Krauthammer on Trump Jr.: 'I love it' are the fatal words

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On 'The Story,' Fox News contributor says the denial of collusion is weak

mike eaton
Fatal? Still waiting for fatal.
Catch the Wave
Krauthammer has never been a Trump supporter personally, he has given his opinions on the political implications of what trump has done when asked. This honest appraisal should come as no surprise to those who realize his personal stance vs his sought for political opinion on trump and his camp's behavior.
Where are ALLLLLLLLL those assholes who kept on trolling "Fake News" and "Russia is a Nothing Burger" ? Why have all these assholes suddenly gone dark and quiet? Funny how that happened....There was more defense than ANYTHING a few months ago. It was hard to fend off all the vehement outrage that anyone would find it so obvious that Trump was dirty and treasonous and furthermore, a big fat fucking liar.
Adam Romero
I guess it takes as little as 20 minutes to collude
kenneth wickstrom
Krauthammer why should America listen to you? How long have you been reporting? How many times do you have to be proven wrong to learn we do not care about your opinion or understand why Fox feels necessary to employ you.
kenneth wickstrom
Krauthammer, we did not vote for the Republican party, we voted for Donald Trump.
Walter Kiel
This is not opposition research? How exactly did you establish that, Charles Krauthammer? Please... educate us.
You Zombies and Trolls are not critical thinkers... you ride the winds of consensus rather than thinking for yourselves... sad...
"I did break into that house, Your Honor, but I didn't find any cash laying around, so I left. I'm innocent."
Trump, Jr. is not as good a liar as his daddy. At least his daddy looks like he doesn't know any better.
snow leopard
Shut up Sour Kraut. Go jump in a swimming pool.
Henry Howell
Krauthammer is a Trump hater so how can he possibly give an unbiased answer !
Henry Howell
I'm not so sure I would want the advice of anyone who would dive into a swimming pool without water in it to advise me in anything. just saying---
Clandestine Ops
somebody push this anti-Trump douchebag's wheelchair down a ravine.
Rob Smith
If you still believe Russians hacked the US election then you have to believe that cnn and the larger TV media networks are all run by Russians. Newsflash : Russians are not all evil.
And only democrats like to forget that Hillary was astoundingly disliked , her actions were astoundingly disliked so much so that people STILL dislike her, a lot.

To take a busy man's utterly meaningless few sentences wanting agreeing to meet with someone for a few minutes is low i.q. reactionary idiocy. Sadly we live today in a very voyeuristic world where too many voyeurs just want to turn simple human habits into big conspiracies and try their best to bring anyone down who's doing better than them. This is the darker side of America, it's a sad crude primitive way of living. If Jr. did something terrible it would have much more evidence. And it does not .

Just like Obama leaning over to the Russian president and saying something like 'i'll be more flexible after the election' has been overly blown up , this meaningless thing with Jr. has also. Speaking casually to a Russian is treason only to the retarded portion of Americans. And unfortunately we have too large a % of retards in the usa.
Quote the exact substance of how Trump Jr. did a bad thing.
Not the 'i love it', but the actual harm to the US that he supposedly did.
Kari F
Larry Guess Comey used his work laptop. That's the FBI property you're referring to. And he used it to type memos about meetings he had in connection with his job. What's the point of employers giving people laptops for work, if they can't use them to type stuff?
Beyond Impeachment. The whole Trump gang jailed, not in a Federal Country Club prison. But in a maximum security prison along side Mexican gang members. Teach them a lesson, LOCKED BEHIND THE WALLS.
Fox News hates unbiased honesty.
india rose
this news host needs another cup of coffee
india rose
all these Trumpsters who can't remember these Russian meetings should NOT have security clearance. the job is too important. people with poor memories are dangerous. we need people with sharp minds to be in these positions.
Eleanor Sanchez
what happens to ethics, morals and so called patriotism. all liars and thieves
squareyellowpaper Warthog1950
I am not usually in agreement with many of ideas championed on Fox. But I do watch to keep an open mind. I watched this interview live. A televised lie was built upon previous lies. On what we now know, count the number of times he lies during this segment with Hannity. The Fox reporters are beginning to realize how corrupt the administration is. Fox has the trust of most conservative viewers. The truth needs to be told. Fox is meeting its responsibility. Great job.
nil bogg
Oscar B
"I went in to rob a bank, but they didn't have any money, soooo, I didn't commit any crime. Didn't actually steal anything, I just looked, anybody would have just looked, right?" -the dumbest excuse ever.
Joel Bailey
Collusion: a secret agreement, especially for fraudulent or treacherous purposes; conspiracy. I think the definition of the word itself speaks for itself
Jacqueline Dollard
Bizzare to watch how the Clinton collusion with Media as evidenced in the Wiki leaked emails brushes by everyone without a care in the world. Ukraine's gov't who held mtgs with DNC officials to bring down Trump in election. Nothing. Receving debate questions. Nothing. This is why you have so much support for Trump. They see what's going on and basically think the "Reistance" can go screw itself.
oOOOOH so nothing shut uP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow is speaking against the law now? I don't believe any statute has been violated. All he was doing is what they all do is get some dirt on the opponent. He didn't get any monetary benefit out of it. Has Fox became anti Trump now?
trumpanzee jr's wife looks like a dude lol
Ben Ancona
Clinton has done far worse and the media never cared. What a sick world we live in
krauthammer is not listed as a fox contributor, just as a washington newspaper reporter....what a bunch of gargbage
Richard Alexander
Oh my, oh my, oh my...Charles Krauthammer actually thinks six months of lies about Russian meddling isn't acceptable conduct? Stunned!!!!
Celeste Rob
Krauthammer you are now beginning to win my respect.......You are now putting America First and not Traitor Trump and Con-pany.......I was wondering if your opinions were written by fox and you did it just for $$$$$$$$$$$......
Every Trump supporter should turn against him now because this is proof that not only did Russia meddle in the election but members of the Trump campaign colluded with them, there is no evidence yet that Donald Trump personally colluded but his son Don Jr, as well as Jared Kusher and Paul Manafort definitely did, there's been whispers that Jeff Sessions did as well during meetings with Sergey Kislyak.
Big Cat
This is not just anyone it's Russia...
All the MORE reason to see if there's anything there not LESS!!! WTF?? We are supposed to IGNORE potential actual wrong doing? Of course we are, it's the Clintons.
Sorry Chuck - you're wrong on this. The Trumpanzees can not see the forest for the trees because for maaaaany years now they have been conditioned not to - just like Pavlov's dog. You know that as well since you have been on FNC for years and FNC systematically conditions them not to change the channel and to mistrust anything save for what they "want to believe". That of course has been done to make money for Murdoch - literally billions of dollars over the years. Yet the "unintended consequence" if you will of that classic conditioning dynamic is as noted - people who regularly employ "confirmation bias" which over time results in a skewed version of reality so that they no longer listen to what is verifiable and instead only accept that which panders to their pre-existing biases.

