10:46 discover-HA
Dannel Kajtezovic
matt your the best
Tyisawesame 867
U need to throw it up more
Thomas Vann
brian revealed his face with the icecream
Stephanie Kang
I can see in team edge
Dale Forget
Pinnaple Pink 980
It’s backwards the scope
I miss bryan
BigDick Derik
trash it or smash hit
Royal Elemental
You can clearly see on the package on that boomerang it says how to throw it right.
Andrei Offycial
20:20 whater proof thanks me leater
DG12000 Crusher
I had that adventure gun but it broke into a million pieces
3:05 Matthias demonstrating proper gun safety
Timothy Dobias-Rios
Whos watching in November 2017
I had the boomerang it worked perfectly and it came back they don’t know how to throw it
Anna Mullis
You don't need to see Byans face. He's on team edge! You see it in every cod rather than never
William Deleon
6ix 6ix
I had the first product
Justin Dalton racing
I have the first one and I'm 9
sam sharp
You threw the boomerang wrong 🤦🏻‍♂️
Micah Moo
If I subscribe I will be getting you money so I’m not going to subscribe
Maximum Nerf
You flip the point to the outside
Monster Playz
Alex Medina
What to see what Bryan looks like go to team edge
Jordan Crafter
No I know what he looks like he's on team edge
Juan Escobedo
Thorw it in the other way
The Patriot
16:39 you should read the instructions on how to throw it
Keagan Lister
Don't throw the boomerang side armed and then it will work
i miss brian #bringbackmrbrianbecausimisshim:)
Anti Septiceye
This was made on my b day
I have that gun that Matthias opened at the beggining. Gave it a repaint and it was great for my Borderlands cosplay! That thing that he broke does come off though. There are clips at both the top and under the flashlight (that is a working flashlight) that you have to unclip for it to come apart. He messed up lol.
Night Dude
Baby face #nobeardforthewin!
Jake paul fan
I already know what Brian's face looks like
Gage sesker
You put the scope on backwords haha
ammon moore
dude, you totally ignored the insructions on the mountain house. you are supposed to leave it in the package and add water.
Xx Blazey xX
Why is there a doll in the background
Kodaka 15
u should do a review video with constant slow mo takes
Varsha Singh
Do an episode with toys called wasteful or playful
Priya Gada
For the skull you can use water and it makes it much easier
I have those matches
at camp im boy scooot
mad dragon1106
I really want to try astronaut food
That skull dig all you had to do was soak it in water
Pleas buy the moter sucil
First Matthias says about Chillo

Why is it so big?
I never knew it'll be this big.
I didn't expect it to spray that much.

cmon Matthias, kids are watching
Amanda Jean
This looks fun
Just saying ,why tasteful or wasteful? ,why dope or nope ?, why steal or no deal?,why no just good or bad???
BHC 1006
I got the toy gun after a surgery I had to have😐
Nicholas Leyesa
you should have read the instructions. The way Tanner had it in the beginning was the correct way. It went wrong when you told him to flip it the other direction in his hand.
Nicholas Leyesa
you guys can't even throw a boomerang correctly... wow
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