Bartenders Guess Who Is Underage

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Can you guess if someone is over the age of 21 just by looking at them? Watch these bartenders try to guess who can legally drink in the US.

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Jackie Galafanakis
when a 15 year old looks older than me.....damn and I'm 23
Julia Di Filippo
That 15 year old actually looked dead inside 😂😂 I cab relate
George Loucadellis
the legal age in USA is 21? lol that sucks. where I'm from its 19 for alcohol and 18 for gambling.
Missed 2
MH 1127
Americas fucking stupid we can drink here in Toronto at 19 and buy cigarettes at 19 , gamble at 18 and also drink and everything thing at 18 like in Montreal
Frederick Setjadiningrat
That silent celebration at 4:47 he'll make a good friend for anyone
Nana Bons Gaming
"What's a dead giveaway?"

My response

"3 kids stacked on top of each other in a trench coat
omg Bianca <3
So they all suck
In Switzerland you can drink beer and wine above 16. And I think we have less problems with that because you get used to it.
haha for me they would of thought i was under 17 lmao im 25 😉
Blitzki benito diez
Patty 28 my balls, she looks young
wait 20 is underage in USA? In Spain you're over at 18
"i dont know anyone over 20 that bites their nails" ok honey so you're going to age restrict a tress release action. that literally the dumbest thing Ive ever heard
keep forgetting Americans drinking age is 21 and not 18 Australia rules
well its 18 so all people here are legal its 18 in Australia because American kids age 18 are a lot more immature then us
Iuri piotrowski da rosa
This is so stupid, why do you guys have to be over 21 to drink? That's bullshit. United States is the only place in the world where they are different from everyone else, the age restrictions, the no metric system. For fuck's sake US, just be normal.
Altar Parssoy
21 is a stupid limit.
Ashley Mae
I'm almost 15 yet I look like an 11 y/o
Sophie Sy-Quia
For Bianca I was like " she's fifteen "?!
meanwhile, I'm 20 and I look like a 12-year-old.
Cam Likes Sliced Bread
i did better at guessing than the fucking bartenders 😂
CoolGaming 2005
ingrid altamirano
3:33 girl with a big nose.....
Bianca Semeraro
i'm highkey really happy bc that gothic looking girl has the same name and age as i do and yet i looked like that only two years ago
Benjamin Kloppenburg
the thing about videos like this is you honestly do better when you guess the opposite of what their looks tell you. It's not even really guessing, I'm just choosing the opposite of what I would guess
I'm 15 and I still look like I'm fresh out the womb, then I see vamp girl lookin fresh and I want to cryyyyy
mimi forest
i got four wrong
Hiren Gaming
Im 15 she looks so much older than me!!!
supgal anime trash
Bianca?? she looks like Nico Di Angelos sister from Pjo oh my god.
Jenny Knight
Guys always say girls look older than they are but as a bar tender, more guys have thrown me off than girls.
mark abelite
bruh i was getting them right until i realised its 21 not 18 shiet
Sophie F
I got the most right I'm proud 😹
Wallnut Barricade
21 is the drinking age 😂, that's shit
Jeebs Splenda
the 15 year old was not havin it 😂😂😂😂. She didn't smile once. Like she was trying to be edgy 😂😭😭
Annika Marie
Bianca was not 15 she looked 27 wtf
janco steentjes
i realy don't get the joke here all of them are 18 or older... so why no non legal drinkers
Naruko uzumaki
I'm 22 I look like I'm 14
Mit smit
15?! I'm 18 and can maybe pass as a 13 year old!!!! How is she 15?!
I got stopped at Costco cause they thought I was lost and needed to find my family!
Darian D
Got em all right except for one
Summer M
how the hell is that girl 15? I legit turn 15 tomorrow and I look like I'm 11
Heroic Llama
Janell has Freddy crouger nails
Nick Gannon
No way that guy is 18 and no way she is 15.
Jenna Smith
Bianca is SO PRETTY
Ally Leckerman
That one girl looked dark and mysterious
judging by every single comment, it is safe to say that none of these people know nor hang out with goth people. smh
Janell is thicc asf
Noah Lindegaard
Damn.. the legal age in Denmark where i live is 16 years old
molly katelyn
how is bianca 15?!
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