Silvina Ardizzone
this is fucking good
Cameron Voigt
it's pretty good but it's not exactly top of the charts material
Ileana Aleman
Ultimate Bro269
Look at 3:18-3:23 lol 😂
Dery Ka
Omg... This song is so... Good
Azediah Gaming
Fuck you men
danny rivera
I watch this in 2017 and i cant believe than Grace was nude
Ben Wyatt
This is a great song it's a shame about the sound balance I can barely hear the people speaking
Thi Thông
Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣
tariq albastaki
1:45 OMG, that was creepy!
damn what a whore, do a porno in my life time please
باب السما
I love Clean bandit :)
Felix Markus
Sounds.... interesting ^^"
Mill Moo
What the #### is this? o.o
I can't believe you went that way. It wasn't broken.
Mi Ashw
musically before it was cool yo
Σαρα Τσαρκαϊ
Almost 8 years. Miss old clean bandit😢😢
take a bath u stink
Aria C Bramanta
@1:46 just blew me brainz out...just heart pumpin shot
Carlos Wilfredo Mendoza Medina
Me encanta 1:46 :3
Desti Permata sari
i dont understand means this song, but this song make clean bandit jump high to populer now
ashley staab
This is Dope definition of ART.
Mister MMX
early Clean Bandit, when they lived in Russia with Love Ssega... it's been a while... This was way before Rather Be. Ssega even left to do academics instead. No one knew they would become so popular just a few years later...
Dommer4kill: DX
The song is pretty good, but I think the it maybe coulda maybe benefited from the removal of the "so you think electronic music is bad" parts.
To any F1 fans here, I just noticed the lyrics goes "Cruising at the speed of Ayrton Senna" at 3:07...
As a fan that was born out of their current style, I have to say, whilst the new stuff is amazing, this is amazing on a different level. I love it, it's so damn fresh and funky. As as white gay bloke I don't fancy black men. I'm no racist, I just don't fancy black guys! But this dude captivates me, he's got stunning, bold, intrepid, confident good looks and a sexy as fuck chest. Oh, and his sound is freakin' awesome.

Verdict: I'd tap that.

I apologise for the homo vibes, especially to all the haters and ignorants!
radhi al-ktheray
I have no clue what I just watched like no idea what I have seen
I didn't understand what the meaning here
Help me please???
Emily Wilson
I can't help but to feel a little upset when Jack doesn't drown.
Арсений Рослов
ты ипоттент чмо
Elif Tezer
2.14-2.44 best part; ım here because of that cause ım a classical music fan.
Hinata Shoyou
wait guys,is it a real song huh?
Apple Россия
Russia 🇷🇺
Garin Juniar Akbar
how can i make video like these ?
J Raditya
XxRoblox GamerxX!
on 1:45 her stuff what she was wearing was off
Love this song
Music Lover
3:09 The Heck, Look On The Right
First song I liked of theirs wow
The Republican Ira
0XXXcottoncandyXXX0 0XXXcottoncandyXXX0
They have ALL changed so much, your all so talented and amazing! You have no idea how awesome you are! You should be appreciated alot more by everyone! Great work! 💜💜💜
2:12- 2:32 loved this part...
Arianna Animations
I just wanted to see they're first video xD
Navideño alocado
This is a very random song, but i like it lol
this is my favorite song and music video. very cool
who's the other blonde girl playing the violin?
Luke Horrocks
what is this?!
Odd song
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