What People Think Of Me: Women On Birth Control

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“Does every guy in here want to come and have sex with me because I’m on birth control” - said no woman ever.

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Stephanie Collins
Instagram: I_am_StephanieCollins
Twitter: @Iamstephaniecol

I was put on birth control when I was just 13. Hey, at least my period is regular now...
Michaela Cohen
pretty sure conservatives much prefer contraception to abortion
liz-anne driece
I might be really stupid, but is it really a problem if you take your pill 5 hours to late ?
ahahahaha 0:34 the guy on the left I'm pretty sure he's gay lmao I just thought it was funny don't mean to offend love all people LGBTQIA+ and all race <3
one year ago on this day of June ... this video was released
Erika Carranza
I hate when people think birth control is ONLY for preventing pregnancy it's not.
Life has been so much easier on birth control. My periods do not get in my way anymore
Lol the mom and society one is spot on.
Emma E Doorlag
Conservatives don't think like that
Brandi Buttrum
I take birth control because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. without it my uterus and ovaries are swollen, my periods are 100x more painful than the average lady, and my ovary cysts would pop more often. not to mention when you skip a period or have two in a month. or the times you don't have a period for like four months and then you bleed for 6 weeks straight. yeah. I'm not sleeping around. I have a medical condition.
Monica Acosta
Claire C
Even when I had medical issues, my doctor wouldn't give me birth control because it was "immoral"....even though it would have solved the issue quickly and efficiently....
Meghan Ripple
Literally no one acts like this. Stop the conservative bashing Buzzfeed.
Bethany Quintana
"What the conservatives think" should actually say "what the liberals think" SMFH
Clorox Bleach
But condoms prevent diseases the female
Could possibly spread,
Think again birth control
Zach's channel
My apologies I thought that was a representation of what conservatives want to do with birth control. Not what conservatives think of people on birth control.
Zach's channel
When the video said what conservatives think, they are incredibly wrong. That is how libtards think. Conservatives don't encourage promiscuity and reckless government spending of tax dollars for something you should get yourself, not burden the public with if you so desperately need to be horribly promiscuous. N.B. Conservatives hate Obama.
Carson Fowler
Thanks Obama 😂
Birth control pills actually function as anti-depressants for me :| Not kidding. It's the cheapest anti-depressant drug I can find and it works like a charm. (depression = hormonal imbalance, for me, at least)
raise your hand if you're on it for health issues!
Kamren Gronwold
really? what conservatives think?
Darth Kieduss
What People Think of Me: JFK Supporters or Democrats.
Pinhead Larry
wow making it seem as though men only come to bars for woman.Buzzfeed has hit a new low.
That guy in the blue shirt should have a instagram for his mustache.
hedda ludvigsen
Having a subdermal implant is SO much better, i dont have to remember to take any pills :D An i lost my period, so no more cramping and bleeding!
I realize Buzzfeed is a left leaning site...but I am conservative, my family is conservative, most of my friends are conservative and we all think birth control is a good way to prevent pregnancy and sometimes necessary to stop health issues such as endometriosis and painful periods.... I am actually on the Pill and so are many of my friends. Kinda not cool to be demonized all the time on these sites because of my political viewpoint. Not all conservatives are anti modern medicine.
In the Netherlands we take the pill to control our mentruation. Thanks to it we can chose not to get our period once in the two months and depending on your hormones some women can actually keep taking it for months and not have their period.
We also know that it has different effects and there are different kinds of birthcontrol pills.Some help against acné, pain, weight gain etc. There is so much more to this medication than only preventing childbirth! But that helps too :)
Cesia Brillant
I completely feel this video!!
I'm married and I don't want kids so I'm on birth control, and every time I mention it or try to get my shot, everyone gives me a funky look... Like... DON'T BE NASTY PEOPLE!

Just because one is been smart about it!!!
Rebeca Mihaltan
If my birth control was a person. 😂
The Walking Dead makes life better
abigailep333 Patton
Thanks Obama
Oh that made me laugh so hard
Holly Winchester
What I really think: finally a perfect period!!!
Roast Queen
wow she's completely right though, my cousin takes birth control (because of period pains) but literally the rest of my family thinks she some kinda ho.
Rubi Ortega
Lol she was watching the vid of guys trying on swimsuits
I personally don't agree with birth control and I will never use it. If someone else wants to use birth control, whatever I guess. The problem I have is when people say they should have free birth control paid for by the government. If birth control is that important to you, pay for it yourself.
Franchesca Okami
I started on birth control when I was a virgin :x I have hormone problems which made my period leave for like 6 months or stay for a whole month.
conservatives... as in american ones, here it isnt like that at allllll.
Brandyjtd Jallo
My little sister actually got prescribed it because her periods are literally so fiscally debilitating that she not only sometimes cant even move but has on multiple occasions passed out from blood loss. I was luckier in the gene pool
Gittoh J
who thinks like that?.... also, many girls takes birth control pills because it can help control periods and other things during the periods like pains etc.
Glynna Nickle
Nobody thinks that...
Do people actually think any of this? Ive never heard of the negative connotations in this video. The only ones I heard of are that people will think you are more likely to get stds, because of not using condoms, and that it might make it harder for you to get pregnant.
what is the point of this video?
Sarah Portelli
This reminds me...
Alissa Ditten
In all honesty, I don't understand the stigma attached to women on birth control in some places. Where I live, school actually encourages you to take the pill or other hormonal contraceptives. And most women I know are on some kind of birth control. Though, of course, people are on it for different reasons, a lot of girls I know take the pill to even out their hormones or to take care of their acne or period pains or whatever. There's never been an issue about that, like, it's the most normal thing ever. I've never seen anybody against it, even the conservatives here support birth control as a measure to keep the growth rate of the population steady.
Liv H
I feel bad for everyone In this video having to do this
Laura Gio
Lol, "5 hours later", Eugene video is playing "No one wants sidedick" :'D
And that is why I went for an IUD ... :)
pretty sure this only applies to america tho
Owen Rieb
My mom got pregnant with me while she was on birth control. 😂☹️😮
Grant curtis
Probably the most in accurate buzzfeed video I've seen
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