MOTO6MEETUP MotoMeetup Motorcycles Take Over The City

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"MOTO6MEETUP MotoMeetup Motorcycles Take Over The City"

In today's episode, Moto6Sanity finally gets the opportunity to host his FIRST EVER MotoMeetup. He calls it the "Moto6Meetup" of South Carolina! We had a total of 25 bikes and had some awesome fun! SQUAD UP in this action packed Moto6Sanity Motovlog!

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Good stuff bro! Glad the meet up turned out good. Hope you and I can connect, I'll be at that meet up as well.
Austin Lopez
it was fun man, was hoping to see close ups of all the bikes, but still a good vlog and a great ride, I'll be to your next meet up for sure brotha
Cheers man! Glad you had a good meetup. Great turn out for the first event. Keep up the good work :)
Christian Amigo
You Should Do A meetup with Snewj ,JoeGo ,6foot4honda ,walterrific, Dankwheelie ,Gromie bear ,Red One, Hunter Honda and snowcat. i think it will be Fun
Squad!!! That was a good ride. When's the next one?
Hah i live in lexington sc, and its so damn cool to see yall ridin around this area where i grew up..keep up the great content!
leon vanrooij
i like your videos man.
everyone from my school in holland looks at you videos!
your so cool.
(sorry for my bad English)
Great video bro
The Infinit Ryda
Nice turnout sir
Nemo Brown
Where do I find out about the GA meet?
I liked that meetup bruh it was pretty awesome. We'll be back to next one. That's how I like to spend my Saturday riding all day. Me and Anthony hauled ass back to Charleston in no time my speedometer said 190 at one point lol.
I wished I had and knew how to a ride a motorcycle.
-fan & subscriber from Benedict College
Two Wheeled Life
Had an awesome time thanks for helping get me out there as the second motovlogger in SC. Looking forward to the next meetup hopefully mic will be in soon time soon. But again awesome video ride safe man until next time. 🏍✌🏻🤙🏻
I had a great time. We definitely need to do it again. I am holding a meet up on May 20th and we are riding to Myrtle Beach. CHECKOUT the link.
James McCoy
Hello, I just want to say thanks for all the content you put out. Not many people are laid back and that's what attracted me to your channel. Keep doing what you do and maybe one day when I am done being on the West Coast I can ride out with you one day. Awesome stuff! I ride a 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. Can't wait to come back from deployment to ride again. (thumbs up)
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