Can Paper Cut Wood?

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Thought I'd give this a try, just to see what would happen. Kind of gives a new meaning to thin kerf blade!
Read more here:

Here's another paper cutting wood video that gives an explanation about how it works:

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Title should be: "Can wood cut wood?"

Get it? Haha... ahh...
McPopularMax GM
Put my ass on it
alex Vasile
îs puse Woods Mother fuker
wilver ruiz
And the tip of your dick
Sally Bob
So basically if you spin something at a very high speed, it can cut anything? I LOVE LOGIC!
can ı habe pizza please?
Ballistic N
Thanks, now I can make paper shurikens to kill my enemies
alessia Emilia
who is here because of reaction time
Kane Bowser-Wieser
0:19 Anyone wanna play minecraft?
Desktop Inventor
Power Of Paper!
That looks cool!
ibrahem abdalhlem
KERMES Omg hi. lol I found you in the comments
Luciana Campos
85% of people talking about paper cuts
10% of people talking about that they came from Reaction Time
5% of people talking random crap
Kevin Shiznit
so, its basically can paper cut paper?
Now i know why a paper cut hurts so much
Warren King
kartoffel ring
Duro Ajayi
reinforce it
John Heisz can I react to this video in one of my youtube videos? Please reply and let me know ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
Lucy Remney
Wouldnt want to get paper cut from that 😂 lol
vul ture
You made just made a trend
Saturn Star68
Ooh imagine the paper cuts. Ahh ouch.
Anthony Vottari
Dylan YT
80%- Paper cuts
20%- Comments in different languages
final apex
I'm a scientist
final apex
I say that's fake
kaliyah jennings
at 1:29 HE KNOW HE WAS SCARED 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicholas Vellenga
Will this work with a SawStop?
this brings paper cut to a whole new level

im not the only one hold my hands while watching this video
Sadiq Zainli
O my god the wood is cut
Sadiq Zainli
What the wood is cut
Sadiq Zainli
No way the wood will definitely not get cut
Im pretty sure 90% of the comments are paper cut puns or paper puns
Dhiyo Urahman
1:33 RIP headphone users
James Daniel
so the question is can thin wood cut thick wood?
moon magic 15
am I the only one tho king the whole time how awful his nails were......................just me ok
John Heinz content > Mr. Hacker shitty stolen content
Connor Hoover
I saw this on the science channel
The real question is CAN GRASS CUT WOOD?????
Rubys Magic
60% of the comments are about a paper cut.
30% are about Reaction Time.
10% are about how amazing this is.
rocab gaming
Must be some thick paper right there
renal wiyogo
1:19 thats called pussy wood
Junk Foodz
Hey just so u know. Mr Hacker got your idea and no credits.
marcin karpiak
fuck paper
Mahmoud Amin
When your mom tells you "it's just a paper cut" show her this video
Rin Yuki
...what if someone put their dickhole to it....
the real meaning of paper cut
Dank Memes
The first wood you cut was balsa would and you can snap that in half yourself!
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