Kurt Angle confronts Braun Strowman: Raw, April 17, 2017

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The Raw General Manager addresses Braun Strowman's attack on Roman Reigns and announces that The Big Dog will face The Monster Among Men at WWE Payback.


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CrackedUPCody Tran
This rude audience, more than half of them cheered when they heard Roman Reigns injured.
weewuw. GordieGameplay
Or else what! 2:14
Sonali Biswal
world biggest loser Braun strowman
Scorp Lash
now that's what wrestler right there. Braun > Wwe
Ya know this is the first time I've heard Braun Strowman speak. He sounds like Lurrr from the planet Omicron Persei 8
Braun's laughs- intended, or was he unable to keep a tough guy face due to the massive pops? 😂
Gabby Sandoval
Kurt put braun in check😂
I wonder if these actors some how or another go so into character that they don't break character through and through. The acting can be pretty good sometimes.
The monster among men.
Afzan Bagwan
Afzan Bagwan
James Bon
James Porch
what's wrong with angles legs why does he stand like that?
Rizwan Ahmad
Thats a nice cleavage
Matrap CP
When Kurt says to Braun "You Should Get Supended" Kids and Women cheer,
Lamont Reeder
i still like roman reigns
Jeff Hardy Addict
Braun vs Reigns ambulance match
Book 📚
FyN3zT- BoBBy
whats wrong with kurta knees they looked afraid. lmao
Braun vs Kurt Book it Vince
Jerry Hudson
He should've Angle Slammed him. 😂😂😂😂
"you flipped over a friggin amboolance" 😂 Kurts accent lmao
Dy T
Brock Lesnar will send Braun Strawman to Suplex City and kick this Big Show wannabe all over the ring and then F5 him to hell ! The fans will jump off the Strawman bandwagon so quickly they might get whiplash.
Brandon Barrios
Braun pick on somebody your own sizes like Mark Henry big show brock lesner
Hamdan Mosa
the best show I like
Keyser Soze
Kurt Angle is better as a Heel.
Leanos 507
And the crowd is stupid that they didn't realize Roman went out of the ambulance.
😎°💝 WE LOVE YOU 💝💪.🌳🏡📻🎶🎻📟🌊👢
Razan Atallah
fook lak na amkulahß ajj fř7l8ia
Taylor Daenzer
Roman Reigns will beat Braun Strowmam believe that!
I like roman A Lot AND NO 1 Can Stop me. Am I seriously the only person that likes roman.I am sorry for yelling at u.If you like Braun it is okay because we have different opinions.Have a nice day.
what ??????
Xxpen15masterX X
Me big me strong vs guy who beat undertaker that no one knows
karan rajput
well roman was not in the ambulance he got away from the ambulance . for those who dont know watch that video carefully
Joel Toyen-Fuentes
lol everyone is talking about the pops for Braun but no one can tell me where Kurt Angle's neck is. that boy should be the shampoo spokesperson because he's just head and shoulders
Ayrton Greenwood
More competition or else.
Leivon Downes
Kurt angle
Leivon Downes
he sounds like triple h
Bazooka Joe
wow, they might as well stop investing in Roman. Hes never going to get over.
Robert Sims
Braun Strouman reminds me of a Superman Villain. he be a perfect casting Choice for Kailabak Darkseids son in the Dceu
J Roscoe
So how long do we think it will be until Brawn becomes the standard comedy guy?
Sachin Naik
Love Braun Strowman!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love his appetite for DESTRUCTION!!!!!
Eric TCC
Why tha fak isn't Kurt coming out with his entrance instead of just cutting the vid
strowman is the heart of WWE, without him the whole things Gona die off
Jefty Andrada
Kurt Angle wasn't even phased by Braun
I love Braun Strowman but it would be even better if he was moved to Smackdown so he can continue his awesome rampage there!
Braun, Braun. No. Adam Scherr you are better than your Braun Strowman personality. I used to look up to you man. You, Brian Shaw, Paul White Sr. (The Bigshow), and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now I only look up to three of these people. I don't want to be Adam Scherr anymore.
Marton Melton
Roman Reigns is Best Guy And Roman Reigns Is Good Guy
Marton Melton
Boo Braun Strowman He Sucks He Bad Guys I Don't Like Braun Strowman
Sheikh Al-Roberts Al-Czar
weather you like reigns or not, it doesn't change anything about him....
the superman never run away from fight and he will superpunch and spear strauman to the ground.
even with the injured arms he came out on live event and attack strauman
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