The World's Strictest Parents: Episode 4 - Port Lavaca, Texas USA

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Juliana Ferrer
There kids not soldiers or slaves that's not a good way to discipline kids...
Bergen Boldt
Don't be respectful to people who are the military and it does suck if you have parents who are strict but it helps the kids in the real world once they are out by themselves
Bree karmen kaata hall
i dont care that hes been in the army for 15/16 years cause my koro/poppa has been in the army for 34 years
Two Cheeto Puffs
Corie can suck me off any time
Emily Games
I feel sorry for them at 19:30
Fidi Randle
My middle school P.E coach makes us do the same thing.
AntiSepticeye Helper
0:44 ḯ ʟ∀ʊℊнε∂ ﹩ø н∀я∂ ẘнεη ⊥нε¥ ∂яø℘℘ε∂ ⊥нεяε ḉ∀﹩ε﹩
Ninjagamer 1107
My life in emojis 😀😯😍👱🏻‍♀️😘years later👱🏻‍♀️💀😐🙁😒😞😔😖🔫💀🌞🌝🌟
Kenzie Saunders
I feel bad for the 2 kids cause now they have to leave the place they love
Kenzie Saunders
BeenLeft thegame

Little brother:HELP!!!!
Dog:imma get ya
Big sister:why did you let the dog go?you idiot

Luca Ferioli
Hi jk y da boot camp do ?
Are people really shocked that schools don't allow piercings, head gear, have cops that arrest write ticked, ect. My school was like that.
twiztid kitten
I've heard of strict parents but jesus let the kids be kids ... Never mind having your children call you sir & ma'am smg
Supa Hot Fire
Hurricane Harvey roasted them lol bye school
Bye bootcamp
Grace Polvado
He is scary lol XD
I don't really agree with with removing privacy. Everyone has a right to have it and there's men and women in that house. So awkward
Hi Im Tealis
Lolol, you can't fuck with a SF guy. They literally teach you how to ruin someone's day

So they introduce this guy as a Sgt, but he's wearing a captain rank. I'm so confused right now.
dylan davis
nimrod films
Phantom Howlett
I'd hate to have a camera recording me all the time, especially if it was for shit like this. This is virtually publicity. And all these rules! They have NO freedom! This thing is bullshit! The least they could do is give them privacy!
Phantom Howlett
Wait, what would happen if the kids couldn't pick up the bags.
Oink ards
Brits and aussies are the lowest subspecies of the human Caucasian.
Lujhain Younis
Shame the other kids were neglected when those bad kids where there
Rachel Hunter
They're bad kids, send them to Texas!!!! 😂
faze rug
I would take that shot gun and kill all of them
Never moving to texas now lol
Ace Xerxes
0:43 lol
Violet brugetti
I would of hated that those Texan parents, I hate fireworks and I do not support murdering animals for selfish unnecessary reasons. I would of enjoyed the "punishments" since I like working out. I would rather do the boot camp than murder and pluck a chickie.
Taking the door off? These guys are crazy, sure the kids are also misbehaved assholes, but this 'military discipline' is warped- calling your mom and dad 'sir'a and ma'm'..
Alex Fearful
So... is everyone gonna just ignore those people who dropped there luggage at 0:49 and nobody helped or acknowledged
Pretty Little Psycho
That's torture.
Pretty Little Psycho
I don't act anything like this, the only time I ever got grounded was because I lost my virginity at 15, because our rules are the minimum is 16. Ok my 16th was in 3 weeks, I thought that was good enough....
Eleanor Coder
that phone tho
Melissa Williams
If acted like this towards my mom, I would have gotten slapped and gotten my but beat 😂
Pizza is here I like pizza
Am I the only one that noticed that when they were walking to the airport the people behind them dropped there bags at 0:45
Trash Console
Boi I'm in 8th grade and I've left school so many times and I just get a small consequence. I'm so happy my mom is as sarcastic as I am and she left my dad.
Trash Console
Boi I'm in 8th grade and I've left school so many times and I just get a small consequence. I'm so happy my mom is as sarcastic as I am and she left my dad.
Trash Console
Your parent should be your buddy who is there to help through hard times and make you feel comfortable
"Drinking and smoking with my mates" drinks ginger ale
Cheeki Vladimir
That peace of shit millitary dad can fuck of because that is wrong what he is doing and kids need too have some privacy, and i don't give a shit if i spelled something wrong.
Dimitri Vreys
Wow that was very good made by Mr.Simon
Mallorie Van Meeteren
Wow, that is all I got to say😳
It NeedsMoreKetchup
Why is everyone trying to make Texas look bad. I feel bad at this point.
Human Being
Those kids are such wimps, that boot camp was less brutal than a normal day of PE at my school, it looked pretty fun acrually... Ah, ya gotta love Texas!!!
Zakir Shah
Out of all the places in their the had to go to the godamn bloody mcdonalds
hitlerboy anton
man those faggots are stupid and weak
Anime Is Trash
I thought california was bad
They can't starve them
wolf Dragonheart1223
Tbh I have to work every weekend look after kids and take care of animals at a barn for bristal for joy go check them out there nice!!
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