I just love this guy he's so fun to watch keep up the good work 😄
It's 3 am, i have to read a book for hours later, but i can't stop watching Dallmyd's vids
Amara Logsdon
Name it Reef
Nicolle Graciela
That is so nice of you..
Rhys Parker uploads
Bless the lady ❤️
Theresa Mosher
Great job mr Koehler. I have a group on face book ‘clean up America, show your efforts’ I started it because every time I went out hiking, hunting etc with my husband I’d pick up garbage. So I thought others could show what they pick up and hopefully dispose of properly. Thank you again for what you do especially giving back the items some people would just keep them. Feel free to like my group.
Abbie Kb
i love this guy, keep all of the hard work up!!
Sumo Life
"It was my husband" takes phone back
thx for makeing this vidios you are the best <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!
Jiel yel
She is Married. 😛😛😛
John Curtain
Your amazing
Damien Simon
Jessica Green
That was so nice of you . I can’t believe you found one as well that’s so cool
Yo We Cortez
This guy is so kind he gives back a lost IPhone
Jokubas Racius
He talks so fast at the start😂😄😀
Rivah Taufa
The respect at the end made me happy
Kendra Pham
He doesn't have a phone?!?
Pamela Strachan
Very nice
xxzoexx 19
This was a day before my birthday
Madison Bryant
This my phone😃☺
they retuned lost items to the owner
sylveon master
I love your vids
sylveon master
This stuff is goood keep up the good work
You can ask Siri "Who am I?" and tell you name!
Faija Mukesour
This my phone
That was really cool . This world could be SO HAPPY if everybody enjoyed random kindness and helping out our fellow humans instead of acting like monsters. If makes you feel so good inside to be genuinely kind or helpful to people. Nobody goes to bed happily and peaceful when they are toxic negative peeps.
Jake is genuinely an amazing person always giving lost items back to there owners keep up the good work jake ❤️
andro persada
lolo lolo
Kayla Bullard
you earned yourself a new subscriber
Pat Harper
You are amazing
Ive only been watching this channel for 10 minutes and this guy is my favorite YouTuber.
are you still going to give me that go pro you found
Dills Trick shots
It mine
Dills Trick shots
That Mine
Joseph Coll
Wow. was the probability of getting your phone back from a river?
Ultra GamerRO
Outro: A... A....A... A... A... A... A... A... A... A... A...
YT_BentBeatle89739 K
If that was me I keep the phone and I said to that girl go fucks ur self bitch my phone
sasono sunugroho
Cool vid.
You should have
checked for noods....
Always, always check
for noods, lmfao xD....
yk savage swag
please find it
yk savage swag
hey Jack when I went to that River in lost my iPhone the color is red
Robert Morgan
This one tell me about need to honest XD
Julie Hayes
couldn't stop smiling during that whole exchange. keep doing what you're doing <3
What a great guy
Joshua Snow
Original content is hard to come up with. His material, his editing and music flows so well. Plus he's a lot of fun to watch!
omg thats one nice guymy brother would have been like MINE
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