Kurt Angle confronts Braun Strowman: Raw, April 17, 2017

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The Raw General Manager addresses Braun Strowman's attack on Roman Reigns and announces that The Big Dog will face The Monster Among Men at WWE Payback.


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Braun, Braun. No. Adam Scherr you are better than your Braun Strowman personality. I used to look up to you man. You, Brian Shaw, Paul White Sr. (The Bigshow), and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now I only look up to three of these people. I don't want to be Adam Scherr anymore.
Marton Melton
Roman Reigns is Best Guy And Roman Reigns Is Good Guy
Marton Melton
Boo Braun Strowman He Sucks He Bad Guys I Don't Like Braun Strowman
Sheikh Al-Roberts Al-Czar
weather you like reigns or not, it doesn't change anything about him....
the superman never run away from fight and he will superpunch and spear strauman to the ground.
even with the injured arms he came out on live event and attack strauman
Dylan Pierce Crowley
braun out. mind WWE. bad. I like. raw my. Dylan pierce
Penguins Baseball Show
1:21 Shrek?
They better make it an "Ambulance Match"!
Azoz Kh
Roman reigns will be back and destroy this pitch strowman
Chirag Yadav
Am I the only one who will support Braun against Roman?
Music Freak49
"We'll see in two weeks" two weeks later the shield shows up
Brandon Anderson
that crazy
Christian Dean Dela Rosa
Can't wait to see Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar meet again at Raw
Josue Landeros
you now what stromewn thinks he is all that but when reings comes back payback.
The Soulslasher
I'm late let me make a joke

Kurt Angle appear more often than Brock Lesnar
Mike J
amb -u - lance
kian gaming
roman and john is the best i hate you brawn
Aniket Rudraksha
If strowman keeps this attitude up he's soon gonna get his ankle hurt 😆 if u know what I mean
Lee Jackson
Make this happen. New Authority-HHH,Stephanie,Strowman,Samoa Joe,The Miz & Maryse So we can have The Shield back. #BeliveInTheSheild
LaBrica Ward
roman reigns need to hurry up and come back because im tired of his big mouth so either roman reigns need to shut braun mouth up or kurt ange ! #believethat !!!!!
neish young
Braun Strowman is sicknin..!!
Jorge Figueroa
Get this suck garbage fired...
Actually u didn't brake Roman in half he ran from the hospital car before u flipped it!!
Robert Canady
Kurt: Or else what?
Braun: Or else I'll break your freakin neck
Kevin D
Loser strowman
seth rollins fan seth freakin rollins
Strowman still wants competition
Roman freakin reigns
I'm the best wrestler in the world and when I come back I'm going to beat strowman with 1 spear
farshan at
Lestner is not great in ufc. He was got raped three times there
Daniel Faircloth
Love how the crowd reacts to Roman Reigns not being there tonight.
Hot Steppa Starboi416
you backed down to Brock though...
Nick Jethwani
The next Roman Reigns/Braun Strowman match at Payback should be an Ambulance Match or Last Match Standing Match. It should end where one of them goes through a Spolight like Cena/Big Show 2009. Give your reactions to both:

Roman punches Braun into spotlight
Braun throws Roman into spotlight

Fan reactions?
Kapil Khetani
bastards no body lyk u ok madarchood Randi ke bacche
Kyle Haywood
Where's Ryback when you need him?
Too bad Stroman will be again jobbed to that piece of s**t Lames at Payback
Daniel Lewis
Roman Reigns is the best on Raw.Even though wrestling is fake Braun Strowman is just jealous of him.
Ray M. Nassar
Braun Strowman, Even If He's Extremly Strong, But He's Impolite,Misbehaving,Disrespectful,He Thinks He's The Best...
What Da Heck Is This I Hate That Type Of Attitude
Sean&Nate pok'e league
prayers go out to Roseys family and especially roman reigns
Reaux Malice
Why did he say "What" after he got a match with RR? is he scared??
Valiras Mono
I think they did this on purpose. Just when all three former shield brothers get back together, Seth leaves for injuries and now Roman gets hurt....Roman is next to leave for months.
Fairuzzan Deraman
He's afraid of Angle. One ankle lock will do against strowman
Derpy Blitz
Am I only person who likes Roman and hates Braun
Ikhsan Ratdityo
and one more time...please braun,draft roman lames back to hospital,again
Big D
Kurt Angle doesn't deserve the u suck chants
Roman Reigns isn't here because his brother, Rosey as he was known in WWE, died of heart failure. I'm surprised WWE didn't do a tribute to him before or during the show.
Ian Trimbath
Kurt angle has it all. A champion, a comic relief, a ring general, a one of a kind, the total package. I am so happy to see him back in the WWE. I was bummed to only see him once on raw this week.
Omar Q
It's Ray Jackson from Bloodsport.
josh the_gammer9123
rip Rosey’ Anoa
Casey Rush
0:55 The 3-1 lead jokes continue
Love how the fans cheer when Vince wants them to boo Braun
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