Night Out: DIY VS. Professional Stylist


“There’s a 50-50 chance that one of our days is not gonna be real fun."

Nina's Look:

Leopard Coat: 
Style: Kanecaron Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket
Brand: Kanecaron

Choker, earrings, and 2 rings: Social Butterflies LA

Clutch: Tarryn​ ​S​imone

Shoes: Forever 21

Dress: H&M

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Illustration of woman drying long hair with blow dryer against blue background
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Elegant female hands holding luxury fashion accessories
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Beauty products
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Created by

Lilah Rayne
That stylist looks like she is 13.
I'm 16 and Ik don't have any problems doing my Hair, make up and outfit like the black haired girl tbh
Alex Stroumbakis
Kristen's hair look amazing,both women do.
Shanelle xoxo
Ohhh they should try the ramen spicy noodles.
Philli Strahl
I feel like it would have been better the other way around
Nerdy Artist
All I do is put a LITTLE bit of foundation on my forehead and then put my hair in a ponytail and then put pants on and a tank top with a jacket and I'm ready.
Danand Phil
My name is Nadia
Cindy Leigh
"Im currently a blower"
Roxanne McGowan
Hi I'm a blower......
Yep that's it
Noah johansson
Whats the name of the piece at 1:29?
Jazmyn spells her name the same way I do. I'm not alone anymore.
Catty101 Anime
Wow the makeup person for Nina spells her name the same i do cool
Omg my name is nadia
Rita Assad
The music reminds be of black butler 😂
Briana Freeman
i think the 2 one was the best but i know you don't always have to make someone do it for you i gust think its more pretty but i do like the first 1 too
alex garza
As a fellow chubby gal, I would have loved to see the common struggles and if they could be solved with some money and professional help? Maybe it's just me, Kristen deserves more glamour too, I love Nina don't get me wrong but I feel like Kristen always gets the harder end of things when a custom team would help a pretty chubby girl wayyy more especially one who struggles easily ( because I feEL) idk just me
Macneil Tan
At 4:55 that is me!
Laura Tenney
Maritza Espinoza
I think it's unfair for the almost blind lady to get her owm makeup xD
mAceY kMs
Nina didn't deserve the professional style tbh
Diamond Martini
I hear that Tory lanez instrumental lol
Leah Orosco
i feel like i never get thumbs up
joy marcy
Give kristin a night out professional makeover! Please i love kristin shes my fave
Mervat Hatem
Please subsribe????
Mervat Hatem
Please supsribe????
Trinitee Ortega
her damn eyebrows
my adventures
Kristin has terrible hair! She has no part too! And she needs different glasses.....
unicorn lady
While watching this I felt the way I did when my step mom would take me out and spoil me and we would eat food and go to the mall and get our toes does
celena gostavo
nails where??
Sushma Goenka
Which one I liked more :-
Clothes - Nina
Hair - Kristen
Makeup - Kristen
Nourhan Mostafa
I felt that the DIY was more worth it😞
Nourhan Mostafa
I wished they after they switch and the girl that was in the pro be DIY and other one be pro😧
Bailey Williams
At the end, they both looked great. The experiment would have been better controlled though if they both did it themselves on one night and had personal stylists fix them up the next
Subscriber for subscribe!
Erica Ervin
They should've did a two night episode where they both went the DIY route for Friday night then hired both a hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist for Saturday night and compared looks. Then had them judge if it was worth it 🙂
Lena Dany
I don't even know why but Nina annoys me so much🙇‍♀️sorry
Multi Fandoms
Introvert and extrovert switch schedules!!!!
Daisy Kitten 602
I would probably want to have hair and makeup done professionally but choose my own outfit, just because I know what I like and what suits me, I don't need to spend that much money for someone to choose my clothes for me
Bree Parkes
godbless kirsten
Joshua B
this kinda made me sad to see kristen stuggle. I just started getting emotional. dunno quite why
Elizabeth Ramirez
Nina looks a lot like the mom in How I Met Your Mother
Neo Jasmine
Kristin won cause she wasn't good at makeup and still achieved that look
Sarah Maria
or you could go to a less expensive salon
HockeyGirl 4LIFE
I love vintage shopping so thats my pick, I'm kinda good with hair but if i want a blowout for a special occasion then the stylist is better, and for the makeup its the same if its like idk my graduation yes ill have it done so i look classy af,but i do it on my own in more normal situations
whitney aric
nina is one the prettiest girls i have seen in my whole life omg
Briannachu kawainess
kristian looks awesone i dont care what you tell me
Briannachu kawainess
i think ninas hair looked better before also she says its awesome yes you dont have to do anything but you have to shell out tons of money its unnecessary to me
Briannachu kawainess
how can people spend so much money for someone to just tell you what to wear
Gym Star641
Nadia Beeman needs to do some eyebrow waxing
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