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twenty one pilots' music video for 'Heavydirtysoul' from the album, Blurryface - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Get it on…

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Directed by Andrew Donoho


There’s an infestation in my mind’s imagination,
I hope they choke on smoke ‘cause I’m smoking them out the basement,
This is not rap, this is not hip hop,
Just another attempt to make the voices stop,
Rapping to prove nothing, just writing to say something,
‘Cause I wasn't the only one who wasn't rushing to say nothing,
This doesn't mean I lost my dream,
It’s just right now I’ve got a really crazy mind to clean.
Gangsters don’t cry,
Therefore, therefore I’m,
Mr. Misty-eyed, therefore I’m.
Can you save, can you save my,
Can you save my heavydirtysoul?
For me, for me,
Can you save my heavydirtysoul?
Nah, I didn't understand a thing you said,
If I didn't know better I’d guess you’re all already dead,
Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch,
Saying stuff like, “you only live once.”
You’ve got one time to figure it out,
One time to twist and one time to shout,
One time to think and I say we start now,
Sing it with me if you know what I’m talking about.
Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.

I watched the video and now after all this months I watch it again and it makes so much sense.. for me, this is just my perspective, first of all after seeing the 2012 goner video and how it ends with HDS beginning but the BF album ends with goner so its a circle that never ends until you stop it, it freaks me out and amaze me at the same time, then of course I came to see the HDS video again, and first the fire is like, it couldn't be clearer to me, blurryface has taken ove, red, blurry's driving but then not anymore cause he just triggers things, or maybe he is and tyler just doesn't see him cause he thinks its his fault and not blurry's, the fricking road its a circle and josh is in the middle, the car which i think its tyler's body its going crazy, he can't control it anymore, he looks back to see if josh's okay cause he might hurt him, and he's okay but the drums are on fire so it still gets to him a little, then the car is falling apart, tyler is falling apart, josh is kinda his safe spot, when he jumps off the car its like death makes him fight, fear of death "death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit" and at the same time he jumps where josh is, so he wouldn't die in the car explosion like blurry wanted, towards the end blurry has taken over and josh's aware of it, it's dark, but when the song almost ends the sounds are not so loud its like it's stoping but never really stops, so when they are together its not that bad, tyler looks kinda calm at the end, when the music its slowing down. And maybe just maybe at the very end of the video, everything was a thought of tyler's mind cause by blurry, insecurities, so tyler can see what he could do.
Panic! At The Top Crybaby Soul
Tyler: Uh What Happend Saw Car Oh Shit Ahhhhhhhh
Hai There Geek
Anyone else think this song could fit perfectly for Ghost Rider?
thatdrummerboi vano
who else feels that josh could
d have been hit by the sparks and catch fire and he still is ok . I can't understand why he let that still happen he could of died and there would only be only one pilot
Hotpocketz Chloelmao
sad to say this era is over.
Some people like Twenty One Pilots because of their AMAZING music and great talent, but only a few people know what all the songs REALLY mean
July Mosby
The Blurryface era is over. Thanks and bye, blurry. |-/
Stattikk Virus
Who else is going on a blurryface marathon BC they don't want the era to end yet but they also do because they want to scream cry and fail at rapping more but will still miss this era
Rare4Life A
i can relate to this xd
Panicking disco balls fat airport ladys
Jordan Aucoin
Ramen Is Fuel.
happy l-j
Alright can I just get a round of applause since I can rap it. I just got it, yeah I know loads of people did it before me and blah blah blah. Shush. I only started learning it today so I think that's kinda impressive. Not very impressive but kinda. Besides I don't have any talents so...
carlos marcondes
CRISTO pode salvar sua alma!
Vanessa Hyyryläinen
Can you shave, my hairy dinosaurus?
melangas martinez
adios blurryface :((
Joyce Chen
This is weird
Abby M
a true masterpiece
Rhe Magic
"This is not rap, this is not hip hop"
Maria Lipiecka
I love how this is the continuation of the first version of goner. I'm so proud of Tyler that he defeated Blurryface and ended the era. He stayed alive and look where he is now. Stay alive frens |-/
I am currently about to listen to the whole Blurryface album. Such a beautiful experience to see these guys come up with these ideas, these videos. So beautiful to see them grow so much with this album. This album was a great accomplishment for them, the grammies, 2+ billion views on Youtube, all these goals accomplished. Thank you guys for helping me out these 2 years and for all the time you've spent keeping me alive before Blurryface. Your music has been so helpful, this music I really need, the one that talks about reality, the one that is comprehensive and speaks about real life struggles many of us have to deal everyday with. Thank you. R.I.P Blurryface 2015-2017. So excited for all the upcoming songs, memories, experiences and thoughts. Stay alive. |-/
2:23 My motto
Hasan Hüseyin Çalışkan
WWE 2K16
i love your music and you are such a good singer
Selena Tovar
@Roman Atwood Vlogs
Ricardo UL
lisa loobobs
i ❤ u Tyler
Cereal Killer
After-Blurryface party beggins
Katarina Z,Diys
You know it's lit when you car door falls off and your car radio gets stolen
Viki Zambrano
Yup tyler lost a tire from the car
The Confident Gamer
└📁 Twenty One Pilots
└📁 Bad Songs
└⚠️ This folder is empty
Skye Elsey
Josh: Do I have to set fire to my drums?!
Tyler: Yes,sorry Josh...
Josh: F*** YOU TYLER!!!!
Charli Burkart
rip blurryface
никита иванов
gean rafael
gean rafael
muito loco
Simon Andre
refait la meme avec la fin trop bien
😈Can You Save My HeavyDirtySoul👿
kirito et compagnie
cc tu pourrat me metre ark a 18h00 la je vais acheter le pain
let the new era begin |-/
Aida Rodriguez
what if music videos were real
tyler:AHHHHHHH!!!! THE SPEED IS SO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!! 'GTFO'
JSE,TØP!ATD Septiplier crybabies and music Lover
Doctor: Nope sorry its too late to save your soul, you will live with Brendon Urie in hell now 😂😂😂
meghan hailer
This song is old I didn't know it takes FUCKING YEARS to make a music video. I still love TØP though
Piotr Pawłowski
Goodbye blurryface era.
Afonso Silva
Andry Nasution
Rip to the blurry face Era 😭
Livea Games
Can you save my HAIRY DINOSAUR?!
machine sheline
guess you could say the drums where fire
Jøsh's Spine
the second the blurryface era ends ALRIGHT WHERES MY NEW ALBUM?!?
Angela Robles
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