Moral of the story: the Trumpanzees can no longer discern between fact and fiction. They will continue to accept the lies of Trumputin and his shills in the media irrespective of any proof provided. They can't help it - it what they've been conditioned to do. The pundits bombard them with "buzzwords" like Clinton or Soros or biased media, etc. - and they reflexively go into conspiracy theory mode. {chuckle}
Lizabeth lacy
"Well it's a hell of a defense, to say your collusion was incompetent." Lol!!!😂😂😂
Trump is the most powerful man in the world and he loves it and makes no excuses for it. And that is so simple but it is what Normal Americans love about him.
Matthew Dobbs
collusion with a hostile foriegn power not criminal....really.....come on Fox, are you Americans or what?
Huckabee Sanders looks like she was hit with a bag of nickels.
Judith Bradley
Egg on Sean's face where is the follow up interview after this beauty
Hey Krauthammer, how does Donald Jr. being in information receiving mode (listening, and/or looking at documents) with the Russian attorney equate to "Russians interferring in our election"?? And how does it equate to "collusion" (coordinating efforts with someone)?? What "interference"? What coordinated efforts? Your head is mush!
george cushing
this woman was working for dnc connected group that made fake dossier comey tried to pay 50k for
Scott Sparling
the defense 'my colluder was incompetent' is NOT. a defense at all. If you make preparations to rob a bank, and you get to the bank and it's closed or vaults are empty, it's still a robbery, but with the caveat or qualifier of 'conspiracy to...'.
Monica Noyes
Just don't understand how anyone can be comfortable with their President lying to them. Don't need to listen to any news stories , just follow his tweets. If there was nothing to hide, then why did they try so hard to hide it? And when he claims "transparency" does he mean that his son came halfway clean because he was caught? Even then he did not give the the full details. And now Trump claims it's another witch hunt!!! We need a president with morals and ethics. Something that Trump has not had at anytime during his commercial dealings, so not sure why anyone would think that has changed now. Follow the $$$. This is the only reason why he wanted to become president and why he has surrounded himself with business associates that will have $$$ to gain. Stop being so naive.
Dave Wilber
Krauthammer is a LIAR! On December 1, 2016 he said "Communism is dead" LIAR! LIAR!
We have been governed by Marx's 10 planks for decades if not a century. SEARCH: Marx's ten planks, THEN tell us that communism is dead. Why hasn't Krauthammer been fired by Amazon? Why hasn't Amazon returned my cost of a computer after they sent me a carton for shipping plus postage? I asked the BBB for help and got nothing ! I had been getting notices from Amazon that they owed me almost $700 for books I sold and Amazon changed that to me owing them $700.
wiseass 5000
Special K. finally wised up. Good for him
James Neuzil
Wake the hell up people.
Just how fucking dumb are people in this country.
I thought the Clinton administration's were corrupt was going to be corrupt.
But this is about as corrupt as it gets.
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