Night Out: DIY VS. Professional Stylist


“There’s a 50-50 chance that one of our days is not gonna be real fun."

Nina's Look:

Leopard Coat: 
Style: Kanecaron Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket
Brand: Kanecaron

Choker, earrings, and 2 rings: Social Butterflies LA

Clutch: Tarryn​ ​S​imone

Shoes: Forever 21

Dress: H&M

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Illustration of woman drying long hair with blow dryer against blue background
Malte Mueller/Getty Images
Elegant female hands holding luxury fashion accessories
Kirsten Ulve/Getty Images
Beauty products
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Created by

Erin Nance
omg i have that cherry dress lol
The AniMuse
the professional would probably be better as like for a bachelorette party, while the diy is probably better overall 😁
"They gave me water in a Champaign glass."
"I ate pizza standing up" <-- ME 😂💯
Brooklyn Chaz
I think they should of done nails too
Sam Seo Jin
why the hair that did on nina still look the same
Larissa Sharp
when 'Lacrimosa' (spelling?) nostalgia slapped me because it was in my field show last year.
Laura A
Kristin should get bangs 👌
Jazmine is back
Taylor Duda
After watching all these buzzfeed videos I want to go to iguana so bad 😂
Allison Rideout
buzzfeed I'm actually so disappointed in you , no offence to Kristen but you guys knew she sucked at makeup and nina was good at makeup before, they should have switched it around and Nina should have done the DIY and Kristen should have went to a professional just saying
Should have done this with twins.
What's the name of the song starting at 1:30??
Kristen is my spirit animal <3
Chanel Rose
That blushington girl is the same girl who helped Jeffry star with is custom foundarip
Angie Hawkins
Nadia literally looks like Blanca from Orange is the new Black.
Stephanie wills
I would definitely say that the professional makeup better but considering the price I think that Christian actually did a great job
I want to see this the other way round too
RandomPerson 7
I will fund the Go-Fund me
Nadia Miller
i love nadia's eyebrows
Kiccu jinx
Kristen's sooooo cute
Like cute in the good cute way.
Victuuri Z
Good god I love Kristin. Bless her and everyone she ever meets
Lauren Rincon
I related to Kristin doing her makeup on a spiritual level. "Oh that's good enough"
Annie Osorio
what's the name of the Opera that they used when Nina was going to meet the fashion stylist?
Grumpy Toaster
its my birthday can i get a like for lying
Emily Angelique
Kristen that vintage dress was everything! 😍 you always look gorgeous 🙏🏼
Catherine S
$65 for a thrift shop dress? I got a brand new $200 one for $20
Mi sa
I wanted Kristen to get the stylist
Zurbub z
what was that instrumental song when the makeup artist shows up tho
Ameera Reacts?
They did the same look kinda
Ameera Reacts?
She means she's got a very big head
Geo M.C.
Nadia Sayegh
My name is Nadia.... I look nothing like the stylist
Lynn Beeu
I laughed so much fml
Isa B.
7:40 AH! What THE HECK
Jordyn Terry
" Hi, I'm a blower! "
Riley Ryder
i didnt like ninas eye makeup at all

Leann Chua
hi I'm also Leann :)
Gray Fullbuster
This looks like a High school comedy
Nina reminds me of the dollar store version of Safiya
kaitly_ n
Not to be rude, but the fur coat made Kristen look bigger than she was, and kinda like a grandma trying to be sexy with the teal dress....
2:59 me when I shop for clothes
Olivia Chainey
genuine question is do they really think this is reliable? you need to have them do both... they naturally look different.
Gloria Ramos
The beauty blender was dirty ewwww
Mary Clare Madison
i think nina's is gorgeous and so perfect looking. she looks amazing
Nadia Theodore
my name is NADIA!!
Hazel Martin
Kristine looks like my mum
Shirin Isys
Kristen always gets stuck with the short end of the stick and it pisses me off🙄
Maeve Winters
Do it again but switch places
"Hi, I'm Lean and I'm a professional blower."
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