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Not Saniya
Janell is really really pretty
Nightcore Official
Wether they get the job or not,
they still get paid...
Kathrine lord Pleb
Bianca blends really nicely to the wall
I thought Hawk was over 35 :(
Audriana C.
How was that girl 15 tf?
kristin mamba
"Yeah i don't know anyone over 21 that still bites their nails."

hides my hands
I guessed pretty well in that I did definitely say, "ID them anyways" every-time I thought someone under 21 was over. Drinking age where I live is 19, and I sell lottery (age is 18) so I'm used to watching for 18 rather than 19.

"I don't know anyone over 21 who bites their nails"
stares at my nails
stares at my drivers license
stares at my grey hairs
You know, that would explain a lot about why I'm always IDed if people think bitten nails is a tell. sigh
Carolyn Cuesta
The fifteen year old looks older than me and I'm 22
Damn I'm 18 and that 15 year old looks wayyy older than me
Everyone shocked by bianca only being fifteen, but I'm sixteen and if i wore a fitted black dress with black pumps, full face of makeup with my hair down, i would look much older too, they obviously had her dress like that to trick them lol
Ave Blanchard
TrapLord Harden ShuttlesWorth The ChronoGod
That 15 year old needs to get some sunlight
Jibri Trawick
Damn, they're hot.
its crazy you have to be 21 to drink in USA. here you can buy alcohol at 18 and 16 if with a meal.. also its legal over the age of 5 if your parents give it to you.
Mag Gie
Hawk and Chris 😍😏
Robert Plant
Fuck you for putting that dyke in the video, acting like they are equal... idiots
Sean Federspill
Pretty awful bartenders if I could guess all of their ages correctly the moment they walk into shot.
Chick got nose piercing at 15 ??? My family would dissown my ass if i touched a bottle of alcohol XD
Mak Sutton
Drinking age should be 18 anyway
Ruuvi Varas
Everyone except Bianca could drink in Finland
Rogelio Rodriguez
9/10! Missed the 1st oneπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚
Legal age to drink in my country is 18 but everyone here drinks under that age (even encouraged by their parents) when i was 12 i drank a gull glass of whine and just yesterday (im 14) i drank some whine and beer on my friends birthday
Christian Fernandes
Bianca looks like Lorde, lol
well im a 6"3' 15 year old with a beard. and people think im 10 years older, it most cases that sucks honestly.
Amy Martin
3:54 really?!
Cami and Riley Show
The second girl was really pretty and reminds me of Taylor swift when she was younger
bertil busch
I'm 15 and drinking quite often, I feel wrong now
Supreme Bohnenstange
Wtf u cant drink when ur 20 wtf in germany we can drink at 16 ...
OverThe Street
Does anyone else think that the elderly woman sounds like Ana from Overwatch?
Fuck man this people age so weird
"She has da.. young lil pretty face there"
dude no
Sleepy Beans
Bianca is beautiful as fuck. Like I'm fifteen but I don't look a day over three.
Khoe, I fell in love. Marry me!
The 15 year old had me shook
sadly, I'm 20 but I still have a habit of excessive nail biting :p
Karli McDonald
"i dont think anyone over 20 bites their nails" my mums nearly 50 and bites her nailsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mz Milanna
The girl who is 15 I thought she was a ghost lol
Hayley Ranking
Wtf she's 15??? I'm fucking 16 and people thought I was 12
Google wanted me to change my username so I changed it to a description of why I changed my username
The rule for bartenders is "if they look under 25, id them"
so they took young people that look old and old people that look young and made others guess their age?
what a surprising outcome
Jesus Bucio
Dude the guy with the white tee scared me a little. Looks scary until you get to meet them
Cassandra Casillas
I'm 15 and they still give me the kids menu hahah
salmatou karamoko
I got all of them right
B H-0
lol man that fat cholo did the best what a surprise
Commie kid
That 15 year old looks weird as fuck
that one girl was 15?? omg she looks 19
The bartender girl that was wearing them blue jeans has a phat ass
The black girl is smokin hot!
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