Floyd "At the End of the Day" Mayweather
Bolo Tube
He makes smart investments but buys a 4 million dollar chain. 😂
That is exactly what he does.,. Moron
I don't have to tell nobody how much money I have...... in the next sentence
luca Rossi
Dumb black fuck lol relax u insecure loser bum
oh my freaking jesus crist .. he is an idiot .. what da foooock!
jason day
Tell me how did you invest to become so rich???
Hikidun M
He beat the odds & will not let you forget.
Arum didn't see him as a megastar eventhough as a youngstar he was the business - he sets out gets his advisers(Al Haymon) & were laughed by the boxing establishment.
Now Al Haymon runs boxing & all of those promoters including Arum now have to bow down.
Insecure, loudmouth etc - Floyd Mayweather is a winner
Carl Harris
What a retard, it's like when we went to school and bragged about our crap toys thinking they were the best , because we were so insecure
shut the fock up biitch.
Conor'I get wobbly when fatigued' Mctapper
Real gentlemen don't brag about how much doe they got. Insecure if anything.
Grant Z Price
"I made over 800 million" domestically... IRS does math.. compares the 280 million in taxes he should have paid against the estimated $80 million he's paid to them... fight better happen cause dude has some splainin to do
Randolf Rafaol
that video titles is horrendous lmao. nice professionalism
Michael Wahl
So he says he doesn't need to wear a suit to prove how much money he has... instantly starts telling how much his watch and chains are. Such an insecure little man.
Adolph Oliver Bush
Floyd "Money?" Mayweather.
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