Night Out: DIY VS. Professional Stylist


“There’s a 50-50 chance that one of our days is not gonna be real fun."

Nina's Look:

Leopard Coat: 
Style: Kanecaron Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket
Brand: Kanecaron

Choker, earrings, and 2 rings: Social Butterflies LA

Clutch: Tarryn​ ​S​imone

Shoes: Forever 21

Dress: H&M

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Illustration of woman drying long hair with blow dryer against blue background
Malte Mueller/Getty Images
Elegant female hands holding luxury fashion accessories
Kirsten Ulve/Getty Images
Beauty products
CSA Images/Printstock Collection/Getty Images

Created by

Krishna Shankar
9:41 lowkey looks like cardi b lol
Britney Wiedemann
Redo it! Switch roles!!
Theatre Geek
Now can we go back and have the opposite. Have Nina diy and have Kristen get pampered
Shiny Suicune Gamer
Suicune: This is not fitting my tities are too big!!!!
why two different girls though...can't really compare like that....
Sanya Kapoor
Nina looked better by a lot but 400 dollars is totally not worth it for any of this
Kate Elizabeth
kristen plzzzz fix ur hair part it looks horrible
Someone fix that stylists eyebrows
Mimi P
Uhm... This was very unfair: the impossible to find cute plus-sized clothing at a thrift shop to the not being able to actually see clearly when doing her makeup. -.- I Still say DIY is better, put in the effort not half your rent
Ruby-Anne Whitfield
Buzzfeed always does Kristen so dirty.
Mary B
They should remake this video and have them switch places
The stylists eyebrows tho
John John
Wooooooo kristin's makeup is horrible...That heavy makeup doesnt do justice on her at all..
I don't usually like this kind of thing, but Kristin's cherry dress is POPPIN. Looks so cute on her. I feel her pain, shopping secondhand even as a size XL is challenging.
castieltøpsdean Winchester
nina looked straight up like a hooker.
Kristin Isabella
My name is Kristin spelled the same way!
Hermione Jean Granger
Let Kristen and Nina switch places!
serena blackwood
I would rather do my own. I have to many insecurities to allow someone else to be in control of my body hair and face.
Marie Sole
They look so good
Sara MountainWell
They should have been switched. It was obvious that they didn’t want their parts and they wanted the other part. Don’t do that, it just makes it worse...😒
dale penlebury lover dale pendlebury lover
Until now i didn't know what a blow out was but i have realised that im pretty lucky bc i have a natural blow out and she paid a lot of money for that
Roos Rommens
It's unfair to compare the prices though. When you buy products you can use them over and over again. Going somewhere to get your hair, makeup and styling did gets you a look for one night and maybe an outfit, which is the only thing you can wear another time
Happy Bunny
People are writing it wasn’t fair and they are being mean about Nina, just stop complaining and enjoy the video
Sophia Pellegrino
Damn she a blower🍆🍆🍆🍆
Zoraida Magana
They both look great...but stick to doing it yourself ladies,and get glammed up professionally on special occasions, so it can be really special!
Zoraida Magana
I'm at 5:14 , and I think Kristen is sooo pretty and elegant in her own humble and normal way!! very classy lady. And she is always absolutely gorgeous!!
Little Ray Of Sarcasm
Is no-one going to talk about how the hair stylist called herself a "blower"?
Mina Trevino
I would probably fail at that 🙈
buzzfeed be so extra sometimes lmao
Sydney Kelly
Both very sexy
Izzy Watson
nina’s annoying. srry.
rachel nusbaum
if kristen had her eyebrows correctly done and did lighter eyeshadow with false lashes i think she would have looked amazing
Ava Olivas
4:17 lol she’s a blower
What no I feel like a stylist should meet you then pic out your clothes?
"im a blower" LOOOL
405 freaking dollars??? Brah, I can buy an outfit and makeup from Walmart and still look cute.
Lizzie Watermellon
$300 for someone to find you an outfit???
Aya Lourarhi
I couldn't stop staring at their eyebrows they're so pretty
Emma Noel
i think it would have been better if kristen had the makeup done by a professional and then a person who is really good at makeup should have done the diy because then the levels would be natches
Rachel Levin
Kristen’s dress is amazing! Thrift shopping really can reveal hidden gems.
Courtney Elise
“I ate pizza standing up,”
-Kristen, March 2017
It’s Ethan Boi
Only reason I watched this is because Kristin is in it
Kumotta Kun
They were wearing some kind of medical looking bracelets at the end?
Dori Holy Water Girl
Winona Daphne
the fake "ohhh" jesus XD
Ruby Levingstone
What's the name of that classical piece of music at 1:30?
Annanas Deinum
Is Nadia dutch? 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
Molly Bobbermen
They look AMAZING!
Woah Kristen you look amazing !!
Amadeus on the back ground 🙌🏼
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