Night Out: DIY VS. Professional Stylist


“There’s a 50-50 chance that one of our days is not gonna be real fun."

Nina's Look:

Leopard Coat: 
Style: Kanecaron Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket
Brand: Kanecaron

Choker, earrings, and 2 rings: Social Butterflies LA

Clutch: Tarryn​ ​S​imone

Shoes: Forever 21

Dress: H&M

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Illustration of woman drying long hair with blow dryer against blue background
Malte Mueller/Getty Images
Elegant female hands holding luxury fashion accessories
Kirsten Ulve/Getty Images
Beauty products
CSA Images/Printstock Collection/Getty Images

Created by

Like if they're both pretty
Vianey Dejesus
65 for a used dress?!
Mi-Ann Balagon
Oh would've wanted Kirsten to get the professional help really.
They should've gone out twice, one night they both do it themselves, and the other night do it professional
Kenzie Immortal Daughter of Hera And Poseidon
Kristin,learn how to do ur makeup better!!!
2 Sisters Productions
No offense but the girl didn't achieve the blowout cuz she has white girl hair
Caitlin Thomas
Nina: They gave me water in a champagne glass.
Kristen: I ate pizza standing up.
Nadia needs to "Style" her eyebrows ...🙄
Melissa Lim
kristen is so quirky n jolly 😁
innocent dumpling
r there any other fashionistas here who would totally want 2 pick out their own outfit and do their own makeup but physically CAN NOT deal with hair?! Just me? Ok then
Emily Park
i really like the editing of this one
Camryn Prater
They tried so hard to convince us that professional was better
Naomi Berman
poor Kristen😢😢
Trasha Pitas
Nina Nadia 😁
almaha albisher
I think Nina looks waaaaaay better
Amanda darchiville
Nina looks bomb! So does Kristen, but Nina really looked good.
Alaina Seawell
x.x.x Holly x.x.x
That blushington reminds me of that kids tv show chuggington. Uk 🇬🇧 knows
Kristin just sucks on makeup
Nina'/ hair looked the same before and after thou
Kanta Walia

the, a wz ljr6un c ng bsevxtb
Wiccan Tree
Honey needs to style her eyebrows 😂👋🏻
Al Ellis
is it just me or did kristen highkey look like 10 years older at the end,,
Christina Efstratiou
I wouldn't trust a stylist with these brows.. sorry x
Greta Liubicich
"A lot of places like this don't have my size" as if they should...
I'm chubby myself but come on you put yourself in the position of being obese, now you can't just complain about the fact that some shops don't have your size.
Still love her personality though
Rachel Mitrani
what's the choir song in this lol
Cheryl Rosee
night out or going to prostitute themselves to a 78 yo drug dealer? 😂
I love lady like because it is good for younger girls and older girls because it is a very good channel
Winter F
They pretty much set Kristin up to look horrible here
Harsha Sangam
Indian women have a beautiful glow to their skin lovee it
Dog Dog
I wanna work at that salon just to say "I'm a professional blower."
Johanna Thompson
Nina looks like Lily from superwoman at the end
Kimi Girl
i'm so mad this was so unfair poor kristen
Kimi Girl
lol nina i would also say i hate getting the professional stylist ;)
Cindy Nguyen
Who else thought it meant 50 dollar tip
Mad Ro Ro Dixon
Starla Martinez
Honestly would rather have kristins blowout
When Nina was going to explain what kind of look she was going for, Jazmyn completely cut her off which I thought was a bit rude..
Hannah Deeley
I cringed at the end of Kristen's makeup. I'm sorry!!
if they cut out the stylist Nina could've done everything 3 dollars cheaper than Kristin. picking out your own clothes isn't hard enough to need a stylist tbh
Diana Ramirez
When she said she looked like a witch after the makeup artist was done lmaooo
FloralHannah Xxxx
Im legit Kristin (Kristin) on a daily basis!
we had to sing the song at 1:34 in my choral class. it was harddddd
david obrien
lol all those wigs I know wear I need to go thrifting
It's like they purposely made the bigger girl (my apologies, I don't know her name) style herself to see what mess she would make of herself, just for laughs. She even mentioned that she knew she was going to get screwed. It would've been great to see how the stylist would style a curvier figure, what sort of pieces would compliment her figure, and many of us were hoping to see that. Buzz feed consider themselves to be more progressive, yet they're still resort to humiliating people who are considered to be "less attractive" by society standards for entertainment. I didn't appreciate that.
I'm 10 and I'm awesome at makeup

My friends ask how is my face the same colour as the foundation...

I make it my self...
Yellowpiglover123 Yellowpiglover123
Not to be rude but Kristen kinda looked like a grandma after the revel
Guinny Piggy
Isn't that girl at blushington in that ladylike video where they went there too? XD
Katie Rose
Poor Kristen! She always gets treated the worst.
Zena Marie
I feel like this would be more accurate if one girl did it on her own one day and had it professionally done the next
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