebe Patton
i live in Texas but I live in the southeast Sooo that shit don't happen
you fool
They just need a good ass whooping
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