deborah meador
thoes dolls are worth a lot of money a shame there sitting there going bad
Bent Water
There is money in those old bricks. People buy those old homes to salvage the old wood and bricks. Much better quality then today. Old bricks go for about $1.50 a piece and they use them in the more expensive new homes.
I love this house, where is it ?
Jimmy Russell
You made a statement "it doesn't appear to be weather damage" or something along those lines. As you know , probably better than most . Older homes had thin wooden slats designed to hold the mortar like plaster put on walls and ceilings , before what we call chalk board now days . Appears that someone has found a used for the old slats which were or are probably Oak. Before you even made the weather statement I noticed the wooden slats , or what ever they are called , apper to be removed on purpose. Thanks for the video , great video.
Your heavy breathing was spookier than the house!
Michigan Missy
pump seemed to be in working order... did you try it? when the handle is up like that, its from water pressure. well goes dry, handle falls. if you go back try it...
James Faust Jr
19:20 for the dude lol
Tell gio
How utterly sad. It's such a shame to see this sort of waste. Oh and of course, you HAD to find a box of creepy dolls. I wonder if they get up and play when there is no-one there? Bwhahaha. Excellent explore. Thank you for taking the time to share. Cheers
David trueslayor
Yeah cattle's friendly till they get a whiff of that big mac and realize that its there 3rd cousin they smell on you ! I wish I knew what this is @2:03 in the midst of the tree in front of you a round tan bee hive??? looking thing that keeps moving ? Ahh its impossible to describe how to find. Anyways rewatching the vid I liked it a lot!
David trueslayor
Beef Today ? wtf orders Beef Today , I guess the same people who subscribe to Pork World or Peoples Poultry !
Urbex NY
Yeah, those Goshen bottles are worth something, $30 average for one. Thought this was cool, too:
Urbex NY
Wow...I'm digging that old, manual drill! That thing is cool, and a rare find! I would of snapped a few photos of that. Even rusted like that, there's collectors that would go nuts to see one, again. Just also proves that those farmers and workers back then must have been strong as bears. No DeWalts back then!
Urbex NY
Mainly in the '40s and '50s, once the house payments were done, the owners would put the titles of the house in the top of the banister. Weird, I know, but I guess it was like a cheer of victory or freedom from the payments. I would of framed it, but w/e lol
AnnaBarbra Smith
old caning jars,maples syrup jar too
striped the walls to get money people says do shit it sicking that people just do that kind of shot
Giddy Up Go
The beautiful fireplaces with original wood, all the interior doors appear to have either been maintained in original finish or someone lovingly sanded them and refinished. This house had really been loved.
Giddy Up Go
Maybe those pictures could be turned over to the county historical society?
Sue Girling
Thank you a really nice explore, I think it makes so much more sense to front it out and just go and talk to the owners etc when they show up rather than hiding and or running. x
Am i missing the part where the story is told about the house/siblings etc?
Texas Justice
Mason jars 1858 worth some $$$$
Most of this jars have value
Texas Justice
Next time that happens let them know your documenting abandoned places for the history it leaves behind and it could possibly tell
Texas Justice
For the condition of that house in general, it really isn't that bad. Most likely an investment of $45,000 ( give or take 10 k ) and it could come up to a good farm home.
Sarah B.
Even though this house was in bad condition there were some neat things I wish you took time to tape. The wooden front door was different and it would have been extremely nice if you had taken the time to look at the old fireplaces. The front room fireplace had a neat metal decor that I was unable to see any detail as it wizzed by. Those old dolls were collectables. Even if the body of the doll was messed up there are many people who like to take the porcelain arms, legs and head and make a new old doll. The eyes are not really missing they are probably still in the head. Some dolls had weighted eyes that when you laid it down the eyes would close to make it appear as though it was sleeping. The mechanism is made of small weights contested to the eyes with metal wire or string which over time would rust or deteriorate cause the appearance of the doll missing eyes. You should have asked or offered to buy the glass jars and all the porcelain dolls so they can be appreciated by others and recycled. Oh well.
