1000 Prius drivers dislike this video. 👎
Just being that character who lives under a bridge
GIANT IDIOT problem...
Sue Sound like a nascar😍
Mohammed Aldaqqaq
8:26 lol love the Mexico reference
mo Tibortina
Your ear drums next I’m not Prius’s driver
jesse flores
Why would you cage a car with side air bags.
Elliott DeJarnette
I think one factor was rolling the windows up; because it happend right after you rolled them up! Look at the bright side you guys are safe and it made for good content! keep doing what you do!
so gun laws ain't the only thing that america is lax on this car would be pulled over red stickered over here meaning until the exhaust is corrected its illegal to drive that crap on the road
Ashron Chan
good thing u alive
Ashron Chan
Jezuz christ...
I need something like this for my Mustang GT. My Borla just isnt loud enough for me.
Yo Frenzi
What one is it the 950 or 850? Im def buying these lol
michael cutugno
hahahahahahahahahahaha that must be some loud shit in the car wow your faces when they whent off booom
michael cutugno
how fast is that deployed wow
Automatic? Seriously? Did you buy this car off your mom?
joe b
You could be Y2k Chris Jehrico's twin brother.
rip headphone users
Laura Radigan
How does the engine computer control the mixture when there are now two entirely different exhaust back pressures? The egr sensors must be going nuts.
10:20You're Welcome.
Johnathan Clay
At 0:09 and 10:23
This is what happens when you have extremely loud exhaust. No this is what happens when you have stupid loud exhaust. You are kidding me, no I am not, that is pretty funny? Lol, funny? If the dash bags deployed this is a high potential scenario for a crash, is that exaust manufacturer crazy putting the pipes under the sensors? I guess they never thought about it. . I like loud exhausts, but this was dumb loud. Also I didn't like the idea from keeping the rear mufflers with the rear pies, and having the side pipes. If you open the exhaust to be loud, am I assuming right, that there won't be any smoke coming out of the rear exhaust tips. Also, I hate side exhausts, this me personally here, but I always hated them, even on an AMG G wagon, they are loud, and they are under your fuckin window. Ad the company that did the exhausts should think about this incident too.
Cotton Cloudy
it sounds beautiful though
Alonso Carrillo
Thumbnail video at 10:24
moblie gamingz
I need to buy some of those that's badass 😍😱💀👻
That’s some shit.....
gamergirl 5317
omg dude,i just had to put this in my interesting info playlist lol
Chris D
anyone know the gains?
Do you do any YouTube Management for other YouTube channels?
Kyle Tweedie
what a good cunt nice videos bro
J Svien
Fact is that the rapid succession of impact(of sound) against the sensors, made the airbags inflate. He would be very greatful if he started tumbling down a hill and they did the same.
Kiki Kai
Hahahahhaha I love it i sub
airbag deployment at 10:20.

you're welcome
Laughed my ass off, I swapped out my 2012 Vette for (don’t laugh) 2015 2SS BRIGHT yellow camaro convertible LS3. Put a K&N intake and have been researching converters or cut outs. After watching the air bag fiasco definitely re-evaluating :)
James McKay
Dude that was awesome
Gunner Brock
Your what we people call an asshole. I hope your car gets stolen..fucken looser.
R Dill
That. Was. Awesome!!! I would have freaked out too.
Your rear view mirror like oh mah gawd
fuckin goof
Rob Smith
“The cage saved us from being impacted by the airbags”... because airbags hit people in the head and kill them all the time?
Dabinon Errl
Salvage title now...once airbaigs pop u have now u have full race car with a new title..
Are you prepared to deal with the consequences if you are next to another vehicle and your exhaust causes thier airbags to deploy and someone gets killed simply because you want to irritate other motorists?
Josh Totherow
When the diverters opened the passenger seat got moist
Jeremy Pilot
lol that's mint sorry for your luck though.
Graham Whitehead
Eduardo Torres
I laughed so hard how do we get rid of these oh i think i need to clear a code haha wtf.
holy fuck I have no other words for that fucking hell
why do you have airbags in a caged car?!!!!
Dude that was fucking EPIC!!
"Car vibrates so much airbags went off"
That was comical, thanks for the laugh good video
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