Ramesh Ramcharan
Jai charanism
Vikram Rajan
Official remake of Tamil movie Thani oruvan ( a single person).
Same Villain
Same Music Director
manu king
Dhruva 2 dekhna h kya ..... How
Chikathi Tarun
My favorite hero
super cope
jes jaswanth
Mega Power Star
Bala Suriya
But aravind Swamy was better in Tamil version and this trailer sucks
Krishna Kumar
Mega power star l love you
Eshal Khan
Watch chiranjeevi New Movie Khiladi No 150 full movie 2017
mohamed omer
Remake fck
Tirupa Kumari
Would class bodybuilder
Tirupa Kumari
Would class bodybuilder
Mr. Tamizhan
Wow.. Thani oruvan remake Telugu mass
Chalagalla Renuka
Ilove choose choose song
saidulu sankati
Ram Mohan
Really It's a fabulous movie...
Literally speaking, it's a motivational movie I ever watched such film before.
In this movie "Ram Charan" as a dream follower role,he never give more importantance to the other than his burning desire.
Venkatesh chandrahassen
Tamil is better than this
Bl Chitu
sai kumar
Upload movie
Banumathi Kalyankumar
Banumathi Kalyankumar
block barter
Thomas Mathew
Dirty movie Thani oruvan is better than this
saidulu sankati
8.4 views mega power star is a great
Ashok Reddy
umer azhar
thani oruvan copy??
Stylish Star Fan
I want to buy that 'S' symbol...
from where I could get it..??
is it available in online stores..??
A. Caadir Khan
Gareebon ka Sherlock Holmes
jessen savoo
please upload full movies in hindi
Love Life
I'm really Sick of these Copy Cat producers.
Why can't they make a movie with their own original story.

i was waiting for this movie (Hindi Dub) & i didn't know that it has exact same story line as "Double Attack2" It made me so mad when i realised that i'm seeing the exact same movie with just diffferent actors -_-

Bollywood to tha hi, ab Tollywood bhi opy Cat banta ja rha hai :/
Rahul Shewale
It's a remake 😒😒😒
Priyanka Chetri
just finished watching the movie. So much impressed and inspired!
good work.
Bappa Mukherjee
duble attack 2 sam movie
venu aravapalli
Very bad 😃😃😃😃
bedha thebest
Make something original com'on there is already a movie like this. If a movie becomes a blockbuster are u gonna make it again?

Com'on make something new
Faizur Rahman
copy from "one "movie 😂😂😂
aNy tHIng
this movie is copy of hindi movie -- double attack 2 which was released a week ago.
Arsalan Khan
Guys this movie double attack 2 remake
Rohan B.lal
8.2 M views.... No words... Ram charan... Respect
Shivani Diwakar
hindi dubbed please
where is the movie
Ashis Hembram
copy of Thani Oruvam
krushna parkhe
sidhart is good and your english subtitle also i dont know Tamil
milan gurung
double attack and this movie same ..I like ram charan ..story lick ...
milan gurung
double attack and this movie same ..I like ram charan ..story lick ...
Abdullah Ansari
when will come this movie
jagadeesh Burlu
Shiv Kumar Rajput
director sir please upload this movie hindi dubbed
please sir
rajakumar gk
vankay.. jai pawanism
kumar sipun
double Attack 2 movie copy
Aaira Firdous
Around 6 million views oh my god cherry really u r the mega power star u r my fvrt really I m ur big fan cherry lv u sooooo much
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