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Amazing fish cutting skills,  Apple Street Food
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good job
Ningthoujam Nelson Singh
toooooo slow
Qutubuddin Sheikh
nice work :)
vasanth pn
suberb cutting
Nanigopal Sau
Anil Kumar
o nice cutting
abbas hussain
hands not clean
Monowar Hussain
Pawan Bairagi
Murali deeti
good cutting.....thanks
tapi rido
jst use hand gloves more often! pls do use some sharp and heavy knives to chop easily..
Himanahu Marjal
Bart Simpson
Buy a band saw its much safer than this shit. just his method of using the knife towards his hands and fingers puts me off.
Bart Simpson
why he runs knife towards his hand? he should draw away. this is why he cut his finger, one day he will lose it
Krishnan Malisha
first consul doctor for your hands b
ho me
his hands are not clean
Mujahid Khan
nice chatting 👍
Naomi theos
What fish is this?
Arushi Gupta
cutting is nice but save animals not eat chicken
Sam Romam
Super cutting
hey,man your working process is nice,but your hand .......................,I'm not to disrespect you,i have a solution for your hand,1st..consult a doctor for your hand,and mostly important that,you have needed a hand gloves for safe to water and absolutely keep dry your hands for long working time.
His hands are white and peeling off. An indication that he's got his hands wet for long periods of time. Soon it will start bleeding and into the fish he is cutting. I bet that stings all the time. He needs to wear gloves to keep it dry so it will heal...
A.L.S. Rohit.
nice clean
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