Andy Serkis on Finding Gollum's Voice

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Actor Andy Serkis shares how he developed the voice of his LORD OF THE RINGS character Gollum.

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Mick Taylor
Damn this dude is awesome! Thumbs up!
Fabian del Rosario Baldur
he looks pretty scary in rl. :D
Dale Leisenring
C'mon Andy! How much time did you spend listening to Donald Trump to get that sound down? You deserve an Oscar for your Smeagol Trump bit!
well there you go , I thought the cat story was just that .
I don't know if it is a true story - sounds as if it is actually true. In this case it is funny as fuck, since his voice indeed sounds like a coughing cat for Gollum. I have to say that he is a good voice actor though, even without specific training. He just lived the character's role through voice acting alone.
This dude really doesn't get enough recognition for his brilliance.
Undeniable proof cats truly do rule the world.
Muhammad Ali bin Risto Faisal
Althought Serkis's portrait of the character Gollum is great, I never liked Serkis's way of coughing the word "gollum". It's meant to be more like a slimy, nasty, vocal swallowing sound from throat, instead of this hoarse, snotty throath cough combined with actual pronunciation of the word.
Serkis is pure genius
So now we can thank yet another cat for something great!
Both Toothless and now Gollum's voice are from cats xD
Jay B
The Black Cauldron


Nafisa Tabassum
See, where would be today as a society had it not been for cats?
Anne Frank
he looks fucking badass as fuck in the black panther trailer. he could have a lead action role, or play the joker
19Dmac37 19Dmac37
check out gollum from the 70s animated film.
ashley sterling
"I'm not a voice actor"

goes on to create an iconic character voice
He sounds a bit like David Bowie.
ARCHER studios
If andy serkis isnt a voice actor then who is
Brad Early
He played Spike in Flushed Away.
Brianna Walker
and Andy Serkis was in inkheart
Brianna Walker
my dad can do a really good impression of him
Can someone explain to me how Smeagul became Gollum? I'm a newb to the Lord of the Rings series
Jason Newsted?
Jesús García Peña
ese Jim root es un loquillo
thoughty minds
Lol, stay away from email like the plaque.
So that´s where Gollum´s hair went XD!
Not .Enough
How to voice act it's all right here kids
Jeffrey Frazier
what kind of history and honor is it when you get to witness that kind of brilliance....genius in person.
Camilo Garcia Ylasaari
He even had a special concoction on set called "Gollum-juice" that helped him keep his voice from being harmed after a day of shooting XD
Whenever I see his face, I literally see Gollum ^^
ahmed Fadel
when i look andy serkis i see gollum in his eyes.
Toasty Volvo
the most ugliest wonderful actor ever.
Che Guevara
Andy We are proud of you because you are of Iraqi origin
Emilie Rapport
"I'm not a voice actor" says Andy Serkis.
Conspiracy theories says that cats will dominate the entire world... and all starts in hollywood...
Inkblood cats! They're amazingly....precioussss!
come on
Somehow he has a similarity with Gollum too :-D
"From a cat to the gollum", great story of Andy Serkis, the books are available now.
blasphemous _times
well I'll be damned.
Eurynome Liri
Despite what he says, I still think Gurgi from The Black Cauldron was a huge influence.
Our pro audio app (Amazing MP3 Recorder Pro on Google Play) has a real-time voice changer - for Gollum voice - click Effects - Voice Changer - select the "Collum" voice.
Gerry McWilliam
Toilken would be proud
Geralt of Rivia

When starts choking on it.
Ilya Vyalskiy
When the girl is gaggin 2:16
Owem Smith
He got it from the Disney film the black couldron
Preda Y.
i love him so much
If it wasn't for a cat we might have a completely different version of Gollum today.
Did you ever hear the tragedy of darth plageius the wise?
Marsonal Carrey
the boss
I once said that: Andy is the Master. And I can repeat that any time.
Yesss, my precioussss.
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