Clean Bandit - Mozart's House ft. Love Ssega [Official Video]

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Video made by Clean Bandit and friends.

Directed by Jack Patterson
Co-produced by Jack Patterson and Grace Chatto
Cinematography by Jack Patterson, Anna Patarakina, Daria Novickaya
Driver for movement shots Terry Patterson

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Hinata Shoyou
wait guys,is it a real song huh?
Apple Россия
Russia 🇷🇺
Garin Juniar Akbar
how can i make video like these ?
J Raditya
XxRoblox GamerxX
on 1:45 her stuff what she was wearing was off
Love this song
Music Lover
3:09 The Heck, Look On The Right
First song I liked of theirs wow
0XXXcottoncandyXXX0 0XXXcottoncandyXXX0
They have ALL changed so much, your all so talented and amazing! You have no idea how awesome you are! You should be appreciated alot more by everyone! Great work! 💜💜💜
2:12- 2:32 loved this part...
Arianna Animations
I just wanted to see they're first video xD
99% Of comments: 1:45
Navideño alocado
This is a very random song, but i like it lol
this is my favorite song and music video. very cool
who's the other blonde girl playing the violin?
Luke Horrocks
what is this?!
Odd song
2:06 Me too, random woman, me too
My reaction when I first heard it- wtf
My reaction the second time- wtf it's the same song
My reaction the 3rd time- I thought I was clicking the next button
Daniela Dornelles da Cunha
pron like
clean bandit more like dirty bandit xD 1:45
Ethan Gulley
Is that doo doo on his face
Ethan Gulley
Lets be honest i think this only has 7 million views because of the violin girl and because it has been 6 years and maybe people cant get over the cringiness
Juliano Silveira
SilverNiko 974
0:32 That smile... >.< wtf
Romy Belén
Live version of this song it's awesome 😍
Wawa Muqris
A Stupid Song 1.45 Is Stupid So Stupid
Sumiel Tarai
Why didn't you shoot in Austria? That's the thing I don't get. But your Songs are awesome!
Ornela 13
luly te reto a que agas un si te ries pierdes o un reto de la botella
That black dude has disproportionately small hands, or just a really large head.

Or something, i dont know. 2:00
Bathila Jayasiri
Why is jack covered in Marmite? XD ¯\(ツ)
Medaliev Sergey
Ого, Россия)
Jadon Armon
The guy at 1:40 omgggggg😅
take a bath
Regal Jack
This music video is fucked up
super star & me
MC Hitman
El de la miniatura parece Mr.Jagger.
Travis Moore
That skateboarder pushing mongo is the biggest crime in this video.
Zai Fuchigami
Arthur Butcher
When clean bandit, wasn't shit.
ĎJ Męëńį
this music video is so weird
Carlos Rincon
Like si estás viendo esto en 2017 :)
Me obsecione con la banda.💖 me he descargas todas sus canciones jajajaajaja
this will still be my favorite of theirs FOREVER.
Who's that guy that's was drumming? He looks familiar, what's his name???
James Field
Bloody awesome
😂Love this 😂
jaku garcia
1:45, I would love to make love to that lovely body. The only time I would take a rest is when I pee. and I'm going to make love to her while listening to their lovely music <3 love the band but love Grace even better <3
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