Unexpected kisses: WWE Top 10

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Emotions can get the best of any Superstar, which can sometimes lead to surprising shows of affection. Here's 10 truly unexpected displays of emotion in WWE that were sealed with a kiss.

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Santi Rojas
2:37 CM PUNK
Jeet Raj Barman
Gabriela Olafsdottir
William Hayes
kane just stood there like he didn't know what was happenin but he knew what was goin on then it was a few months later that he relized he fuked up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 aj lee gold diggin ahhh
Haillie Ordinado
you dot like jon
Hornswoggle look so cute!
Kabus bıla
1 OMG wow
Brianna Tomas
when you realize you kissed ur sister in law
Petar Visic
Dasic Music
wtf is that my hand shaked
Daniel Bryan even marrys one of the bella twins
Justin White
Of course an lee the savage
Khali is such a gentleman! He doesn't want to eliminate a girl!
Ndjd Xyduud
Suri sakso 5 lira
Suresh Chandrakar
I like WWE
Govind Dalvi
Kane is the best kiss
CyrilIsHere 02
Jovita Lipana
Jovita Lipana
Jiggjack Games
Wasn't AJ like 18 and Kane 45
Josue Velez
i want eve torres back in wwe please take her back wawawawawawa i want her back in wwe pleeeeeeaaaaaaase pretty please
Josue Velez
all of the wwe divas r cute funny beautiful pretty hot and sexy
shpetim TV TV
john cena is the beast
sempre além juntos somos fortes
Nikki bella,suster + Daniel Bryan what
deniz Kabaktas
Victor Romero
ese brayan es un afortunado , la besaron dos hermosas
Jyotsana Gandhi
how lucky is Brayan at moment
Futbol Sergisi
I bet Daniel got to taste both of them that day (if you know what I mean) I wonder how John feels about that.😂 And Kane probably got a bo*er when Lee got on him.
Doug erto
Isn't Kane married?
Darrion Ighodaro
'Olila Schaumkel
Roses are red and that is true why don't you have a rose you freaking poo
save theman
3:20 badest supmission move i would tap instandly
Derry Calmo
I love aj lee so much
Caitlan Peddle
I hate Vikie she's mean
David Oprea
Marcus Thompson
Wish Matt and lita woulda got married
At 1:37 that's my friend Hayden, when he sees his crush walk by
Dino GameZ
Why would someone kiss Kane he is a fire man
Raju Shahi Thakut
I like it's kiss
MonicaDaBoss2 msp
I died.
wtfff Kane didn't move when A.j lee kissed him xDD
The Viper
aw beast
the first was really weird
Barti Kwiatek
sexi bejby
pro boss vi
I think the last one if they kiss Brian in front of john Nikki john 💔john will have to beat brian infront the crowd
Zameer Khan
danyal brine so lucky
what a kisss
Qari Ahmad
Daniel Catari
like for Daniel Bryan
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