Kyle Buist
My favorite was baby powder to get sand😊🏖️♥️
Elsa Em
I’m watching in 2017 November
Nysa Vijan
In the beach chair hack , behind so many beach chairs were there
Emily Garcia
Dj rav-3 same
Sarahs Face
Does anyone else get Christmas commercials?
Yeah but eventually the ice is gonna turn into water and it’s gonna we watery and tasteless.... but to be honest your my favorite YouTuber!! Ilysm!!!!!
Aisha Almazrouei
Who is reading comments instead of paying attention
Eliana Rojo
I love you Rcl Beauty 101
Eliana Rojo
can you please add me on Snapchat because for some reason it didn't work for me
Katie Owls
watches in fall
I use the bag life hack everyday when I'm in the shower
Philip Lindgren
And if you put a towel around a water bottle with ice in it it will keep it cold trust me I've done it at school
im her big fan
Mary Cox
Back when iPhones had headphone jacks
Kyla Tiyo
I love the shower
ommaren mennaren
Are you even read the comments Rachel comment if YOU do
Abby Anglin
Look how long the video is😏
Citlally abundes
I love the mango life hack
U look cutr
Don’t use the waterbottle ice cube because when it freezes, it takes particles of the plastic, and then it unfreezes and you drink the particles😬
Liam Denault
your so awesome
Lucy House
Your a genius like seriously
Leeann Hall
You could dig a hole and put your towel in side
Macy BonBons
Is the opinion outpost thing a scam
Elise McCallum
I IS A FUCKING SWIMMER! And you think that your hair gets strawy FROM SWIMMING IN A FUCKING POOL FOR TEN FUCKING MINUTES!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😿😿😿
Nareumon Thinkhamsai
If the sand is wet will it still work
Amad Alyas
I did the hack with the conditioner and my hair is curly but.I had to.keep it in for.2' min it works
lallie boadnaraine
u so sweet
Annalisa Allen
Her shirt looks dope with that mic string before I knew it was a mic string.🎙
Breeana Fifield
Are you famous rachel
Anime ASMR
Dont use the survey app because it will send you THOUSANDS of emails and it takes you about an hour to get just 1$
Isaias Alegre
tyhytyyyuth olituiuiuy9 ii9juuil0ply
Jenna Agro
I tried the conditioner trick and it works so well! It makes my hair so soft!
Karina Almeida
Definitely the 1st one
Ella Riso
cliping your flip flops to your bag
kianoush amini
How you think douse😶😶
Ernesto Espinoza
Rachel had on headphones couldn't you tell
Poop Emoji
You're such a Genius 😱😱😱
Kensington & friends For dayz
Opinion outpost was on reaction times vid. These are my favorite youtubers ilumminati confirmed?😮😮😮😮😮
Jocelyn Davenport
1:37 Rachel: if your kinda lazy like me...
Me: kinda?
Me: HA
Me: rolls on floor laughing
Friend: are you ok?
Friend: slowly backs away
Riley Hager
Thank you for the flip flop thing because my flip flops do that all the time
Hanna Fagan
Yeah lemme just pull out my handy dandy thing from bread cause I carry that around everywhere
Taylor Mae Harnish
If she didn't say that it was a headphone Mic I would have thought it was part of her shirt
Isla Blair
It tastes like pink medicine
What does pink taste like
Bianca Rodriguez
Where did she buy that bikini o really want it
Arden Ancheta
The ice on the side of the bottle was really smart
My Life As Leya
now they will look for chapstick😂
Aaden Litz
Rclbeauty101 is awesome
Scoutie Woutie
Sandy Solomon
Can u plsss make merchh!!ill buy like 30

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