Solena Rift
Not too unusual to have several dolls. Doll collecting was a big hobby. Usually on display somewhere in the home. Some dolls are worth thousands depending on origin and where the porcelain heads, hands, and feet were made. My great Aunt used to collect them when I was a child.
I love chicken
cats say meow
this is a trick
read more
Bettyveronica Smith
like anything else all earthly goods will someday rot , decay or burn the only thing that will last is God's love for mankind.
just me
I think they were talking about railings with caps on top of the end of the stairs not just a solid one to look for things
Scott Luckoff
This is so awesome!! I live in Minnesota & it's really hard to find abandoned houses anymore. When i was a kid you could find them all the time.
Tony Cugudda
Maybe I'm just a little bit older but the dates I saw weren't that old as much as I see on here....and people were shooting close by....
J. T.
Ohmygosh, so creepy and sad.
one quart pretty bottle WITH PRETTY GRAPES on the bottle - most likely wine or grape juice. surely.
people really do buy and sell those old mason jars. Seen many in second hand stores and yard sales and seen many a people buying them too.
im absplutely STUNNED to see those snake skins there UP STAIRS FLOOR!!! OMGOSH!! Wow. What kind of snakes they have around there? what state is that? Ohio?
wow. what an insult to their Aunt. She shows them all such honorable regard as best she could do. And THAT is how those 4 ungrateful brats honor her back!??! To destroy that lovely ol house. What a disrespect theyve all shown her and her memory. THEY DESERVED NONE OF IT!!!! SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF LEAVING IT TO A CHARITY OR SOME POOR NEEDY STRANGER!!!! WOW. WHAT A DISGRACE. THEY SHOULD ALL BE SO ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. Here ya go, people: let this be a lesson learned to all of you. Pay attention to details if ya ever plan to leave inheritance to more than one in family.
I Drink liberal Tears!!
the weather,the dead trees,the house....all put together for a very Texas chainsaw massacre feeling!!! CREEPY AS HELL FROM THE OUTSIDE!!WHAT AM I SAYING,THE WHOLE THING IS UBER CREEPY!!😨😱
Dawn Lennon
focus on fireplaces woodwork
Those old dolls had eyes that opened and closed. When stored on their backs the strings that suspended the eye balls in their heads rot and the eyes fall into their heads. That's why they appear to be without eyes. Note: store old dolls face down. Less stress on the inner workings and you can preserve the eyes longer. The strings can be replaced with wires buy a good doll conservator.
That house is really old , back in between from 1910 and 1940s, old businesses. and some houses had those kinda doors with little windows on top for ventilation, it was very common back then, so that's an old house.
I luv the way u explore, u take ur time, and let us explore with u, that's really cool!!! thank u for that! I've been watching alot of so called explorers, ur the best so far!
Joe Postles
The dolls eyes roll backward when the doll is left on it's back. Look for plaster mold (bisq) heads and hands and original 'clothes. Old dolls are a hot commodity. You probably looked at several hundred dollars worth in the one box.
12 Volts
next time you buy latex gloves. wear two pairs and..... chubby little hands need a bigger size :^)
Lanola Lynx
@Exploring with Hunter ... WHAT DID SHE/YOU MEAN " If I can't have it, you can have it"? 🤔
Kelly Slattery
Hope you're well my friend. I hope everything in your life is good. I miss your videos!
Most Conscious
12:13 quit lying nigga
Richard Raumaewa
Nick Seoane Filmmaking
Love the videos!! keep it up! im just starting out on youtube with a similar! would love if you checked my channel out! Thank you!
I bet that house was beautiful when it was new. What a shame it ended up like this . (Did that wheelchair
creep out anyone else ?)
Judy Jones
Those dolls in the box are kinda creepy! 😱
Judy Jones
I bet that was a beautiful home at one time. It's ashame it fell to ruins. And the hay looks bad to me!😕
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